Date: 1/25/2005


The Editor,

Free Press Journal, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

According to some media reports, Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa is going to be conferred a doctorate degree by a US-based non-governmental organisation shortly. If it is true, what Smt Jayalalithaa has done to deserve a doctorate from an American NGO? What are her humanitarian deeds? Only deed which is eulogized by so called secularists and media mortgaged to anti-Hindu agenda, is her attack on Shankarcharya Jayendra Sarswati and Vijayendra Saraswati for the things they even not dreamt to do and go digging to find any crime done by vast organization somewhere in the past or present by cruel and monstrous methods with the help of people like Premkumar against whom there are outright strictures for his inhuman behaviour by court. Obviously, it is the way of Americans to say "Thank you". However, it is the vengeance she is taking on the Mutt for her personal gain.

My point is the interest taken by many American NGOs and the institutions like Baptist Church in America and also reportedly assistance CIA is providing for denigrating Hinduism and for conversion activities. India is secular in its real sense, it is because all rulers here were secular who treated state and religion as two different matters. European politics had been enmeshed with the Vatican power for centuries until recently. But no nation is really secular in its real sense. Reagan had declared 1992 as Year of Bible. The interest and the massive grants church is getting from abroad, particularly West Germany shows that they believe that conversion of India to Christianity is the remedy to bring India under their fold. Conversions are generally blended with the political ambitions. I fail to understand why the Church should need any assistance from abroad when avowedly it is the richest institute in India next only to Government of India. Besides, only religion which res! pects the way to salvation of every religion is Hindu religion. Any other religion is going to make our beloved India intolerant theocratic state in one guise or other. No country has prospered by converting to Christianity or Islam.

India must take care that conversions by all NGOs must be stopped. Secularists talk of plurality of India and at the same time talk about injustice caused by caste system. Well the caste system is on the wane through Industrial progress, but its flame is being kept aglow by politicians. It is a irony of fate that the highest efforts and number of leaders who have tried to end the caste system is that of Brahmin. But the vested interests make them the only targets.

I feel that India is isolated internationally except Russia. All have their vested interests in changing India to their own specifications. The Hindu tradition is receiving only lip service. But the work of finishing it is going on full steam ahead by these countries and the so called NGOs towards this end.

Yours sincerely

G. V. Ashtekar