Date: 1/18/2005




In the following interesting report we see the army and the media pitched against each other. We should not forget to LOOK UP to see the POLITICAL leadership and its role in the honour or disgrace of Indian armed forces.

When we won more gallantry awards than the British (report below), then the SARKAR was of a very different kind and character.

Mahatma Gandhi had NO input in that country's defence or psyche, Vidhan and Parliament. The GOVERNMENT was single minded, extremely motivated to win DECISIVE VICTORIES, and so the armed forces performed well.

Could we know of ONE instance of cease fire during SIX years of war on global scale, from Algeria to Philippines, from 1939 till 1945?

It is in those conditions that an army enjoys its glory, and the nation has full faith in its ability to defend borders and protect life.

Now let us forget the army and the media for a moment and look at the "invisible hand" that took command on the day of PARTITION. It was also the darkest moment of unprecedented historic proportion.

An area as large as FIVE countries in today's European Union, was surrendered unconditionally to the ENEMY with our armed forces looking on like "eunuchs" or like jackals who keep away during the lion's hunt.

It was at that time of midnight, when Bandit Nehru was speaking of TRYST WITH DESTINY, that the Army had to come out of barracks and SHOOT HIM DEAD on the spot.

Red Fort in Delhi was the most appropriate place on earth to assassinate him. His daughter and grandson would have escaped that fate if Nehru had fallen that midnight.

The Indian army then had to advance with the speed of BLITZKRIEG to reach KARACHI where the other traitor, MOHAMMED ALI JINN, was to have been dealt with like the Romanians dealt with Caucescu and the Italians dealt with Mussolini, while he was taking his oath of office as Governor General of the new run away illegitimate (bastard) REBELLIOUS State called Pakistan.

The Indian Army did not do that, and FELL from grace in the eyes of their country overnight. That BLOT OF SHAME was further sullied when they DID NOT SHOOT DEAD the hand that pulled them back while advancing in Kashmir.

It then became ludicrous to kill off the Muslim insurgents in Kashmir on permanent basis, being always on the DEFENSIVE. The worst moment for them came during KARGIL attack by Pakistan, emboldened by Indian army's ineffectiveness.

At that time our POLITICAL leaders, who were bent upon MAXIMISING our casualties and giving more bad name to our army, made them launch only FRONTAL ATTACKS up the hills, facing deadly fire.

The Jawans were stopped by POLITICAL leaders from going behind the front and then blasting the ENEMY from the back. Pakistan knew then that Indian political top was thoroughly CORRUPT and treacherous.

The attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar, on the occasion of a sacred gathering (Martyrdom Day of Guru Arjan Dev) was an act of cowardice.

The Army became known as "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM" on its very recruiting home ground.

It was Indira's security guards who covered themselves in honour and glory by assassinating the political "Witch", not the Indian Army.

Before that we saw Indian army's glory turn into DISGRACE and SHAME overnight. They had CAPTURED EAST Bengal, eternally part of India, but were immediately ordered to RETREAT, get out and return the territory to the same ENEMY who had captured it in 1947, the separatist Devil of Islam. How the Hindus have been treated there since, is known to all.

There was another misuse of our army when Rajiv KHAN, called Mr. Clean by Government but BOFORS CHOR by people, sent his army to kill off the Tamils OF INDIAN ORIGIN in Sri Lanka. They soon returned CRESTFALLEN with a "bloody nose", after their political masters had ordered a cease fire. The punishment for that to the Rascal responsible(Pilot to Prime Minister Rajiv Khan) came from a CATHOLIC female from Sri Lanka, not from the betrayed, misused and degraded Indian Army.

Finally, it must be understood that the "MORALE" of an army is NOT boosted by defeats, surrenders, withdrawals and cease fires, but by VICTORIES, and the nation celebrating them afterwards with marches, bands and parades.

In NO other country on earth is the glory of the army so far away in the minds of its CIVILIAN commanders than in Bharat. Just think of BOFORS CHOR ordering the Army on futile operations and just imagine India of tomorrow when a FODDER CHOR (Laloo Prashad) could easily be switched from Transport Ministry to MINISTRY OF DEFENCE.

Does anyone remember the days of MORARJI DESAI, who used to go around visiting the units and telling the jawans to drink their urine in the morning and telling the officers to follow the example of Mahatma and lay down their arms.

Indian army ought to hold some meetings at TOP level to think of ways and means to make them acceptable to the nation with admiration and respect, before their ENEMY (on BOTH sides of India) can take them seriously.

At this time bells are ringing for the Indian army with ominous tones. There is cease fire, or LULL, in fighting in Kashmir. For the Hindus it is good news. But for INDIA WATCHERS, it is serious.

Are there top secret moves afoot to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan directly or indirectly to buy peace and as reward for Pakistan's loyalty to the United States since 1947?

The secret of survival is to be SKEPTICAL and not go to sleep, trusting in Sarkar who is keen on handing over the REST OF INDIA, too, to the ENEMY.


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Leave the Army alone! (By Colonel (retd) Anil Athale )

January 14, 2005

'The job of the armed forces is to preserve democracy, not practice it!'

......................................-- an American admiral

January 15 is Army Day, and a time for introspection.

It was the great Winston Churchill who in the 1950s once grumbled that the Americans were pressuring him only because he no longer had the Indian Army with him.

The fact is (never acknowledged by the snooty and racist amongst the British) that it was the Indian army that saved Britain in both the world wars, during the German offensive on the Marne river in World War I and during the Second World War in the Middle East and Burma.

In World War II, more Indians won the Victoria and George Cross decorations than the British.

But recent events have cast a dark shadow on that shining image of the Indian Army.

Some years ago, the Tehelka episode showed officers consumed by greed falling prey to arms agents.

On top of that comes the expose of the 'Booze Brigadier', the Ketchup Colonel and the 'Video Major'.

Yes, I am alluding to the brigadier who sold canteen liquor in the market, a colonel who faked incidents in Assam to win an gallantry award and a commanding officer of the Gorkha battalion making fake video of a non-existent attack.

High court stays army from sentencing major

These could well be instances of individual aberration -- not uncommon in a huge organisation of over a million persons. There are stories of British Quarter Masters selling tents to their German enemy in North African deserts during World War II.

But what if these are symptoms of a deeper malaise?

At the basic level, Indians do not understand that the armed forces of even a democratic State cannot be run on democratic principles.

Some recent Supreme Court decisions are indeed astonishing.

On a public interest litigation it asked why the army used emergency powers given during the Kargil war to buy tank ammunition when the fighting was going on in mountains where tanks cannot be used.

The honourable judges do not know that there was every chance of the fighting escalating to Punjab, where tanks would have been needed.

Or take another recent PIL in the apex court on the army granting commission to an ex-insurgent in Kashmir.

Do the judges know that not one or two but hundreds of ex-insurgents in Nagaland in 1976 were absorbed in the BSF, creating a whole battalion, the 111 BSF Battalion, whose commander was the former rebel leader Zoheto?

'Judiciary must be overactive'

The media, under the garb of 'transparency,' has been sensationalising such events, and has taken a self appointed adversarial role vis a vis the armed forces. It should take a leaf from the book of the Western media that is very, very careful when it comes to coverage of the military.

Partly, all this lack of understanding of the requirements of the armed forces is due to the fact that our country has never gone thorough the kind of trial by fire that most of Europe, China and the US went through. As a proportion of population, the US suffered more casualties in the Korean war than India suffered in all its wars since Independence.