Date: 1/11/2005



The powers that gave West Punjab and East Bengal to Islam and wouldn’t try BOFORS CHOR, LALOO PRASHAD AND JAGDISH TYTLER for corruption, or recover North Kashmir, nor permit the reconstruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, are jittery.

They perceive no threat from the Muslim Fifth Column that is multiplying like rabbits or from the Italian Mafia that is gaining territory, but from the Hindus and Sikhs.

The trusting, docile and gentle Hindus, up to now busy in "puja" and family affairs, are slowly beginning to discern a distinct pattern of higher politics that has not stopped hurting them all.

It took about five decades for the first realisation that what everyone was calling Independenfce, was IN FACT, Partition of India. Vast areas had suddenly vanished from the maps of India. Grand provinces like Bengal and Punjab looked much smaller now in most disgusting and revolting map outlines.

It took about the same length of time before a Sikh of EAST Punjab expressed his shock over the return of fEAST Bengal to MUSLIMS after its capture, while in his own East Punjab, a brutal military operation and the subsequent ruthless police repression had depleted the ranks of glorious Sikhi youth on their own territory.

He also noticed the wanton destructon of Sri Akal Takht Sahib that the Governments of Punjab AND INDIA were meant to preserve, cherish, improve, beautify, and project to the world as a precious historical preserve in India.

At about the same time it occurred to many Hindus that the advance of our troops in Kashmir had been stopped deliberately by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was in league with All India Muslim League.

It also occurred to many Hindus as odd that while the Muslim militants were hunting and killing the Hindus and abducting and raping their women in Kashmir, no punitive operation was ever undertaken against the enemy.

Some started whispering loudly at the cold and callous stance of Government of India when the Indians were thrown out, lock stock and Gita, from Uganda, and kicked soundly in Fiji.

With the growth of computers and Internet, countless Hindu Discussion Lists sprang up and though initially they were devoted to morality, gradually more and more sprang up linking people across the globe.

In these, the ruling establishment of India began noticing terms like “MILITARISE THE HINDUS," and "arm the RSS like the PLO and the MILITARY WINGT of African National Congress.”

It sent jitters dowsn the spine of the Hindu bashing DEVIL called “Government of India” and they took appropriate counter measures.

The scenario that was painted to them by Indian Intelligence agencies with super sensitive anti Hindu antennae, was as follows:-

Hindus replace the ice in their spines by fire, to quicken their struggle for Sri Ram Temple in Ahyodhya.

The Sikhs ask for EXPLANATOIN for unconditional surrender of Lahore, burning down of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the denial of half the autonomy that Political “Witch” Indira Khanum gave promptly and unconditionally to East Bengal after its capture.

They demanded to know why she FAILED to commend her Secularism to Shaikh Mujiburrahman that was being rammed down the throat of East Punjab and all the Hindu States.

Everyone started wondering as to why dual nationality was denied to the Indians when nearly all the world granted it promptly to their citizens

In this scenario, a large mass of Hidnus start moving towards Ayodhya. They are upset that while most mosques in Hindustan are on the spot of ancient Hindu temples, the nation cannot recover even the holiest of them.

What was alarming to the rulers is the fact that several thousand Sikhs too joined in this march.

The scene is like JALLIANWALA BAGH in April 1919. India is still neither free nor democratic, not even secular. She is now one third LESS in size from the year 1919.

The police are either inadequate or in sympathy with the marchers.

"Who should be the Supreme Commander at such a time who could have a stone heart like the British Governor of Punjab in 1919?"

Trust a Muslim, and appoint Abdul Kalam as the Supreme Caommander of India’s armed forces. Troops under oath of loyalty to him will obey his command to fire at the Hindus.

There would be only one obstacle, the Prime Minister. If we put SONIA in the chair, she will lose many Hindu votes at the next election.

"Give the job to a Sikh and give him the role of the holy cow that would stand between Abdul Kalam and the Hindu public. Who could fire on him then? A Sikh prime minister will help trap the Sikhs, too.

"Nehru Dynasty will come out UNSCATHED. Hindus will again vote for Sonia, and even promote Rahul Gandhi to the post of Prime Minister."


To KILL the natives, you need a native Sikh and an indigenous Musalman. What did the British do?