Date: 3/7/2005


Some genetically deteriorated INFERIOR Hindu wrote:

Mahatma MK Gandhi's constructive programmes endeared him to the masses.



Please STOP playing the broken fiddle in BROKEN Bharat, thanks to Gandhi, the Father of Pakistan. He endeared himself more to Mohammed than any Hindu or Sikh or Maratha.

Some have NO territorial sense at all that means patriotism. They are hooked like the dying fish to the bait to individuals, NOT TO COUNTRY that can go to hell, be divided or islamised.

Above sentence is such a lie. Sonia KHAN'S "dogs" are now saying, "Sonia's constructive programmes have endeared her to the masses." She regards all the HINDUS damn fools who cannot locate even one native Hindu female to replace her from the throne of Hindustan.

Hindu masses were so endeared by Viceroy Mountbatten that even after Gandhi got them independence, they begged of the British ruler to take over Hindustan as the first Governor General. He saw the SERVANT RACE just as before their independence. Gandhi, too, went to do deep salaam, in the manner of slaves, to the first Governor General of his Bharat Mata.

Surely MASSES, the ASSES, are so endeared to Italian empress that they wished her to be their Prime Minister, more than half a century after the ignominious DEATH of Gandhi, shot dead as a cowardly traitor. The only BRAVE man then was Nathu Ram Godse who fired the gun for AKHAND BHARAT that was initially Gandhi's very own slogan.

Some legacy of the Coward that his Bharat now tries to push aside real heroes like Shiva, Maharana Pratap and Netaji. Nor does it recall PARTITION.

India is DYING but Gandhi is still alive. Is the Hindu incorrigible? Beyond learning? Beyond redemption? Destined to PERISH in Delhi as he perished in Multan and Lahore? Hindu has been ridiculed, insulted, beaten up, thrashed and even killed and RAPED, not only in Kashmir, East Bengal, Kabul, Lahore and Dhaka, yet he is wallowing in the MUCK of Gandhi. Amazing.

The word "Gandhi" is sickening. It is now even on the collars of Sonia's and Rahul's dogs.

Please stop it.

Kindly de-brainwash yourself. Look at the most DISFIGURED MAP OUTLINE of what was once noble, whole, India in which Gandhi, the BOGUS and deceptive warrior and defender and "mobiliser of masses" was born.

We need NO more HINDU CHARMERS in the land of snake charmers until Kashmir is all recovered and BHAGWA flies over Khyber.

Gandhi served the British masters well who could turn a "monkey into mahatma" within days. In those days, whoever was invited to tea at Viceroy's became a star in the eyes of the natives who were below grass level. They are still there under Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan.

The RUINS of Ayodhya are also still there. Gandhi did not take up its cause since he had NO following.

When the Islamic ATTACK developed, Gandhi looked around for volunteers to fight, but saw NONE. So he agreed to UNCONDITIONAL surrender of one third of India.

Out of TERROR of Mohammed that ran through his veins and genes, he embraced the Muslims and did not force their EXPULSION or LIQUIDATION. His own fellow Hindus met with fate that the world knows but hardly any Hindu.

Such a nation of "Gandhian Hindu HENS" who feels compelled to go on peace marches singing his hymns to amuse the Pakistanis who occupy Lahore and DEFY "mouse" Gandhi in North Kashmir.

Idi Amin and Col Rabuka both felt like giving a kick in the back of all the followers of Gandhi in their countries. They KNEW that the "Gandhis" at home will not lift a finger to come to the rescue of the Indians from the land of "Gandoo" Gandhi. They proved completely right.

The Indians also got beaten up in newly liberated East Bengal and got exterminated in North Kashmir. Some fools are hoping that Gandhi will inspire them to return to their homes in Srinagar. Volunteers are desperately needed to accompany them to the Valley.

My dear friend, if someone cannot see the sun at noon in cloudless sky, then there is a word for it.