Date: 1/27/2005




......................TEES JANUARY MARG



India was doomed by a man named Mohandas Karamchand (MK) GANDHI, who was ASSASSINATED by those who were supposed to adore and worship him. He proved to be an opportunist coward. The foremost PATRIOTIS stepped forward to avenge the betrayal of Secularism and the unconditional SURRENDER of one third of India with tens of millions of Indians trapped in the boiling cauldron and seething turmoil called “Islamic HELL” on the soil of India.

Gandhi made a fool of himself and his IGNORANT and INTIMIDATED following by calling the day of brutal Partition the Day of Independence.

In his genes, guts and veins, there was deeply embedded chip of admiration of Christians and TERROR of Islam.

To the former he gave a heroic farewell and to the latter he conceded PAKISTAN and promised to keep his fellow Hindus ignorant and intimidated. Had he been alive today, he would have stood in the fore front of the “NO TEMPLE HERE” movement of the Indian Muslims in Ayodhya.

Despite conceding them PAKISTAN, Gandhi, the “son of a goat”, embraced the MUSLIMS and regarded them “superior” citizens of India, entitled to stay on in India after Partition with full rights, and on top of it, entitled to Hajj facilities at state expense.

To the British he said, “Leave Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy, behind as the new Governor General of Bharat. We trust him. We love him.” Did MK Gandhi utter a word of resentment at the continued stay of British in India? Did he ask for prompt dismissal of the British Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army who stayed on in his post well beyond August 15, 1947?

To the Muslims he promised there would be NO temple in Ayodhya. To the Muslims he also said, “KEEP what you have snatched so far, not only TERRITORY but also the abducted, raped, forcibly wedded and CONVERTED Hindu and Sikh females.

Glass eyed “Son of a Rat”, always regarded the Muslims with respect and the Hindus with CONTEMPT. He never considered the Hindus any better than vermin and rats and never mentioned the need of a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM to be built on the blood drenched DHARTI of Kashmir, Punjab or Bengal.

He could neither “offend” the Muslims nor annoy the British. His legacy has ruined India after inflicting Partition upon her body.

Academically qualified as a BARRISTER AT LAW from London, he gradually fitted into and thereafter moulded and shaped himself in the role and mantle that was made by his far-seeing wise British masters. The role of a “Hindu charmer”.

As it became clear that the Indian slaves were about to demand Dominion status like that of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, the British decided to produce and nurture an unscrupulous native “mental coolie” willing to dive headlong into the culture of TYAAG (Renunciation) and AHIMSA (NON VIOLENCE), and adoration of European superior race that had the guns.

MK Gandhi’s adoration of the British matched THEIR contempt for the INFERIOR natives who worship in temples but adore the Italians.

Genuine revolutionary leaders bring about a complete change of direction and put the native on a dynamic path to progress.

“Tailor made artificial, bogus and Made to Order” leaders just charm their followers and “pass the time”, at the same time basking in the attention of the rulers.

If Indira, Sonia, Priyenka and Rahul all gave themselves the name “Gandhi” then what a FRAUD the first Gandhi was who could be so manipulated to rob, plunder, clobber and BASH the Hindus and never lead them back to Srinagar and Lahore, or to Ayodhya.

What kind of “Gandhis” are these SWINE who look the other way when the Hindus are exterminated in North Kashmir, persecuted in EAST Bengal and GIVEN A BOOT in Uganda, Fiji, Trinidad and Guyana.

What kind of “GANDHIS” are they who rob the Temples and arrest the Sri Singh Sahibs (1984) and the Shankaracharyas (2005) and humiliate them both all the time.

What kind of “Gandhis” are this treacherous, plundering lot, who are determined to put down the NATIVE, invite the Pope to ridicule our religions, and welcome foreign funds and evangelists to ATTACK the Hindus, encourage loafers like KHANS of Bollywood to lampoon and ridicule Hindu culture and play the fool with Hindu maidens on and off screen, producing more Mohammeds out of them.

Gandhi was never a DEFENDER of anything after dumping secularism and conceding Pakistan on the soil of his India.

Like a sulking child, annoyed with his mother, he would use the biggest WEAPON that he possessed, called “fasting unto death”.

The British needed these fasts so desperately. They always succeeded when he broke his fast and returned to “Ishwar ALLAH tero naam” and went out of his way to embrace any Mohammed.

It is amazing that when the Hindus were subjected to massacres and gallows, he never fasted in protest even for a day but felt crucified when Muslims were dealt with properly by the British and the Hindus.

A robber is afraid of the police. His arrest is considered RETALIATION by Law. Hence by and large there is PEACE in the realm. But imagine the “POLICE” like MK Gandhi. Every thief, bandit, robber, throat cutter, abductor, converter, mullah, maulvi, FODDER CHOR and BOFORS CHOR, maulvi and evangelist felt ENCOURAGED to tread the safe and soft soil of Bharat where devious and opportunist “jackals” like MK GANDHI held sway.

They were NO deterrent to any enemy, from Italy to Islam.

Given so many invaders and attackers, the word “DETERRENT” is the key word to guarantee peace on earth.

We have brains to ask a simple question, “What kind of a deterrent was Gandhi to the British and the MUSLIMS?”

The former left, receiving great “farewell” at Gateway of India, Mumbai, and the latter simply OVERWHELMED his sheepish flock in no time, taking FIVE provinces in 1947 and North Kashmir in 1948. Given Gandhi’s guts in India, the enemy NEVER vacated his aggression. Gandhi’s India surrendered vast territories to Islam in 1947 and subsequently.

Does anyone know if his own India ever recovered any? In 1972, quoting high morality of MK Gandhi, Indira “Gandhi” returned EAST Bengal to Islam after conquering it decisively. Gandhi was not an asset to India but her biggest LIABILITY in 20th century. The soul of “Goat Gandhi” will shiver in thrill and joy when his Muslim “tigers, wolves and hyenas” again grab Delhi and raise the FLAG OF MOHAMMED over Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan once again.

The dead leave their spirit behind. It is different in each case. Consider the SPIRIT left behind by Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and GURU GOBIND SINGHjI and then look at the “spirit” left behind by “Son of a Goat” GANDHI, trumpeted as “Father of Nation” by his brainwashed and intimidated “COOLIE” NATION, bearing the stamp of defeat bequeathed by GANDHI.

The first Mohammedan invader went back with maidens, diamonds and gold from the soil of Bharat. The word soon spread that the Arabs were not massacred to the last man by the natives of this soil, but returned victorious and vastly enriched.

That acted as red rag to the bull. Then came the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans and later the Europeans. It is ironic that the Wars of Succession took place AMONG THEMSELVES with NO Hindu contender for the throne of Delhi.

Later the adventurous French and the Portuguese fought the brave British who could carry on warfare on our soil without fearing a devastating attack from a NATIVE armed force to throw them all into the sea.

In our time, a loafer, born with silver spoon in his mouth, calling himself GANDHI, wearing a big fraudulent OVERSIZED “Tilak” on forehead, wooed an impoverished Italian brat who had come to England to learn English and to earn a living as a domestic help in an English family. (Not one journalist from MK GANDHI’S demoralised Bharatvarsha has been able, or allowed, to LOCATE that English family in Cambridge and NONE has dared to ask Sonia herself during the thousand interviews that there were mighty lucky to have with her.)

Today’s HINDU journalist, a product of Gandhi’s “Spirit of a Jackal” considers asking the question extremely RUDE, mannerless and CHEEKY that could cost him his/her life. In any WESTERN country the journalists would also have asked another, “Name the private school in Cambridge where you went to learn English. Show us the Certificate of achievement from there.”

Now one can see that a mouse begets a mouse and a lion begets a loin. Have you seen a KHALSA, produced by Guru Gobind Singh? Now compare him/her to any living GANDHI on the soil of Broken Bharat (Partitioned India).

The end of MK Gandhi was as disgusting as that of the following TWO Gandhis who met with People’s Justice (on 31 October 1984 and 21 May 1991, respectively.)

Briefly, why did he die of BULLETS?

A man can live the life of a saint but in the end if he commits rape or robbery and is hanged as a result, he is never honoured in any society.

In people’s perception there are clean politicians and DIRTY ones. Who on earth can adore or praise the FODDER thief (Laloo Prashad of Bihar) and the BOFORS’ CHOR (Rajiv Khan)?

No one in the United Kingdom thinks much of Prime Minister Chamberlain who went to Munich and could not CONFRONT Hitler to prevent World War 2. There is not one statue of him anywhere in the United Kingdom. Visitors to London do see the statues of real heroes like CHURCHILL and great military generals and naval commanders. These men INSPIRED the nation in life time and their HEROIC deeds inspire every school child throughout the world today. On the contrary the only “inspiration” from any statue of GANDHI in Bharat is to appease and surrender, to RUN AWAY from battle, crying and threatening “fast unto death”.

The real hero was his contemporary Subhash Chandra Bose, affectionately called NETAJI.

What sort of “netaji” was MK GANDHI was seen in his WORST hour, that could have been his FINEST hour had he shown guts and nerve to give a CALL TO RESIST MOHAMMED’S AGGRESSION at all costs and also gone on “fast unto death” at the same time.

There is no need for the writer to describe in detail the consequences of adoring such a COWARD who could not rally his following to “teach the Muslims a lesson” what Indira Khanum tried to do to the Sikhs in 1984.

Needless to say that India, DEMORALISED by Gandhi’s teachings, surrendered one third of her territory and even RETURNED East Bengal on platter to MOHAMMED after its capture.

Directly because of his useful role in politics and in the service of DIRTY DYNASTY, India has shrunk in its present disgusting map outline which the nation is BRAINWASHED and FORCED to believe, is “natural”.

The INFECTION of his cowardice has spread even to the KHALSA of Guru Gobind Singh, not only to the followers of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. The Sikhs, who are supposed to be VANGUARD of Bharat's DEFENCE, are tolerating “Bapu’s” statues all over their own “Much REDUCED East Punjab” with its capital on Union Territory.

Can you imagine the extent of SLAVERY of the native once again, in which all the chief ministers declared SEVEN DAYS State mourning after death of Albanian nun Teresa and gave the Pope STATE reception?

Let us judge the COWARD in India's darkest hour by his PERFORMANCE on ground, not by his morally sweet and stunning words on paper.

When the SWORD of Islam was about to FALL and chop up India into three fragments, the man who was to advise violence, that is, COUNTER ATTACK, STUCK LIKE CHEWING GUM TO NON VIOLENCE.

The Coward is a hero on PAPER but we are talking of Bharat's DHARTI. Here, who prevailed was a man of utmost courage, total contrast of Gandhi. The MAN, who bullied Gandhi into silence and into agreeing to Partition, was MOHAMMED ALI JINN-AH.

Guru Gobind Singh, Shivaji and other real heroes like NETAJI did not just blurt out a theory or preach in vacuum. They picked up the WEAPONS to KILL. Gandhi would have fainted on seeing blood or touching a kitchen knife.

We should NOT mix up the tiger drawn on paper and the tiger roaming free on ground that runs at you direct.

Our nation needs AFFINITY with fellow Hindus, even fellow Indians. Not one country has someone like Gandhi as its Rashtrapita, not even PAKISTAN that he (Gandhi) created through his cowardice.


That AGGRESSION of PARTITION was on the invitation of COWARDLY Gandhi, nurtured and nourished by British Masters of the time. They have gone, so should Gandhi.

The Rest of India, too, will be GONE if we stick to Gandhi any more. Hindus' ROLE MODEL and source of INSPIRATION ought to be a WARRIOR who can lead the nation into the next civil WAR, not the one who will cease-fire, surrender, or “fast unto death” (instead of inflicting death on the enemy).

When there are all sheep and goats, politics are fine as in Paradise. But when you mix wolves and tigers with sheep and goats, then you must expect ferocious ONSLAUGHT on the sheep, that is, terrible AGGRESSION on the Hindus, of the kind the nation experienced in 1947 but does not like to talk about, due to cowardice of Father of Nation.

Every Hindu ought to keep brain, eyes and ears OPEN to see the world media on JEWS' HOLOCAUST being commemorated on January 26 and 27. 2005.

Now it is time to shed Gandhi's COWARDICE and raise a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM (not only Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya) to educate our coming generations on history of their own land.

The word "Gandhi" ought to be OUTLAWED in PARTITIONED INDIA like the word "Hitler" in HONOURABLE Germany.

One was known for extreme cowardice, the other for extreme violence. They were SOUL BROTHERS in this peculiar way bound with each other like the South Pole and the North Pole, like the two ends of a magnet. They both INVITED and ENSURED total annihilation of their countries.

Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT blew up into smithereens. We will never see any Gandhi again who will give the call, "KHYBER CHALO".

Let us contrast our cowardice, inherited from Gandhi (NOT from Sri Krishna or Guru Gobind Singh), with the courage of Netaji who gave the call "DILLI CHALO". Dilli was under the boot of British just as Khyber and Lahore are now under the FOOT of Mohammed.

Gandhi fooled himself and his followers by calling the bloody devastating defeat and unconditional surrenders of 1947 “Independence”!

Thereby our GOAT Gandhi ensured that the Hindu bus, with one wheel taken off, will run in circles till finally it crashes, killing all on board.

To make sure of that, the present cabinet under constitutional BOOT is a bunch of “thugs, chors and criminals”, all under a Muslim President who is “passing time”, a “Daughter of Italy and Mafia” is the executive head who wouldn’t touch Hindu religion even with a barge pole, Article 370 of Constitution applies only to South Kashmir, the cease fire line there is the permanent frontier, the next prime minister will be Rahul “Gandhi” and the Hindu aspiring to raise his Temple in Ayodhya will be SHOT DEAD.

A chunk of native CARBON that could have become a DIAMOND, has, instead, become worthless COAL. Adoring Gandhi makes us all look DUST to the rest of the world.

Gutless “Goat” Gandhi who was shot dead on January 30, 1948, was NO patriot or hero, but wretched India’s biggest LIABILITY. He loved the Muslim enemy and hated the Hindu friend. He BRAINWASHED the whole nation into accepting the defeat and surrenders of 1947 with NO sign yet of a resuscitation of the dying Hindus, who are expecting “Shakti”, UNITY and FORCE from VACUUM called MK Gandhi.

What the Muslims did so VISIBLY, the Italians and the MAFIA and the POPE are doing invisibly. The biggest disadvantage lies with the “Nishkam Sewak” SIKHS who are so visible in this cruel and cunning anti Hindu world. They are yet to smash all the statues of the JACKAL and replace them with their own LIONS.

When did Gandhi think of giving the Indians pride and self esteem? Did the “INFERIORITY COMPLEX ridden” Hindu Gandhi ever say, “BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL”? The result? Each and every native Indian female could be eclipsed by a worthless White Elephant Sonia.

The third generation Gandhi, Rajiv, too, thought of native Indian females what his grandfather BANDIT Nehru and Father of Nation, Bapu Gandhi, thought of them.

At the time of thousands of “dowry deaths” across India each year, we see Gandhi’s legacy fulfilling itself, “Brown is INFERIOR. KILL them. Hindu female is for the KHANS!”

On January 30 every year, look at the map of India in which GANDHI was born and then see the map of India in which he died.

On January 30 every year, go to his treacherous “SARKARI Samadhi” in Delhi and SPIT on it if in your mind your “AKHAND BHARAT” is above his “BROKEN BHARAT”.

Then DEMAND TO KNOW where the genuine “Samadhis” of great PATRIOTS Nathu Ram Godse and Nana Apte are. Go there and place flowers, light a candle, and sing Vande Matram.

First ENNOBLE YOURSELF with Gobind before darkening the world with Gandhi.