Date: 1/19/2005



Dr Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda in THIRD REICH under Hitler used to say, “It you tell a lie three times, the world will accept it as Truth.”

He proved totally right since many Germans started believing that GOD HAD DICTATED the contents of “MEIN KAMPF” direct to Hitler.

Accordingly, they thought that Hitler was the LAST Messenger of God sent down to earth to save mankind. They followed him BLINDLY and started WORLD WAR 2.

Before the flames of death and destruction had been put out, FIFTY MILLION humans of all nationalities had lost their lives fighting, from Ukraine in the east to Algeria in the west, from Norway in the north to Greece in the south.

Now from Germany let us switch our attention to INDIA where not one but COUNTLESS Goebbels are at work to fool the HINDU nation.

Examples abound that PROVE the effectiveness of propaganda. All-India Congress Party, once asking the British to QUIT INDIA, later begged of a worthless semi literate brainless European female, imported by “BOFORS CHOR” from Italy, to rule India.

The same Congress Party, once campaigning for freedom of India, unconditionally surrendered one third of our secular India to permanent ISLAMIC slavery while imposing their own inferior brand of secularism upon the Hindus in order to bash and brainwash them day and night.

Fearing Truth to escape, all the Governments of India, one after another, kept Broadcasting under their own control and made Internet beyond the reach of an average citizen. They also kept a close watch on printed media turning the readers into brainwashed gullible sub human morons who accept as absolute truth whatever is repeated three times.

According to this repressive regime, MK Gandhi was a brave man who chased out the British “lion” from their Indian colony; Jawaharlal Nehru was a patriot who defended Akhand Bharat, Indira was a devout Hindu who used to go to mandir, Rajiv was “Mr. Clean” whose oversized “tilak” was the proof of his Hindutva, and Sonia Maino is No. 1 Lady of Hindustan whose intelligence and beauty are unrivalled; and Dr. Ambedkar was a great constitutional expert whose “Vidhan” has put the tottering leaking disintegrating floating vessel called BHARAT on even keel.

Anyone who knows a bit of history will agree that the defeated, weak, ignorant, confused, leaderless and divided HINDUS, perishing under Islamic slavery and brainwashed by the British, urgently (nay, desperately) needed to attend to the most neglected aspects of our nation. These were loss of pride, self confidence and self-esteem, excessive tendency to honour the foreigner, habitual serfdom, de-linking from TERRITORY, detachment from RELIGION, apathy towards fellow Hindus, and a deeply entrenched culture of SELF NEGATION. Due to all this, the Hindus do not utter the word “PARTITION”, nor show guts and courage to bear arms, nor even celebrate their victories over their enemies.

No one, yes NO ONE, in the entire cabinet of Manmohan Singh and in the Lok Sabha of India knows the date when the Khalsa Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, under the command of General Hari Singh Nalwa, captured KHYBER PASS from the Afghans and hoisted BHAGWA on top, an event that ought to have been a great day of celebration and a public holiday throughout India. Nor is the Day of Surrender of EAST Pakistan designated as a national holiday in Bharat since that victory was bogus and very short lived. The territory was lost sooner than the time it took to capture it from the ENEMY. Instead, our Hindusthan has declared statutory holiday on the birth day of MOHAMMED whose separatist and barbaric KAFIR KILLING teachings turned the INDIAN Muslims into wild beasts who disembowelled not only “Akhand Bharat” but also MILLIONS of innocent peace loving Hindus.

In a week’s time, on 26 January 2005 to be precise, the so-called Indian “REPUBLIC Day” is approaching. Let us, therefore, turn our attention to the native “rat” called Dr. Ambedkar, BA, MA and PhD, and EXPOSE his despicable subservience to Bandit Nehru in the service of Islam and Vatican.

Here are some reasons to ATTACK the “bhangi’s” treacherous work as leader of the Constituent Assembly that wrote up this document. It was IMPOSED on the ignorant nation on January 26, 1950, without any referendum or public debate, just as the repugnant ISLAMIC Pakistan had been IMPOSED on everybody nearly two and a half years earlier.

1. Its Preamble had to state, “The present borders and frontiers of Bharat were carved by SWORD OF ISLAM and are not natural, logical, decent or permanent.”

2. Its First Article had to state an ASPIRATION for the three broken fragments of India to unite one day in the shape of much trumpeted Akhand Bharat of MK Gandhi.

3. Its Second Article had to state, “Secularism, to be decent and acceptable in Delhi, has to be IMPOSED on Lahore and Dhaka.”

4. Its Third Article had to state, “Until the breakaway fragments, now under offensive and provocative ALIEN Mohammedan flag, are re-united with their natural and historic Motherland called “BHARAT”, any Muslims in so-called secular India will be denied Indian citizenship and treated as aliens, a status much lower than that of the Turkish “GASTARBEITER” in Germany, who came only to work quietly and adopt the German “way of life”, but NOT to insult the religion of the natives, to attack Germany’s Constitution, to blast Germany’s unity and territorial integrity, to convert the Christians living there by force, trickery or thuggery, to seduce and abduct German girls and convert them to Islam before marrying them, to produce children from them and make them learn Arabic and read the Koran when they grow up, and to destroy churches, cathedrals and universities.

5. Its Fourth Article had to state, “So long as Pakistan remains an ISLAMIC republic, India will be “HINDU RASHTRA”. (In no way can our defeated nation go OFF GUARD by remaining secular in order to enable her enemies to multiply manifold and then repeat the attack of 1947.

6. Its Fifth Article had to state that HINDUS will have automatic right to enter and take up domicile in Bharat and those living outside will enjoy the privilege of dual nationality.

7. The Sixth Article had to look at the ruined temples and smashed state of Hindu religion, and declare, “State will protect, support, encourage and strengthen the NATIVE religions of Bharat. They will not be at government mercy, left to public charity, or subjected to State repression and neglect, even attack. The five Shankaracharyas and the five Sikh high priests of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar will be treated with dignity, accorded state recognition and shown public honour. They will not be arrested or imprisoned in order to degrade them and demoralise their Hindu following while the Pope from Vatican, who cannot be arrested or jailed, is guaranteed State reception in India, even allowed to set up his diplomatic mission in New Delhi.

The learned readers can suggest several more Articles in view of hindsight over the last dark decades for Hinduism since PARTITION when the flag of Islam went up in all glory in Lahore while our Hindu flag was thrown in dust in Delhi and Sikh flags of Miri and Piri were burnt to ashes in Amritsar.

Now let us look at Ambedkar, NEHRU’S choice to write up the Constitution of PARTITIONED India when millions of her citizens were streaming across the borders like Tsunami, as penniless refugees plunged into insecurity and poverty overnight due to the HOLOCAUST that they had narrowly escaped in West Punjab, Kashmir and East Bengal.

Logically the onerous task of writing the Constitution was to have been entrusted to a HINDU, preferably a Brahmin scholar. But Nehru’s choice fell on a BUDDHIST who was also a DALIT with utmost revulsion for Hindus and hatred for Brahmans. Ambedkar, the man chosen, was most willing to oblige Enemy No. 1 of Hindus, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Ambedkar’s Constitution commends no steps to be taken to remove the ideological filth gathered over centuries and it makes a mockery of the word “patriotism” since we see an Italian born CATHOLIC as the most powerful person in Bharat and a Muslim Supreme Commander who, by his silence or presence, is encouraging militancy in Kashmir and many other separatist fires on the peripheries of India.

That Constitution enabled the post partition governments to enact strangulating and suffocating rules, laws and regulations, that put India’s economic [progress in stagnation mode. Only now, after decades of bogus and rotting Socialism, when India started trailing behind even Kenya and Ethiopia, that the trend is being reversed. The watershed came on May 21, 1991, the day the last Dynastic Despot, Rajiv KHAN was blown up by a female Tamil patriot.

Under that Constitution whatever the Muslim takes, he retains, but whatever the Hindu or his Hindustan takes, must be RETURNED to Mohammed at once. Please recall the permanent surrender of North Kashmir and prompt return of EAST Bengal by Indira Khanum to the “Bastards & Bitches”.

Under that Constitution all the Hindus, BETRAYED in the first place, trying to escape Islamic persecution and hell fires in EAST Bengal (BOGUSdesh), are called aliens and treated as illegal immigrants in Hindustan.

Under that Constitution Indian communities and settlements abroad can be destroyed overnight, e.g., Uganda and Fiji, without any bother to the Government of India

Under that Constitution the Indian Armed Forces are to stay behind the cease fire line in Kashmir but can be sent to rescue Mohammed if he gets into trouble anywhere. Thus the Indian Army went into EAST Bengal when the Pakistani army started raping and impregnating MUSLIM females there. And this Army was sent out by Rajiv Khan to restore the Sultan of Maldives back to power because the MALDDIVE Islands are an Islamic republic. But at the same time, note the opposite role of Indian Army in Sri Lanka where the same “bandit” Rajiv Khan saw his golden opportunity to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin, mostly Hindus.

In accordance with this Constitution two hostile flags fly side by side in New Delhi. Both the President and the Prime Minister of PARTITONED India drive past these in reverence. One is the flag of High Commission of PAKISTAN and the other that of high commission of BOGUSdesh. Both Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan give these a smile and blessing, while passing them. At the same time cries of Sikh youth, “Either frontier back to Khyber, or Khalistan!” fall on deaf ears of this treacherous ruling establishment in Bharat.

According to this Constitution the total might of Government of India will be used to prevent the Hindus from re-constructing their ancient grand Temple in Ayodhya.

Esteemed readers, please send more evidence of TREASON of Ambedkar who wrote up world’s MOST USELESS “MOUSE” TRAP called “The Constitution of India.”

We must have enough material for a booklet to be published on the so-called “Republic Day” of India that promises to give us DOOM’S DAY in the near future.

In the meantime, while we are mourning the IMPOSITION of a treacherous Congressi Constitution and Bandit Nehru’s bogus “national anthem” on one billion Hindus, all the patriotic forces in PARTITIONED INDIA must immediately launch a spirited mass agitation to put the “TRISHUL ON BHAGWA” flying over Red Fort in Delhi, and Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi.

“Every dog has its day,” they say. The glory of true and genuine Bharatvarsha is yet to unfold before our eyes.

.........................20 January, 2005.