Date: 5/26/2005


THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS IN PUNJAB, KASHMIR OR THE REST OF BROKEN BHARAT. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CALL THEMSELVES "GOVERNMENT OF INDIA". Wouldn't anyone become a terrorist where a Government decided to ACCEPT Partition that was held and imposed without referendum, where the Government says to the Muslims, "You can have Lahore but NOT Srinagar", and where the Government grants total sovereignty and freedom to EAST BENGAL even after capturing it, but says to EAST PUNJAB, "You dare dream of freedom!" If the UNO and George Bush are more interested in PLO and preoccupied with IRAQ than the genuine and strong FREEDOM movements in KASHMIR and PUNJAB, then one can draw one's own conclusion about the impartiality and neutrality of the UN, the UK, and the US. The Muslim Global Nation, who inflicted a crushing DEFEAT on a terrified HINDUSTAN and conquered ONE THIRD of her territory on ONE day in 1947, will eventually hit Delhi hard to sort out the mess in Kashmir without much trouble upon receiving a signal from the US, but what about the SIKHS of Much Reduced East Punjab who are neither a global power nor have any strong supporters at the UNO? If the Sikh LEADERS, including the one confined to Union Territory, are as much aware of the future as of the past (1984 and 1947) then we all know what will happen. 26 May 2005 ...................====================== City trio face terrorist charges at Old Bailey. A HOUSEWIFE and two city men look set to stand trial next year on charges of providing weapons and funds to a terrorist group. Frzana Khan, a 41-year-old housewife from Anthony Way, Stoke, Mohammed Ajmal Khan, 30, of Broad Street, Foleshill, and Palvinder Singh, 29, of Freeman Street, Foleshill, face charges of conspiring to provide money and firearms to Kashmiri separatist group Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. Mohammed Khan was further charged with being a member of a proscribed organisation. The trio appeared before the Old Bailey on Monday via video link. All three were remanded in custody until the next hearing on June 17. A trial date has been provisionally set for January. == ...........................000000000