Date: 5/30/2005


AT STAKE IS INDIA'S APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT SEAT AT THE SECURITY COUNCIL. THE SIKHS AND MANY HINDUS, TOO, PERCEIVE THIS TO GAIN WORLD STATUS FOR SONIA KHAN, THE DAUGHTER OF POPE AND ITALY. SHE WILL MANIPULATE "SHEEP" INDIA'S VETO TO SUPPORT HER OWN CATHOLIC AGENDA. SO, THE FOLLOWING INPUT FROM A SPIRITED SIKH SITE IS SIGNIFICANT. HINDU LEADERS ARE ASKED TO OPEN THEIR EYES TO THE DISSENT AT HOME. THEY ARE EXPECTED TO SAY, "NO SEAT FOR INDIA UNDER BANDITS" TILL SHE IS CLEALRY CALLED "HINDU RASHTRA". PLEASE READ ON: (QUOTE) Sir, Unfortunately, we have to strike off the name of Tony Blair of UK, from the List of those who will appreciate our point of view. We must not forget that he is a CATHOLIC like SONIA KHAN and so, he will support the claim of P.I.S.S. (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) for seat at Security Council. We must also not forget PARTITION that is now out of heads, brains and minds of all HINDUS as well as Sikhs. Partition was the most horrendous event in the entire history of (PUNJAB and) India when FIVE provinces went missing from the map of Hindustan overnight. It has given the present shape, It has stunted the brain of Hindu nation and chopped off the limbs, leaving the torso in the care of surgeon ABDUL KALAM of Mecca and nurse SONIA KHAN of Italy. To be an enlightened community of our Tenth Master, each and every SIKH child ought to know this. TONY BLAIR is from LABOUR Party, the same Party that handed over LAHORE to Mohammed without a thought for its history, NON MUSLIMS, democracy and Secularism, and without taking the SIKH point of view or strategic INTERESTS into consideration. England's Tony Blair at heart is no different from India's "Bandit" Jawaharlal Nehru. He is also gradually eroding and wiping out the authority of CHURCH OF ENGLAND. In PARTITIONED Ireland, he is on the side of Catholics. In BROKEN BHARAT he is on the side of CORRUPT CONGRESS THUGS and the autocratic fooling ruling establishment. Politicians do such things with utmost discretion, care and caution. Even the British people have not yet caught on with the final intentions of TONY BLAIR for their Crown, Church and Democracy. We need to address the UNO direct or President George Bush on the matter, and take SRI LANKA, Pakistan, Myanmar and CHINA, EVEN NEPAL along, to support our case. Not one of India's neighbours is her friend since India is in the LETHAL grip of ONE Dynasty and ONE Party and is ruled by AXIS POWERS (Italy, Islam and the pulverised demoralised secular devious unscrupulous HINDU). Her own clueless, sycophant and servile HINDU SERFS & SLAVES are as much at the mercy of these venomous deadly AXIS POWERS, and doomed, as are the Kashmiris and the SIKHS. But what is wrong with the SIKHS who have not gone for COMPUTER LITERACY in EAST Punjab as they have for serving tens of thousands of meals at Sri Amritsar every day, who like the Chief Minister of Union Territory, lick the HINDUS' back and are not for sovereignty in EAST Punjab. They cannot even copy EAST Bengal with regard to SOVEREIGNTY. Last week when AIR INDIA flight took off from Sri Amritsar (a city bombarded by Indian military in 1984) for TORONTO via LONDON, carrying Sikh passengers, NOT ONE grumbled about NOT having our own "PUNJAB AIRLINES" to be at par with Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Bangladeshi (BOGUSDESHI) Biman, Air Baltic (Latvian Airlines) and even Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Airlines. At least they fly their OWN flag. Why are the Sikhs in OCCUPIED East Punjab so low down in spirits? From the PROUD Sikh community, we did NOT expect even ONE Sikh Sardar sitting on that Air India flight. Those SIKHS (and MUSLIMS) who ride "Air INDIA" gladly, deserve a very hard KICK in the back. What kind of "Sardars" or "Singhs" are riding along side the sheep and goats in human form of the lifeless, headless, limbless India? They still perceive their present "Sarkar" in Delhi as their ancestors perceived the Sarkar of Aurangzeb in Delhi. Why do we still have so many "deep frozen" SIKHS (AND HINDUS) like the cod in my freezer? (UNQUOTE) ......................000000000