Date: 1/26/2005


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"I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence . . . but non-violence is infinitely superior to violence." - Mahatma Gandhi.



Please judge the COWARD in India's darkest hour by his PERFORMANCE on ground, not by his morally sweet and stunning words on paper.

When the SWORD of Islam was about to FALL and chop up India into three fragments, the man who was to advise violence (sic) STUCK LIKE CHEWING GUM TO NON VIOLENCE.

The Coward is a hero on PAPER but we are talking of Bharat's DHARTI. Here, who prevailed was a man of utmost courage, total contrast of Gandhi. The MAN, who bullied Gandhi into silence and into agreeing to Partition, was MOHAMMED ALI JINN-AH.

Guru Gobind Singh, Shivaji and other real heroes like NETAJI did not just blurt out a theory or preach in vacuum. They picked up the WEAPONS to KILL. Gandhi would have fainted on seeing blood.

Please do not mix up the tiger on paper and the tiger on ground who runs at you direct.

Our nation needs AFFINITY with fellow Hindus or even fellow Indians. Not one country has someone like Gandhi as its Rashtrapita, not even PAKISTAN that he (Gandhi) created through his cowardice.

Have we not heard "WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION"? That AGGRESSION of PARTITION was on the invitation of COWARDLY Gandhi, nurtured and nourished by British Masters of the time. They have gone, so should Gandhi.

The Rest of India, too, will be GONE if we stick to Gandhi any more. Hindus' ROLE MODEL and source of INSPIRATION ought to be a WARRIOR who can lead the nation into the next civil WAR, not the one who will cease-fire, surrender and fast unto death (instead of inficting death on the enemy).

When there are all sheep and goats, politics are fine as in Paradise. But when you mix wolves and tigers with sheep and goats, then you must expect ferocious ONSLAUGHT on the sheep, or terrible AGGRESSION on the Hindus, of the kind the nation experienced in 1947 but does not like to talk about, due to cowardice of Father of Nation.

Every Hindu ought to keep, brain, eyes and ears OPEN to see the world media on JEWS' HOLOCAUST being commemorated on January 26 and 27. 2005.

Now it is time to shed Gandhi's COWARDICE and raise a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM (not only Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya) to educate our coming generations on history of their own land.

The word "Gandhi" ought to be OUTLAWED in PARTITIONED INDIA like the word "Hitler" in HONOURABLE Germany.

One was known for extreme cowardice, the other for extreme violence, They were SOUL BROTHERS in this peculiar way. They both INVITED total annihilation of their countries.

Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT blew up into smithereens. It will never be a Gandhi again who will give the call, "KHYBER CHALO".

Let us contrast our cowardice, inheritted from Gandhi (NOT from Sri Krishna or Guru Gobind Singh), with the courage of Netaji who gave the call "DILLI CHALO". Dilli was under the boot of British just as now Khyber and Lahore are under the FOOT of Mohammed.