Date: 3/10/2005


US: FBI detains Rahul Gandhi in Boston Airport for questioning Mr Gandhi, who was flying from Boston to Washington, was taken aside by a posse of FBI agents

The news-item says that Sonia's son Rahul and his Columbian girlfriend were detained at the Boston Airport by FBI USA for interrogation for carrying with them 2,00,000 US Dollars for which Rahul Gandhi had no explanation. (sic) Both were released only special pleading by the Indian Ambassador and Foreign Ministry in Delhi. Four Advocates from Luckhnow have now filed a Public Interest Litigation to get detailed information about this incidence


One has to know the most CORRUPT gang (Nehru Dynasty) on earth, one has to know the character of Nehru, Indira and the BOFORS CHOR to assert with conviction, that this was no ordinary flight, they were no ordinary travellers.

One also needs to KNOW that Columbia and Afghanistan are two countries from where anyone returning with CASH (yes, CASH in this age of visa and credit CARDS and plastic money!) would have involvement with DRUGS and CRIME.

American authorities had to strip RAHUL naked, give him the third grade treatment that the Indian prisoners get in the notorious prisons of BIHAR (India's most corrupt State, now under President's direct rule), to get the confession.

The prosecution authorities from the UShad to go to COLUMBIA to trace the steps of this duo and see who they met and with whom they had drugs dealing.

No wonder the US authorities DETAINED THEM for hours and before they could be sent to JAIL, there was strong intervention by Sonia KHAN and Govt of India, to see RAHUL KHAN freed.

So, who is going to ask the FBI to tell the truth, to EXPOSE the drug barons of Bharat, and to publish their declaration given to Immigration in USA about this 200,000 DOLLARS CASH.

We have quite a few millionaire NRI's. Would at least one tell this List if he ever carried so much CASH while travelling by air?

The CRIMINAL son of BOFORS CHOR must be investigated by an authority powerful enough to reject any blackmail by any member of Nehru Dynasty. What about INTERPOL or World Court at Hague, to spill out the TRUTH. We, all the Indians must DEMAND to get the truth out. There is lot more than meets the eye.

Prime Minister Vajpayee at that time was expected to lock them up on arrival in Bharat and INVESTIGATE the whole thing openly. Like Prithvi Raj Chohan, the Hindu "mouse" let his ENEMY free yet again. Now wait for Rahul to become the PM one day and he will relish the sight of Vajpayee behind bars in Tihar jail on trumped up charges. Wait for the day. Please keep the file OPEN.

Will someone remove our doubts on this whole case? Congratulations to the four advocates in Lucknow who are daring to touch the "whiskers of DYNASTIC LION".