Date: 5/11/2005


What follows after MILITARY surrender are a hundred more surrenders. POLITICAL surrender. A new Constitution is written up for the BETRAYED or DEFEATED people. ECONOMIC surrender. An enterprising free spirit of the people is STRANGULATED by labyrinth of rules and regulations, a system of permits, licenses, "sifaarish", NEPOTISM & corruption. SOCIAL surrender in which the enemy is regarded not only as equal but superior. Native Gurus and Avataras are considered equal, even inferior, to foreign "Messengers" and "Sons of God". CULTURAL surrender. Foreign languages like English are retained and URDU is pampered. RELIGIOUS or SPIRITUAL surrender. None dares to commend his Holy Gita or Granth to the rulers who put Bible and Koran ABOVE these in their minds. SURRENDER of future and destiny. These are in the hands of foreigners who are NON HINDU, bordering on HINDU BASHING, and NON SIKH, leaning on SIKH KILLING. Now we are all invited to consider these SURRENDERS in case of our land called HINDUSTAN. To start with, it is clearly under the EXECUTIVE hold of an ex maid from ITALY (Is she the most powerful woman in Bharat, the "uncrowned queen" of Hindus?), and under the CONSTITUTIONAL hold of a MUSLIM, Abdul Kalam. Anti Hindu state-controlled and Muslim infested MEDIA do not wish to the see Rashtrapati as a Hindu but praise his Secularism sky high to intimidate any critic. NO Hindu editor has taken the trouble to publish the birth certificate of FEROZE KHAN, the father of Rajiv and Sanjay, to disclose his MUSLIM name and his MUSLIM parents, to the world. None has published the fact that their mother INDIRA changed her surname to Gandhi to deceive the people of India. Only with a MUSLIM heart of stone, did she not recover North Kashmir, promptly returned EAST Bengal after its capture to MOHAMMED and then launched a furious attack on Golden Temple while a Gurpurb was in progress. After undergoing ALL THE ABOVE SURRENDERS, our truncated India is a lost cause. She is in a pathetic state. The frontiers of 1947 will never be restored, North Kashmir will never join South Kashmir, East Bengal will remain sovereign with a seat at UNO, the separatist Muslim will never be taught a lesson for unprecedented death and destruction he has caused, Hindi will never be respected leave aside Sanskrit, KHAN brothers, dirty, lecherous and wah-hayaat like their kafir-hater "Prophet of Partition", will never be ousted from Bollywood, There will never be a MEMORIAL to all the Hindus killed, abducted, raped and CONVERTED through centuries, and a Hindu will never walk with head held high. There will be NO ban on Pope's next visit to Bharat, NO Shankaracharya will ever get invited to address an audience in Italy and NO native Hindu female will touch the sky if a FOREIGN brat is on hand. The worst is that Hindus will never trust one another but always have one Catholic or a Muslim present at, or to preside over, their top level deliberations. The flag of the country will remain MONGREL tricolour of Congress Party (only "CHARKHA" replaced by BUDDHIST symbol of "Ashoka Lions"), not BHAGWA to show and project the HINDU civilisation that is so obviously put down now or mixed and CHURNED UP with two more. Rapidly increasing number of mosques and churches across the land are regarded with no concern or alarm, but at par with mandirs and gudwaras, entitled to State support and FOREIGN funding and staffing. Hindu places of pilgrimage are neglected and in a state of ruin while Muslims are given HAJJ subsidy to fly off to Mecca to return with more HINDU HATRED filling their souls and minds. Non Hindu GOVERNORS and CHIEF MINISTERS, many under immaculate HINDU names, like AJIT JOGI, will keep an eye on the "natives" as in the days gone by. Any one seen on HINDU platform gets a BLACK EYE of scorn and ridicule. The word "Hindu" is not popular because it stands DELETED in Constitution. The Hindu is being portrayed as trouble maker, fundamentalist even a terrorist while those who grabbed our lands and call it Pakistan and Bangladesh, are bosom friends or the rulers. Hindustan has become a land of not only a million mutinees but also of a thousand Surrenders. It is time to SOUND THE BUGLE of recovery, recovery of DIGNITY, recovery of HINDU image, recovery of our lost TERRITORY and rewriting the CONSTITUTION. If there has to be PAKISTAN, then what is left to us MUST BE "Hindu Rashtra". If we do not have the guts to dismantle the former, then let us not tolerate the SAVAGE BRUTALITY of putting us all under the net of bogus secularism. We need to realise OURSELVES, that "Secularism to be valid in KOLKATA has to be IMPOSED in Dhaka and Secularism to be valid in Delhi has to be RAMMED DOWN the throat of MOHAMMED in Pakistan." Otherwise it is secularism of Hindu Slaves only. "SENAPATI, END THE HIGH TREASON OF BANDIT NEHRU AND HIS DYNASTY, ARREST THE NON HINDU TOP, DECLARE WAR ON BOGUS SECULARISM AND SOUND THE BUGLE OF VICTORY, HINDU VICTORY, WIPING OUT THE ENEMY IN DECEPTIVE "NATIVE GARB AND NAME" WITH AN IRON HAND, FIRE AND GUN, OR USE YOUR INITIATIVE." THE HINDU NATION EXPECTS OF YOU TO WIPE OUT THE TITLE, "EUNUCH IN UNIFORM" ............................000000000