Date: 1/23/2005



Should the Allies have heeded calls to bomb Auschwitz in 1944 when they learnt the full horror of the Nazi Holocaust?

There is heated discussion and debate going on in the west whether the Allies should have bombed Auschwitz holocaust camp or destroyed the trains and the railway lines going there with tens of thousands of Jews to their extermination.

But this could not be done because full scale WAR was being waged against Germany on both fronts, with the Russian forces pressing ahead from the east. There was CONCENTRATION of effort to finish off the German fighting machine.

In view of the end result of total surrender of Germany, that small omission can be forgiven

Now let us look at our India, THREE YEARS LATER.

In the summer of 1947 millions of HINDU refugees were crossing the bogus borders every week. Bandit Nehru, the new autocratic dictator of Partitioned India, merely looked on, and watched dispassionately in a most detached manner.

His dereliction of duty is mind boggling and comprehensible only if we think of him literally as a BASTARD (the Son of a Mohammedan).

As prime minister of India, he was supposed to WARN Pakistan of bombing, even destruction if that State was unable to prevent the huge loss of life and human suffering.

Nehru was more involved with his illicit romance with Edwina Mountbatten than with the fate of millions of Hindus and Sikhs being exterminated weekly in the manner of Jews at Auschwitz.

It is absolutely imperative that "HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS" be set up at least in five cities in India, (three in west and two in east) to remind the world of what India and her Hindus went through during 1947.

Ask the Sikhs as to what happens when a community under useless leaders FORGETS its last defeat, or holocaust.

They got a terrible PUNISHMENT in the form of Operation Blue Star in June 1984 and again during massacres all over India in November that year.

The reason? Their "JACKAL" leaders, despite Amrit and FIVE K's, dumped the word "PARTITION" from their vocabulary and never dared to mention in public their dream or aspiration to get back to Lahore and Khyber, with the result that Indira Khanum had the golden opportunity to hit the SLEEPING Sikhs hard to grind her own axe.

The Hindus, too, had forgotten their HOLOCAUST and could not realise the top secret motivation of Indira & Congress (Italy & Islam) for that onslaught on a member of its own family.

Had the Sikhs kept grumbling, moaning, protesting and complaining against the unconditional surrender of West Punjab, they would have carried the entire Hindu nation with them.

Now, who are the Hindu and SIKH leaders with some COMPREHENSION who could get a copy of this posting?