Date: 3/26/2005


My dear Friend,

Thank you for this wonderful posting (below). I wish you, too, HAPPY HOLI.

However, I wish to share with the HINDU NATION my personal feelings and sentiments over this great festival called HOLI.

I come from MULTAN, the city where HOLI started. It was called PRAHLAD NAGRI since Bhagat Prahlad and his self-conceited father, the King of the region, lived there centuries ago.

As children we celebrated the festival with great gusto and fervour, sprinkling colour, being careful not to offend a Muslim, and then going to mandir or gurdwara for thanksgiving prayers, recalling the ancient story, and being proud of living in MULTAN.

Then came 1947, the year that brought with its birth the message of death for our United Secular India after the departure of British rulers.

Only a couple of days before Holi and just one week before my own Matriculation examination from the local DAV High School, violent riots broke out.

The Muslims had taken strong objection to a public rally held on 4th March, in favour of AKHAND BHARAT, that was being held with the blessings and good wishes of Mahatma Gandhi himself.

Within hours of that rally, infuriated bloodthirsty Muslim mobs poured out their houses, shops and mosques, and started attacking Hindu businesses and setting fire to houses, killing the innocent and abducting girls and women.

Multan was burning and the glow of fires and the black smoke rising from streets could be seen from far and wide. The tragic cries for help of the victims being attacked went unheard.

The survivors, mostly HIndu orphans and widows, have always recalled it as KHOONI HOLI.

We never forgot and forgave the treacherous Congress leaders of that time for accepting Partition, betraying the Hindus who got trapped on that side of border. and letting the Muslims stay back in BROKEN Bharat, too, to "take care of the rest" in due course of time.

I congratulate the Hindus and Sikhs all over the world who were not trapped in India that went to MOHAMMED and is today Pakistan and Bangladesh.

So while thanking you for your greeting and reciprocating your good wishes, I also cry but hide my tears.

On this Holi, 2005, our nation must take the pledge to free the "HEAD OF HINDUSTAN" (North Kashmir) caught in the jaws of ISLAMIC crocodile since October 1947.



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Dear friend,


Colour liberally applied on the forehead, wearing old clothes and with 'masti' in my mind, I invite you to join me in this Holi prayer:

May we learn to laugh at ourselves!

May we learn to be funny at the cost of ourselves!

May we learn to dance and sing - virtues that we had forgotten in the hustle-bustle of life!

May we be naughty and childlike without any malice!

May we learn to love one and all selflessly!

May we never be full of so much gravity that we are unable to fly!

May we never be angry with anyone!

May we never fear anything or anyone!

May we never be so greedy that we cannot give to our neighbour!

May we never worry!

May we always be full of joys, even when things are not turning out as per our expectations!

May we always have hope even when there is darkness all around! (I am hoping that my dark face will be clean a few hours later:)

May our country and world see peace, prosperity and happiness today, tomorrow and day after!

With the above prayer in my heart, I wish that you have a good time with your family and friends on this day of Holi and on every day in the years to follow!