Date: 5/4/2005


SAD NEWS. But we may not realise that he and his India were both BETRAYED by Prime Minister Indira KHAN. She returned the CONQUERED territory to indigenous Muslims once again, having earlier surrendered it unconditionally in 1947. For the HIGH TREASON of 1947, a brave and honourable nation would have hanged Pandit Nehru from the gallows and for the HIGH TREASON of 1972, the ignorant and cowardly Indians had to put Indira Gandhi before the FIRING SQUAD. That would also have saved thousands of Sikh lives 12 years later in EAST Punjab, including some relatives of Gen Aurora, too. Gen Aurora was never honoured by dishonourable, despicable, Government of India and later he felt very bitter in 1984 when he was helpless in saving and helping many innocent Sikhs. Do we know if BOGUSDESH (Bangladesh) honours the General in any way? Is there a statue of his anywhere in BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or "PISS")? We ought to demand to know since our heroes are dying in vain in the quagmire called headless Hindustan. What is the morality and patriotism of India's Almighty CONGRESS Party who say to the Indian Muslims, "You can have Lahore but NOT Srinagar," and to East PUNJAB, "You dare dream of sovereignty at par with EAST Bengal, leave aside Slovakia and Austria."? ....................================== Lt Gen J S Aurora dead The hero of the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971 Lt General J S Aurora died in New Delhi on Tuesday morning. Aurora, 92, is survived by a son and a daughter. The funeral will take place on Thursday with full military honours, army sources said. ............................000000000