Date: 5/27/2005


WE SAW THIS OBSERVATION ON A DISCUSSION LIST ABOUT THE ONCE BRAVE SIKHS: Sikhism is not a proselytizing religion, but also does not have sufficient safeguards to protect its own flock.. ............------------------------------------ COMMENT: THEREIN LIES THE KEY TO OUR DEATH AND ELIMINATION IN AMRITSAR EXACTLY AS IT WAS IN LAHORE. ("Now what happened in Lahore?", ask the Gursikh graduates with BLANK and expressionless faces?" None knows because it is covered up by sarkar, and PARTITION is now "history" for the Hindu and Sikh leaders including those who were REFUGEES themselves like IK GUJRAL, MANMOHAN SINGH etc.) THE SIKH LEADERSHIP IS NOT ALLOWED TO THINK OF FUTURE, NOR RECALL THE PAST. Only those who have NO conviction and courage (the scum of mankind), boast of moral superiority, "We don't believe in converting even on our own TERRITORY, our own homeland." The result? They are converted, and then we see yet another segment of Punjab FALL OFF, to go under the flag of Mohammed or Trishul. Both SIKH sword and spirit are "HINDU" now whom both Guru Gobind Singh ji and Mohammed Ali Jinnah called "JACKALS". The former tried to revive them. The latter SMASHED them from Karachi to Gilgit. They are still the same if they cannot be seen in Srinagar nor occupy the chair of Supreme Commander of India. Hence we Sikhs have NO safeguards to "protect our flock," as you rightly say above. .........................000000000