Date: 3/25/2005


A well known Hindu scholar, great admirer of Indira "Gandhi" due to what he SAW but not what he understood or wanted to know, posted the following line on an Internet Discussion List,

"Even with all her faults, the lady (Indira Gandhi) had balls."


COMMENT on the above line:

"The lady had balls!" Let us all together muster courage and EXPOSE those balls to the whole world:

No Sir, if she had faults and she was more than an ordinary Prime Minister like Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher but an AUTOCRATIC EMPRESS, then we need to sit up and take note. The whole of Hindustan was under her feet.

INDIRA'S legacy has now put a worthless female from Italy on top of us all, the Hindu hater "white elephant", who can hold the finger of "Nishkam Sewak" SINGH to take him out for a walk like a DOG. The Singhs used to be "Sardars" in LAHORE once before Indira's father made sure that they were slaughtered there. He also made sure that the HINDUS in Karachi, Kashmir and EAST Bengal were wiped out, or totally degraded. Like Indira, the Bandit, too, was law unto himself.

We need to be conscious of DIGNITY and HONOUR of Hindustan before we pay compliments to SNAKES in disguise. Since India was "surrendered cheap" or "thrown to dogs" in 1947 by our LEADERS, each one of us is now her (India's) GUARDIAN.

How about taking the opinion of a young Sikh mother in Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar (June 1984), whose children were killed when her (brutal and heartless Indira's) army fired guns and rockets on innocent pilgrims, on the occasion of a "Gurpurb" (anniversary of Martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dav) when the "WITCH WITH BALLS" could maximise her KILL, and of the thousand orphans created by her savage misdeed?

Let us ask a HINDU from Lahore, whose teenage daughters were abducted, gang raped and KILLED, who fled penniless to Amritsar for refuge and thanked God that he was still alive.

Sonia "Gandhi" by your yardstick has even BIGGER BALLS that a SINGH is moving around her like a EUNUCH.

We did think of Indira KHAN (We already knew of her marriage to a KHAN of Allahabad and conversion to Islam) the same like you until 1972, when she returned OUR Territory to MOHAMMED (East Bengal) after its capture.

For us "DHARTI MATA" is literal, not lip service. She FAILED to defend Secularism because she had NO heart in it and the Hindu masses are SO EASY TO FOOL AND RULE.

For the "ISLAMIC" RULERS of Bharat under cover of sweet and divine Hindu names, there is one permanent interest: To REDUCE India territorially and to liquidate Hindus AND SIKHS numerically.

In that spirit a couple of things happened:

1. Bandit Nehru said to Mohammed: "You can have Lahore but NOT Srinagar." How did LAHORE feel at its death sentence? Let us all DEMAND to know.

Nehru knew that the Muslim "bull terrier" will dig its teeth deep in Hindu flesh and bleed the latter till it gets Kashmir despite the gestures of the defeated for appeasement by holding bus yatras and invitations to shake hands and touch their feet.

2. Indira "honoured" (put the seal of acceptance on) the SURRENDER of vast TERRITORY that was signed off by her father in 1947 and therefore RESTORED EAST Bengal back to Mohammed. Her father, Bandit Nehru, had, in the same way, under the same motivation, let the Pakistani INVADERS keep North Kashmir.

While returning EAST Bengal to the ENEMY, Indira Khan (NOT "Gandhi") "pi**ed" on the memory and COMMITMENT TO AKHAND BHARAT of her mentor Mahatma Gandhi, who was a typical Hindu, quick to appease and ever ready to surrender.

To honour his memory and his assurance to the nation, "They can cut my body but not my Bharat," and to restore patriotism among many other secessionist movements in decomposing Bharat that is not seen recovering North Kashmir or claiming WEST Punjab back from Mohammed, she had to demand re-negotiating that BOGUS Partition or serve notice of expulsion on all treacherous Mohammedans.

Leaders that deserve our esteem are uncompromising with the ENEMIES of Secularism just like George Bush who went out to Afghanistan to wipe out the GOVERNMENT of Taliban.

We cannot encourage a demoralised nation that calls PARTITION its "independence" to hail Indira, Sonia and Mohammed. She told the proud Sikhs, who carry sword for defence of Hindu Dharma and Dharti, "I will let LAHORE off but ram my secularism down YOUR throats."

How do the Sikhs in reduced India and "shrunk" EAST Punjab feel, seeing a MAN from EAST Bengal sitting at United Nations, their flag flying in New Delhi and their High commissioners in New Delhi and London, even Washington?

If there is NO commitment to SECULARISM but only to "Sarkar", however treacherous, corrupt and dirty it may be, then Indira was, and is, INDIA, as her stooges and despicable HINDU sycophants said, and still say, looking at her BALLS.

Hindu slaves do need strong leaders and complete DE-BRAINWASHING. They also have to learn that TERRITORY lost through bullying, threats, intimidation and deception, must be won back, or snatched, even inch by inch, like the PALESTINIANS, and not forgotten, hoping for the best.

The current map outline of REDUCED Akhand Bharat is very disfigured and ugly without Chittagong and Lahore in it. Indira needed EYES, not BALLS, to notice it.

There is still NO outcry over the earlier surrender of West Punjab in 1947 and of East Bengal a second time in 1972. Naturally there is no breath or spirit left in our nation, to whisper, "We must recover North Kashmir and also the site of Temple in Ayodhya."

The Hindu INTELLIGENTSIA needs to PENETRATE and TEAR UP INTO SHREDS, in a MANLY way, the "purdah" of treachery and treason of INDIRA, and her Dirty Dynasty from Priyenka to Chacha Nehru.

They all hated their Hindu SLAVES. They happily travelled along roads named after invaders and Hindu killers like Sher Shah Suri, Akbar, Shah Jehan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Jehangir and even Aurangzeb, in New Delhi. Would any of these Mohammedan “bastards & bitches” under deceptive Hindu names, have named a road after Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Nanak, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Guru Gobind Singh, Sri Krishna and Sri Ram?

Indira and Nehru, even Sanjay and Rajiv, who lived and studied in England did notice road names like St. George’s Road, St. Mary’s Road, St. Peter Road, Church Road, Vicarage Road, and so on, but, amazingly, NONE of them ever thought of naming even one road back home after a Hindu Avatar or a Sikh Guru. They didn’t have to, since their Hindu serfs and slaves only noticed their balls, but had no courage or interest to enter their minds and heads.

In every Hindu consciousness India or Bharat, must stay UNITED or "Akhand" for ever. If we give up this stand, we become ZERO and DOOMED. We become (We are) slaves again.

The wolves who took Lahore out of India so easily and terrified the whole of Hindustan to the extent of returning CAPTURED territory called East Bengal in 1972, are now TIGERS with longer and sharper teeth with more appetite for Hindu flesh, blood, maidens, wealth and TERRITORY.

To survive on earth one needs to be hard like granite, strong like steel and merciless and savage like MOHAMMED in battlefield. NO CEASE FIRE that spares the enemy for his renewed attack.

Pakistan is MOHAMMED'S aggression on the TERRITORY of Hindus (Hindustan) and tiny specks of dust like Nehru and Indira are not worth a compliment.

Why did Nehru never mention PARTITION? Because that would have put his head under guillotine. The PEOPLE of India would have done to Nehru Dynasty what the Russians did to Tsar and his entire family in Moscow.

Even DEAD Nehru and INDIRA remain criminals and will be tried posthumously for HIGH TREASON one day if Hindustan is NOT a joke, and if all her HINDUS are NOT "animals", that is, langurs, monkeys and baboons.

We Hindus don't value or care for our dead. There is NO Hindu Holocaust Museum to remember or recall any, but still a lot of adoration for any serpent, rat and insect that is called "Gandhi."

The names NEHRU and GANDHI will be taboo in Bharat one day if "Hitler" is taboo in honourable Germany today. That is why his Deutschland is AKHAND again that we adore and admire immensely.

What hope for our own demoralised divided spineless Broken Bharat that accepts Partition as eternal?

How many HINDUS have been put to sword since the arrival of Islam? We think more than a hundred million since 712 AD. (Not that we have succeeded in identifying our ENEMY yet!).

Someone has to speak on behalf of those who were SILENCED by Mohammed on our own TERRITORY. One thing is for sure, Indira with BALLS had no patriotism or genuine love of Secularism. As a secret convert to ISLAM, she hated the Hindus to the extent that no Hindu can imagine.

India’s "INDIRA WITH BALLS" met her fate under Divine Will "ausgerechnet" on HALLOWEEN (31st of October), 1984.

.........We know what Halloween is. Don't we?