Date: 5/9/2005

Comment Please see this URL, how the GERMANS are remembering their own defeat and PARTITION by looking at the TRUTH and REALITY of that time IN THE EYE. If we on our part do not mention the word PARTITION, then we are really doomed and are behaving exactly as our ENEMIES would have us behave. No problem if one does not know the language. The pictures will tell all one thing: This is how the Hindus and SIKHS, too, fled their homes and towns in what is now Pakistan. What a bad luck that neither our refugees then nor the Government was interested in photographing and filming the scenes of widespread murder, loot, arson, abduction and rape of the year 1947. While the Western Radio and TV stations are busy celebrating Victory (what the Pakistanis are entitled to do), the GERMAN media are showing the pictures of DEVASTATION and RUIN (what the INDIANS ought to be doing.) COPY TO GERMAN WDR televisiion: Seehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Vielen Dank und auch Gratulation, daB Sie die Wahrheit von 1945 so mutig der Welt-Oeffentlichkeit so vorfuehren koennen. Das ist aber in INDIAN nicht moeglich. Bitte ERMUTIGEN Sie Ihre indischen Kollegen, die immernoch ihre NIEDERLAGE in 1947 als ihren SIEG und ihre FREIHEIT darstellen. ..........................000000000