Date: 6/19/2005


CONTRIBUTED BY A PUNJABI? He quotes a news item published in The Pioneer, New Delhi, The ghost of Khalistan Punjab has, in the last 15 years, moved miles ahead in the direction of peace, prosperity, and harmony ==================== QUESTIONJ MUST BE ASKED OF THE WRITER: PUNJAB? WHAT PUNJAB? WHERE IS IT? Could we not be honourable and truthful to rack our brains to find a NEW NAME for what was once truly and genuinely PUNJAB? It was the land of FIVE rivers but now it has just ONE river flowing through it. Bandit Nehru who accepted the first PARTITION OF PUNJAB in 1947 did not wish to alert his ignorant following to the fact and so he decided on NO NAME change. He was lucky to have the PEOPLE OF PUNJAB in total disarray, confused and insecure after the deluge of refugees hit EAST Punjab. It took the wretched Punjabis TWENTY YEARS to recover form that BLOW and then we had the fury of PUNJABI SUBA with "morchas", agitations, demonstrations and struggles. It took another TWENTY YEARS and then we had OPERATION BLUE STAR, the devastating army attack on Golden Temple in June 1984. We are still recovering from its aftermath while the Rulers of Delhi (SONIA KHAN AND ABDUL KALAM) are planning another devastating ATTACK on the Sikh Panth. THAT WE WILL SEE. BANDIT Nehru, who committed the High Treason of surrendering FIVE provinces to Islam in 1947, also never suggested another name for INDIA that had become PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.) while his Secularism had vanished from Lahore and Dhaka. Now it has also vanished from NORTH and SOUTH KASHMIR Will we just go on watching the grand "monkey tamasha", or take history seriously and show some INITIATIVE? Who in the entire Sikh Punjab or P.I.S.S. could one address this "life threatening" e-mail to? ..............................000000000