Date: 5/25/2005


PTI Report Tuesday, September 23 2003 17:09 Hrs (IST) Many minority community witnesses (MUSLIMS) on September 23 told the two-member riot panel that timely arrival of police in Ramol area on the outskirt of the city prevented a huge armed mob of Hindus from attacking Muslim residents on February 28 2002 during the post-Godhra communal riots. .....................=============== It is a HINDU weakness to become dumb lambs in such cases when the world propaganda guns open up to "slaughter" them. In 1947 the whole world was witness to the Muslim cry at the Hindus from Karachi to Gilgit, "What are YOU doing in our ISLAMIC republic. GET LOST or GET EXTERMINATED. Go and tell the UNO." Now not one Hindu is yelling at them, even after surrendering one third of India and having lost TWO MILLION to sword of Islam, "What the Hell are YOU doing here, Mohammed, after you occupied five provinces and North Kashmir, too, and extinguished life in two million innocent Hindus who were denied the 'glow of freedom' that Nehru saw?" Those who have NO tongues, are slaughtered like the sheep and are always found to be GUILTY. Lucky the unwanted treacherous Muslim minority in post-partition India, who saw the Hindu police promptly turn up to rescue them. Now, you, silent HINDU MAJORITY, think of the terror stricken Hindus being set upon for murder, loot and rape, when there was NO police in sight, and if the police did arrive, they promptly joined the KILLER mobs, shouting "Allah Hu Akbar." PARTITIONED Indian Secular State has to read the RIOT ACT to her "explosive" Muslims, "Either Frontier Back to Khyber and Chittagong and Kailash IN, or YOU TREACHEROUS LOT OUT, OUT, OUT!" HINDUS IN HINDUSTAN ARE NOT FOOLS, COWARDS OR SLAVES ANY MORE. ...........................000000000