Date: 3/5/2005


Dear Lok Sabha,

I address you as "dear" only because you are from the same "Matribhumi" as me. Besides that, there is no connection between those who adore Bharat and those who adore Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam with no clue whatsoever to the intentions of the former and her spiritual and political drives and thrusts and the real constitutional status of the latter since PARTITION. A Muslim by constitution in India has the same status as a Hindu by Constitution in Pakistan. But if a side voluntarily and unilaterally lowers the status of its Law and Constitution, then it is perfectly acceptable to see a Hindu beaten up and clobbered in EAST Bengal but a Muslim adored, EMPOWERED, enhanced and enriched in Hindusthan. If you voluntarily take off your shirt, the man in suit will look formidable.

None of us can plead ignorance of the consequences of having a genuine QUAID-I-AZAM, a real fighter, the “FATHER OF PAKISTAN”, and having a MTM ("monkey turned mahatma") to "LEAD" us straight into disaster, defeat, holocaust and PARTITION.

By the dint and "bandooq" of our Constitution we did disregard the loss of one third of India's territory and called it Independence.

Do you BEGIN to see yourselves as the whole world, including all the Kalams of Lok Sabha and the Khans of Bollywood, see YOU?

Dear Lok Sabha, did I mention PARTITION?

What puts us in two diametrically opposite camps is the FACT that you accept it, calling it “history” whereas it is as real as the festering wound on your body that is decomposing in gangrene and has already called for amputation of limbs.

What Constitution do you follow that does not mind whether a FOREIGNER, married to the son of Prime Minister, can enter without security checks and vetting and stay in her house and become privy to all the TOP SECRETS of State within days?

What Constitution do you adore that requires one billion HIndus to regard Mohammed of Arabian desert EQUAL in status, if not SUPERIOR, to our own native Prophets, Avatars and Gurus in Ayodhya, Kashmir and Sri Nankana Sahib?

What Constitution do you follow that has taken away the right of your own PRESIDENT and SUPREME COMMANDER to buy a piece of land in Kashmir? Can the Hindu JAWANS from all over India whom you have sent to defend Islam and Constitution in SOUTH Kashmir, likewise, buy a piece of land there? Can they do so in EAST Bengal that the degraded mercenary Indian fools liberated in 1972?

What Constitution do you have that did not ask for trial of Indira Khan, a TRAITOR like her father, who returned our own land (East Bengal) after its capture to MOHAMMED, out of terror of Islam? She had to announce on her State controlled Radio, "Our Secularism is not only for the HINDU and SIKH scum."

Do any of your members know that at PARTITION, each and every Muslim in Bharat, like every Hindu in Pakistan, was given the choice to opt for service in EITHER Republic. Many MUSLIMS from as far south as Kerala opted for Pakistan and were given the same or equivalent jobs, and business incentives, as before. But the Hindus who opted for Pakistan were abused, beheaded, killed, abducted, raped, beaten to death, or EXPELLED. That happened under the nose of RULERS of Bharat. It should be in your history, too. You should also have the sense or brains to know that any area in today's secular Bharat that becomes a Muslim majority area, will be up in revolt against New Delhi like KASHMIR. To see the Truth, simply remove the Indian army from there or hold a referendum. Their Koran is nothing but FIRE against Infidels, Kafirs and Hindus to the extreme degree of INTOLERANCE.

None is born with wisdom. It is acquired as we go along. We keep abreast with the others by doing better. What can the OTHERS teach us? Your Sonia and Kalam will NOT allow you to look beyond your noses. They do not wish to see you getting "ideas." Hence NO dual nationality for the Indian expatriates. NO, NEVER. That will come on Day One of BROKEN BHARAT (fragment that is still India) becoming “HINDU RASHTRA” under BHAGWA, to keep up with the well entrenched hostile MOHAMMEDS on right and left.

Please show some courage, just to please your ancestors in the next world, and see a few examples.

CHINA: The Chinese Parliament has passed a Bill that prohibits Taiwan from going independent. Taiwan is like our Pakistan. YOU need to pass a similar Bill to insist on Pakistan tendering an APOLOGY and asking to rejoin AKHAND BHARAT. The carrot? Rule of Law and dignity of their women. The stick? Expulsion of ALL followers of Mohammed from Hindusthan.

A billion Hindus ought to have a clout no WEAKER than that of a billion Chinese.

TURKEY: The Turks could not watch like "eunuchs" their fellow Turks under secular Greek rule in Cyprus. So they sent army to LIBERATE them. India ought to send her Army to liberate Northern Sri Lanka and declare it a Sovereign State like Northern Cyprus, or like your own East Bengal.

Come on you “Goats and Rabbits,” ACT, and be ashamed that you allowed Mr. Clean to send your Jawans to KILL the Tamils of INDIAN origin there.

Thank God for the GENTLENESS of the (meek) Tamils that the State of TAMIL NADU, bigger than France, did not declare herself sovereign and independent of Delhi and apply for membership of the UNO.

But how long will we take the submission of brave Tamil nation in the South for granted? Why will Chennai not make a bid for the same status that you CONCEDE upon your knees to LAHORE, but continue to look towards your decadent despicable Delhi for permission to breathe?

The USA. After one attack on Pearl Harbour, America mobilised at top sped and did not rest till the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of Japan in August 1945.

Now after NINE ELEVEN, America has mobilised her HOME DEFENCE. You should read the newspapers and listen to the radio to know what all America has done and will do to make sure that the enemy does not strike again.

What steps have YOU taken since the ISLAMIC ATTACK of 1947 that was a BILLION TIMES more devastating than the one on America in 2001 in which America did not lose even one square inch of TERRITORY? (In 1947 India lost ONE THIRD of her territory to the ENEMY.)

In response to that attack, America sent her "Jawans" as far deep into enemy territory as AFGHANISTAN? How many Indian Army Jawans are now fightingyou’re your secularism in North Kashmir that is not far from Srinagar?

ISRAEL. The Jews not only established a JEWISH STATE, since the whole world of Islam was bent upon pushing them into the sea but also established dozens of Holocaust Museums to remind their children and the world of what they had gone through in the past.

Israel grants dual nationality to any Jew anywhere in the world who asks for it although she has more terrorists within than your India.

Time is fast approaching when the Hindu will not remain ASLEEP with regard to 1947 but start asking QUESTIONS.

When do you intend to hold a post-mortem over the surrender of West Punjab in 1947 and East Bengal in 1972?

When do you think will a Hindu in Lahore be equal to a Muslim in Delhi as per Constitution?

How long will you ignore the REVOLT AND MUTINY of INDIAN Muslims in 1947?

When will we see a Bill in your Lok Sabha to establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM? If they are not worth the thought or bother, then WHAT ARE YOU in the eyes of the whole world, especially in the eyes of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan?

Members of this honourable patriotic List will no doubt add more questions for you at Lok Sabha. Otherwise till eternity you will remain the Lok Sabha of the Indian Midgets and Morons and Mental Coolies (IM&M&MCs).


.......................March 5, 2005.

.....................HINDU MARTYRS DAY.