India News Media Conspiracy

Date: 5/23/2005


India News Media Conspiracy Hindus are in the majority in India. There are about 85% Hindus, however most of the English and American news media are anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu Nationalist. Only one American newspaper writes about India and that is New York Times. And they have Hindu writers writing anti-Hindu articles. Anti-Nationalist are people who are against VHP, RSS, and BJP. The anti-nationalist are for the Congress, ruled by Catholic, Sonya Gandhi. The issue is that these newspapers are not giving a balanced viewpoint; they give one sided and warped information, which is deceptive. I receive India Today Magazine and itís unbelievable how distorted their views are about Hindus and Hindu Nationals. I smell a greater conspiracy in all of this. What I propose is that we should investigate which are the anti-Hindu newspapers and who owns and publishes them. Let people know who is who. Who is funding them? I heard that Christian and Muslim missionaries control many of these newspapers. There are even newspapers in America in this category. The news media is controlled by money. Just because India is poor doesnít mean foreign money should control its News media and politics. Professor Bharat J. Gajjar .........................000000000