Date: 5/25/2005


.............Bollywood and Half Naked Hindu Girls About 1930 American girls started wearing swimsuits and semi-nudity came to America and at that time American men started going to Burlesque places to see semi-nudity on the stage. Now in America semi-nudity is a common thing and Burlesque went out of business. Now in India, Bollywood are showing semi-nudity in the movies and common men are enjoying semi-nude women dancing in a group. But Bollywood is controlled partly by Middle East money and they want Mr. Khan in every movie dancing with half naked Hindu girls. And the 2nd Middle East requirement is that every other song should have “Allah Allah” in it. Now these movies bring lots of money into Pakistan and the Middle East and Muslims are very happy that all this is going on. The 3rd requirement is that no Muslim girl should be the heroin and that the Muslim girls should not be dancing half naked. All this is happening in Bollywood movies now. This is their strategy for the Muslim boy excepted by the Hindu girls. Now this is difficult as the caste system is so strong in India. But when Hindus come to America the caste system breaks down. So many Hindu girls are marrying Muslim boys and Muslim boys target Hindu girls. An example is in Houston, I heard so many Hindu girls have married Muslim boys. One example I know, is a Brahman family’s girl, born in America, married a Muslim boy and they made her a Muslim, took her to Pakistan and I heard she’s now wearing a Burka. Western money is also in Bollywood and they like to see all the heroin’s coming out of a church and the hero wearing a cross. I think their strategy is to make more converts easily. Is Bollywoods semi-nudity going to lead to semi-nudity becoming commonplace in regular Indian life? Recently I read a report that young girls in India have stopped wearing sari’s and sales of jeans have skyrocketed. Is Bharat going to loose it’s culture? Bharat J. Gajjar ........................00000000