Date: 3/9/2005


.............EVIL COMBINATION OF STARS- 1947.


There were FOUR parties to the brutal, savage and immoral PARTITION of helpless, defenceless India that was exactly like the bleeding RAPE of a helpless captive abducted female with the world refusing to rescue.

These despicable Four were NEHRU (“BANDIT”), GANDHI (“GAND*O”), JINNAH (“JINN”) AND MOUNTBATTEN (“FOREIGN FINGER” that was up Lady Hindustan’s).

All sons and daughters of sacred soil of Bharat are expected to be brave enough to see and face the FACTS that the ENEMY ("foreign finger") is at utmost pains to obliterate from our memory.

You are welcome to give each one an attribute (label) from the above list. Please note that FOREIGN FINGER is still NOT out of Lady Hindustan’s.

In fact, there are TWO now (Kalam and Khan) promising further Hindu bashing and Sikh killing.

At the most momentous moment in India’s long history, there came about a unique combination of NEGATIVE CELESTIAL FORCES called the Dance of “JINN BHOOT” (Dance of “Devils and Witches”, or “Bastards and Bitches”) in the middle of 20th century.

By sheer bad luck, the Indians, especially those in vast areas in the east and the west, were trapped for mass SLAUGHTER.

The decade of 1940’s was the BLOODIEST on earth in its entire history. Over FIFTY million people were KILLED during the six long years of World War 2 that ended in August 1945, besides the SIX million Jews exterminated, and no fewer than two million defenceless Hindus slaughtered in India. Never before in the entire history of mankind has a single decade matched this one (1940's) in fury, brutality, savagery, intolerance and MASS MURDER.

An ancient historic land, that was once known for its divinity, spirituality and "streams and rivers" of profound wisdom, had been degraded through slavery, and reduced to “dog's status” by 1947.

Her native people, the HINDUS, had become lifeless listless soft "MUD" that you can pick up, mould into any shape, even chop up and shove the fragments apart as you will, without fearing any response or retaliation.

Hindus had NO leader, NO standing, NO "shakti", NO "gaurav" and NO self-esteem. They were simply a dead mass of flesh that could go under any treacherous BANDIT, bogus Mahatma, Daughter of ITALIAN Mafia & Mussolini, and even a so-called native Musalmaan, Abdul Kalam, who gets his secret kick and thrill while looking at the map of REDUCED India, and Islam INCREASED and STRENGTHENED on either side of his own BROKEN Bharat.

Taking full advantage of Hindu fear he, too, does not utter the word PARTITION. He knows where he belongs.

That was PARTITION due to the spread, BEYOND CONTROL, CHECK & TREATMENT, of the gangrene called ISLAM.

There is no reason now, SIX DECADES ON, as to WHY we should not recall PARTITION, name a special Discussion Group after it, enter it in all school text books, and then build a huge Memorial to the vast territories lost, thousands of mandirs destroyed and millions of innocent Hindus and Sikhs massacred, killed, raped and expelled in disgrace.

Wouldn't you expect of a country that calls itself "Bharatvarsha" to stand up to be counted, unless it, too, is as a BOGUS, TREACHEROUS and DECEPTIVE vacuum, or darkness, as the name “GANDHI”?