Date: 6/13/2005


Subj: THE FATE OF SIKHS, IN THE ABSENCE OF THE HINDU 1. Writes Rashtra1947: HINDUS' FALL WILL MEAN DEATH TO THE SIKHS. KURU 2. My Take: This Assessment, on the Future Of Sikhs, in the absence of Hindus, is completely in accordance with observed-facts of history. Unfortunately, the Diabolical and Monstrous consequences of this happening, are recognized neither by the Sikhs, nor by the Hindus. 3. The Terrors Of Hell, shall be let loose upon the Sikhs, after the disappearance of the Hindus. The Probability of Sikh-Survival, after the elimination of the Hindu, is: LESS THAN ZERO. Let me put it plainly: To both Moslems and Christians, the Sikh is a Confirmed Kafir (Pagan/Infidel), and both Islam and Christianity are REPLACEMENT RELIGIONS, fully committed to eliminating all religions from the world, other than their own religion. 4. Consequently, Dante's Inferno shall be let loose, not only upon the Hindu, but on the Sikhs as well. Sikhs shall face the Fate Of The Damned, in the Lowest Level Of Dante's Inferno. Separated from the Hindu, Sikhs shall have no Strength, to confront the Headlong Assaults of Islam and Christianity, Sikhs shall be Chewed-Up in the bottom of Dante's Inferno ( We have Perfect-Examples of this fate of the Sikh, from the countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and from the Christian-Dominated states of Northeast-India). 5. Let this Warning be conveyed to every Sikh (and to every Hindu) every where in the world, in every language of the world. ..................Surinder Paul Attri .....................000000000