Date: 6/17/2005


INPUT BY A SIKH CONTRIBUTOR. ............................................17 JUNE 2005-06-17 HINDUSTAN COMPLETELY OVERLOOKS HER BLOODY DISGRACEFUL PARTITION AND TO DEFLECT THE MIND OF THE HINDU "MIDGETS” FROM THE REAL “HINDU-EATER” MOHAMMED, THEY RAISE THE BOGEY OF KHALISTAN. THE IDEA OF KHALISTAN SEEMS TO STING AND HURT THE DEFEATED AND HUMILIATED HINDUS A MILLION TIMES MORE THAN THE FACT OF MENACING EXISTENCE OF PAKISTAN TO THE WEST AND BOGUSDESH TO THE EAST. IS THIS THE WAY FOR THE GENETICALLY DETERIORATED COWARDLY RACE TO PROVE THEIR BRAVERY AND PATRIOTISM? YES, IT IS TRUE THAT THE SIKHS ARE NOT SEPARATISTS. NOR ARE THE HINDUS BY DOCTRINE. BUT THAT IS WHERE THE SIMILARITY ENDS. THE SIKHS SAW WITH THEIR NAKED EYES THE WAY THE HINDUS “EVAPORATED” FROM THE CHALLENGE OF DEFENDING LAHORE AND MULTAN. TRUSTING THE HINDU ALLY, THEY WERE DEVASTATED AND HAD TO EVACUATE THEIR HOMES, BUSINESSES, FARMS AND LANDS OVERNIGHT. FROM THE LAND OF FIVE RIVERS, THEY CAME TO A LAND THAT HAD SHRUNK TO LAND OF TWO RIVERS. THAT HISTORIC SHOCK OF DEFEAT AND HOLOCAUST HAVE GONE DOWN DEEP IN THE SIKH PSYCHE. THEY CAN NEVER FORGET THAT THE HINDUS, THE MAJORITY COMMUNITY, SURRENDERED THEIR HEARTHS AND HOMES AND HOLY PLACES UNCONDITIONALLY TO ISLAM AND FLED THE FIELD FASTER THAN THE SIKHS. NOW THEY CAN HARDLY BE BLAMED FOR DEMANDIJNG KHALISTAN. THE JEWS SUFFERED PERSECUTION, MURDERS AND HOLOCAUSTS CONTINUOUSLY FOR CENTURIES SINCE THEIR PROSPERITY AND UNITY WERE AN EYE SORE TO THE STARVING CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM DROPOUTS ALL OVER THE WORLD. THEY PICKED ON THE EXCUSE OF JESUS' MURDER TO ELIMINATE THEM. IN THE END THE JEWS HAD THE ULTIMATE WISDOM TO GO FOR THEIR OWN SOVEREIGN STATE CALLED ISRAEL, AND EVER SINCE THERE IS PEACE FOR THEM. BY MOVING AWAY FROM THE HOSTILE WORLD ALL ROUND, THE JEWS HAVE ENSURED PEACE FOR THEIR LAND AND CHILDREN FOR ALL TIME TO COME. NOW WHAT ABOUT THE SIKHS? THEY CAN BOAST OF MAXIMUM NUMBER OF MARTYRS AND UNENDING PERSECUTOIN BY THE RULERS OF THE DAY. BUT HOW LONHG MORE CAN THEY EXIST IN VULNERABLE STATE TRUSTING HINDU VFALOUR AND MORALITYH? THE HIJNDUS THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY THEIR ENEMIES SINCE TIMES IMMEMORIAL AND ARE STILL A DISORDERLY RAG BAG OF A NATION PRAHYING TO ABDUL KALAM, DEPENDING UPON SONIA KHAN. INDIA HAS NOT HAD A HINDU ON HER THRONE FOR THE LAST ONE THOUSAND YEARS. THE NATION HAS DECOMPOSED BEYOND IMAGINATION. YET A VOICE HERE AND THERE WARNS THE SIKHS, “NO KHALISTAN!” THE SIKHS ARE AN HNOURABLE PEOPLE WITH A SENSE OF DIGNITY AND SELF ESTEEM. THEY FEEL DISGUSTED AT THE COLLAPSE OF THE MAJORITY HINDU COMMU8NITY IN SINDH, BALUCHISTAN, NWFP, WEST PUNJAB, KASHMIR AND EAST BENGAL. WOULD INDIA HAVE BEEN DEFEATED IN THE CIVIL WAR OF 1947 OR KASHMIR LOST HAD THERE BEEN A SIKH MAJORITYH? THEY SEE THE HINUDS TOCH THE FEET OF A SEMI LITERATE FEMALE FROM ITALY AND DO A DEEP SALAM BEFORE A MUSLIM IN THE CHAIR OF PRESIDENT. WHAT THE HINDUS “LICK” WITH THE EASE OF BREATHING, SEEMS DISGUSTING AND DISHONOURABLE TO THE SIKHS. THAT IS WHERE THE SIMILARTY BETWEEN THE TWO ENDS AND CONFLICT OF INTERESTS BEGINS. THE WORLD AT LARGE MAY NOT REALISE THAT THE ENTIRE HINDU WOMANHOOD IS DEGRADED IF AN ITALIAN BORN CASTHOLIC FEMALE, SONIA KHAN, IS MIGHTIER THAN THE STOOGE PRIME MINISTYRT OF INDIA. THE ENTIRE HINDU MANHOOD IS DEGRADED (AND DESERVES SPIT ON HEAD) IF THEIR PRESIDENT AND SUPREME COMMANDER IS A MOHAMMEDAN WHO IS A "PAKISTANI" AS PER "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947". INSTEAD OF BLAMING THE SIKHS OVER THEIR DEMAND FOR KHALISTAN, THE HINDUS WERE EXPECT4ED TO SEE THEIR OWN COLLAPSE AND DECOMPOSITION THAT IS RESPONSIBVLE FOR THE POLITICAL VACUUM SINCE PARTITION IN 1947. HINDU “MAGGOTS” ARE SEEN LIVING HAPPILY IN THE POLITICAL CESSPIT OF THEIR OWN DISUNITY, DEFEATS AND FAILURES. THEIRS IS A WORLD OF CONCESSIONS, APPEASEMENT AND SURRENDERS. BEFORE ISLAM, AND YET THEY ASK THE SIKHS TO SHARE LIFE WITH THEM IN PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (PISS). THEY COULD NOT COMMEND SECULARISM TO EAST BENGAL AND NORTH KASHMIR, NOR TO PAKISTAN. YET THEY INSIST ON THE SIKHS GOING UNDER THIS YOKE OF SECULARISM OF “BABOOS AND BABOONS” WHICH HAS NO VALIDITIY IN LAHORE AND DHAKA. WE ALL KNOW THAT WHEN THERE IS A POLITICAL VACUUM THERE IS IMMINENT DANGER OF AGGRESSION STRIKING THAT WRETCHED LAND. THE VACUUM OF 1947 BROKE UP INDIA VIOLENTLY INTO THREE FRAGMENTS. WHAT THE SIKHS SUFFERED THEN WILL FILL VOLUMES. THE CURRENT VACUUM IS RAPIDLY PRODUCING MORE UGLY MONSTERS OF A MILLION MUTINEES. IT WILL BE AN IRONY IF IN THE EVENT OF HINDU MUSLIMS CIVIL WAR BREAKING OUT AGAIN, THE FLEEING HINDUS WERE TO SEEK REFUGE IN KHALISTAN, AN OASIS OF STABILITY IN THE MIDDLE OF HUGE FIRES ALL ROUND, CONSUMING THE HIJNDUS. IN THE LAST INFERNO (PARTITON) THAT THE HINDUS ARE BRAINWASHED TO CALL “INDEPENDENCE”, ONLY ONE THIRD OF INDIDA VANISHED FROM THE MAP, AND WENT STRAIGHT UNDER THE FLAG OF MOHAMMED. AFTER THE NEXT GENERAL MASSARE OF THE HINDUS, THE REMAINING TWO THIRDS OF THE COUNTRY WILL ALSO DISAPPEAR FROM TH4E MAP IN THE SAME WAY AND WE WILL SEE THE WORLD'S LARGEST ISLAMIC REPUBLIC APPEAR WITH ITS CAPITAL IN DELHI. IN THE CONTEXT OF SUCH HORRENDOUS REALITY, ONE IS AMAZED AT THE REPORT IN “THE PIONEER”, CONDEMNING THE SIKH DEMAND FOR KHALISTAN (BELOW) WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING THE EXISTENCE OF TWO ISLAMIC REPUBLICS ON THE SOIL OF INDIA. IT’S A PITY THAT ALREADY THE BIRTH OF KHALISTAN IS 58 HYEARS TOO LATE. THE SWORD OF KHALISTAN HAD TO STRIKE ON THE SAME DAY WHEN THE SWORD OF ISLAM STRUCK AND CHOPPED OFF ONE THIRD OF HINDUSTAN FROM MAIN BODY. AMAZING, NO HINDU HAS NOTICED THE VAST TERRITORY MISSING FROM THE MAP OF THEIR DEAR BHARATVARSHA BUT THE LOSS OF A FEW DISTRICTS HAS BECOME THEIR NIGHTMARE. PERHAPS THEY REGARD THE SIKHS, TOO, EXPENDABLE LIKE THEMSELVES WHO SHOULD NOT MIND HOLDING “INDIAN” PASSPORTS TO BE KICKED OUT OF UGANDA AND, BEING INDIANS, TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH IN FIJI AND, BEING PART OF CRUMBLING HINDU LANDSCAPE, TO BE EXTERMINATED IN NORTH KASHMIR AND TO BECOME REFUGEES EVEN IN SOUTH KASHMIR. IN 1947 THE SIKH MINORITY, FEARING TOTAL EXTERMINATION DUE TO BETRAYAL BY HINDU LEADERS AND ALL-INDIA CONGRESS PARTY OF GANDHI AND NEHRU, BECAME TOTALLY LOST, AND WERE DELIVERED TO THE DEVILS. ONLY A FOOL OR AN IMBECILE WOULD WISH TO TRUST THE HINDUS IN ORDER TO LEARN THAT LESSON ONCE AGAIN. ANY SINCERE FRIEND OF THE SIKHS WILL ADIVSE THEM TO PART COMPANY WITH THE HINDU “SHEEP” CONFINED TO THEIR PEN BETWEEN DHAKA AND LAHORE, ABOUT TO BE MARCHED ONCE AGAIN INTO THE ABATTOIR OF HISTORY. THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION FOR THE HINDUS IS TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE MANLY AND WORTHY OF RESPECT BY THE SIKHS. WHAT SHOULD THEY DO TO “KILL” THE DEMAND FOR KHALISTAN? SIMPLE! FIRST STEP IS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE NEED FOR KHALISTAN IF THEY CANNOT WIPE OUT PAKISTAN. SECONDLY THEY OUGHT TO ENSURE THE SAFE RETURN OF HINDUS TO SRNAGAR. THIRDLY THEY OUGHT TO MUSTER GUTS TO RAISE THEIR TEMPLE IN AYODHYA. IF THEY ARE RECONCILED TO THE RJUINS THERE, THEN THEY WOULD WISH TO SEE THE GOLDEN TEMPLE IN AMRITSAR, TOO, IN RUINS. FOURTHLY, THEY OUGHT TO SET FIRE TO THE CONSTITUTION WRITTN UP BY AMBEDKAR, BANDIT NEHRU’S “BHANGI”, AND ALSO DUMP THE OLD FLAG OF CONGRESS PARTY FOR A BETTER ONE THAT REPRESENTS THE NATION, NOT THE PARTY. IT OUGHT TO HAVE “KHANDA CHAKRA” INSTEAD OF ASHOKA LIONS. FIFTHLY THEY OUGHT TO DEMAND “ALIEN STATUS” FOR THE INDIAN MUSLIMS WHO TOOK OUT PAKISTAN, EXTERMINATED THE MINORITIES THERE AND THEN IMPOSED ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION OVER WEST PUNJAB. THE COUNTRY MUST SHOW ITS OWN IDENTITY WITH PRIDE, WITH THE SIKHS AS ITS INTEGRAL ELEMENT, AND NOT BE A “MONGREL DOG”, PUTTING THE FOREIGNER ABOVE THE NATIVE. THE HINDUS OUGHT TO DEMAND A HINDU FIRST LADY, NOT A CHEAP ITALIAN IMPORT BY BOFORS CHOR. SIXTHLY THE HINDUS OUGHT TO RE-NAME THE FORMER VICEROY’S IMPERIAL HOUSE IN NEW DELHI AS “GURU GOBIND SINGH BHAWAN”. SEVENTHLY, THE GOVERNMENT OF HINDUSTAN OUGHT TO RENAME “INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” IN NEW DELHI AS “GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”. EIGHTHLY, THE HINDUS OUGHT TO FIND OUT AND PUBLISH THE NAMES OF INDIRA’S HUSBAND AND ALSO THE NAMES OF HIS PARENTS, AT LEAST TWO UNCLES AND AUNTS AND THREE FIRT COUSINS TO PROVE THAT HE WAS A PARSI OR HINDU. PEOPLE OF INDIA ARE GOING ABOUT LIKE IGNORANT FOOLS BELILEVING THAT HE WAS A HINDU OR A PARSI. IF THE HINDUS, ONE BILLION OF THEM, CANNOT ACCOMPLISH EVEN ONE OF THESE TASKS, THEN THE “MICE” MAY NOT SHOUT IN CHORUS AT THE SIKH LION, “NO SEPARATE HOMELAND FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM.”. THE SIKHS MUST NOT GET ON BOARD THE “HINDU” JUMBO THAT IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE IN THE MANNER OF SEPTEMBER 11 OVER NEW YORK. WE NEED TO EDUCATE THE WORLD ON THE NEED FOR KHALISTAN FOR OUR SURVIVAL. WE NEED TO TELL THEM HOW THE HINDUS PERISHED IN FIVE PROVINCES IN 1947 AND WHAT WAS OUR OWN FATE IN THEIR COMPANY. HAVING REALISED THAT “THE PIONEER” IS LOOKING AT THE SIKHS THROUGH THE EYES OF “RASHTRAMATA” SONIA KHAN AND “RASHTRAPITA” ABDUL KALAM, WHAT WOULD YOU TELL THE EDITOR? ........................================= http://www.dailypioneer.com/columnist1.asp main_variable=Columnist&file_name=punj/punj63.txt&writer=punj The ghost of Khalistan Punjab has, in the last 15 years, moved miles ahead in the direction of peace, prosperity, and harmony. However, there are still a few in the State who have refused to come out of the time warp. For instance, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale died in Operation Blue Star; Dum Dumi Taksal acknowledged this fact after 21 years. The question is: Why has Bhindranwale's ghost come to haunt the country again? Recently, followers of a quixotic Simranjit Singh Mann, now a marginalised figure in Punjab politics, raised slogans like "Long live Khalistan", "Long live martyr Bhindranwale", creating disturbance in the echelons of the Akal Takht. The last time Mr Mann made national headlines was when he tried to obstruct Mr LK Advani's Bharat Uday Yatra in Punjab last year. The former IPS officer, who resigned from his service in the wake of the Khalistan movement, had tried to force President Giani Zail Singh to follow suit. Khalistan was back in news also because of the arrest of Jagtar Singh Hawara, chief of Babbar Khalsa International in India. He is accused of the 1995 assassination of then Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh. The twin bomb blasts in Delhi's cineplexes on May 22 that killed two and wounded around 50 too were masterminded by Hawara. His two accomplices, Jaspal Singh alias Raja, and Vikas Sehgal, accused of planting bombs in the cinema halls, were arrested with him. Two more, Balvinder Singh and Jagganath (both shorn Sikhs) were arrested a week earlier. A significant quantity of RDX, weapons, gold, and cash was recovered from them. The Khalistan movement, which raged in India in the 1980s taking the country by storm, sent a chill down the spines of Indians. The fact that a section of Sikhs - a community whose members were well known for patriotism - had turned secessionists came as a surprise to many. What added to the sense of disbelief was the insurgents courting death in order to carve an independent Punjab out of India - an ideal that was both nebulous and vague. As Mr Khushwant Singh wrote, "I have failed to meet a single individual who could rationally explain to me its concept, its geographical boundaries, its religious composition and its proposed political and economic set up... However, on a visit to England, I was able to acquire some documentation on the subject which reveals a total confusion in the minds of its supporters. One is detailed map of Khalistan - the first that I have seen. It is published in England priced at £2 but no date of publication is mentioned. According to the map, Khalistan will include Jammu, the whole of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, chunks of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Saurashtra to give the state an outlet to the sea. Even by a rough estimate, the Sikh population of this state will not be more than 13 per cent of the total population. What kind of a Sikh state would this be? Clearly, far from a democratic one. Never-theless, a boxed item explaining the concept describes it as a 'a sort of paradise on earth.' "It has ten signatories led by one Jaswant Singh Thekedar, the self-styled 'Defence Minister of Khalistan Government'. The question is, do Simranjit Singh Mann and his supporters accept this map as the geographical concept of Khalistan?" (My Bleeding Punjab, UBSPD, 1992, pp 155-6) Punjab has been divided more than once. In fact, till date it remains the most partitioned province of 20th century India. In 1901, when India was still undivided, NWFP was separated from Punjab. In 1947, Punjab was unequally divided between India and Pakistan accompanied by violent but near complete exchange of population on communal lines. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were formed from the State in 1964 and 1968 respectively. While in the 1980s, Sikhs were the predominant community in Punjab, according to the 2001 census, Hindus at 37 per cent constituted a significant proportion of the Punjabi population. It is noteworthy that there are more Sikhs outside Punjab than inside it. The Khalistanis wanted, through their terror tactics, an exchange of population like the one that took place during partition. The reign of terror that they unleashed against Hindus in the 1980s, was expected to culminate into their mass exodus from Punjab followed by backlash against Sikhs in the rest of India. They never pondered why industrious Sikhs who had made their fortunes in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kanpur, or Udham Singh Nagar would leave everything behind and flee to their 'homeland'. In fact, many of them had their roots in the pre-partition west Punjab and were complete strangers to east Punjab. Also, why would Hindus in Punjab want to become refugees for a second time in 40 years? And what would happen to the hallowed Sikh shrines in Patna, Nanded, Hemkunt Sahib, which would remain outside Khalistan? Thus, reality presents a different picture. Terrorism failed to ignite communal passions triggering movement of population to and from Punjab. The heinous anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and elsewhere were perpetrated by lumpen 'secular' elements in politics. There was no plan to send all Sikhs to Punjab. In fact, violence failed to affect age-old relations between Hindus and Sikhs. The fact that both communities shared a common cultural heritage was enough to prevent the two being hostile to one another. Thus, Khalistan failed as a concept while terrorism completely disillusioned masses in rural Punjab. In this era of 'war against terror', the idea of Khalistan is completely out of sync with the reality. Mr Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the former finance minister of Punjab then living in self-imposed exile in London, declared the existence of the "sovereign republic of Khalistan". Among his most prominent supporters were Ganga Singh Dhillon, a prosperous businessman from Washington DC. However, the wave of terror in Punjab was masterminded by ISI during the reign of Zia-ul Haq. It was in line with his Operation Topac launched to divide India into bits and pieces, which would in turn be devoured by Pakistan to create a larger Islamic state. It was Ms Benazir Bhutto who disclosed the details of Operation Topac to Rajiv Gandhi, thereby helping to close the chapter of ISI-sponsored insurgency in Punjab. However, this does not belittle the role of paramilitary forces and Punjab Police who played an important role in eliminating insurgency in Punjab with a heavy hand. However, its vestiges like Babbar Khalsa International continued to have their headquarters in Pakistan with Wadhwa Singh and Mehal Singh as the organisation's chief and deputy chief respectively. Ironically, the same country, which now entertains the subversive Sikh elements, was once created by the ethnic cleansing of the community from west Punjab. One only needs to recall the following slogan by Zafar Ali: "Koi Sikh rahne na pae maghrabi Punjab mein." In their entire history the Sikhs beginning with their founder Guru Nanak, have either resisted or fought against Islamic oppression through both non-violent and violent means. The world has changed drastically since the emergence and the end of Khalistani insurgency. Today, to court Pakistan's ISI is like getting caught on the wrong side of the fence. Being a party to Islamic fundamentalism is tantamount to working against the interests of not only India but entire humanity. The West, from where the idea of Khalistan originated, is in no mood to give its assent to the concept. Thus, the Khalistan propagandists will eventually rue their decision to court the jihadi style of terrorism. The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, which was the standard bearer of protest against Sunny Deol's film Jo Bole So Nihal, was right in distancing itself from the bomb blasts and condemn the act of terror. It later came to light that the explosions were planned at least six months ago, and the film's pretext was like godsend! There is an attempt to revive insurgency in Punjab at the behest of the ISI to dismember India - not for the benefit of Sikhs but Islamist fundamentalists. The concept of Khalistan, a landlocked state, was a product of minds which favoured fantasy to realism. Punjab and the rest of India should let its ghost disappear into oblivion. .......................================ ...........................000000000