Date: 1/9/2005


FOR all the Sikhs, mona, patit, sikh and khalsa, Jatt, non Jatt, khatri and bhapa alike, in (decomposing partitioned) India.


Having been at the "receiving end" for centuries, the good Sikh cried at his SGPC, "Give me the "Rehat Maryada" that enables a lion to smell or spot a hunter from a mile."


As a leaderless "rabbit" I personally do have enemies.

Once I was all over the grand province of Punjab, the size of France, that used to be compared to "Gulab", the king of flowers. Its decent and befitting capital was the ancient city of LAHORE said to be named after LUV, the son of Sri Rama.

Now the map of Punjab, and the location of its capital, don't bear looking at.

Have I no enemies? O yes, I have.

The wolves devoured me in RAWALPINDI, The hyenas ate me in North Kashmir and Chattisinghpura.

Have I no enemies? O yes, I have.

The Leopards ate me in LAHORE and LYALLPUR. The panthers killed me in MULTAN. And the Wicked Witch, under an immaculate Hindu name, killed me even in Sri Amritsar.

What more do I need to say in order to prove that the holy verse "sagal sang hamree bunn ayee," (that is, "none is my enemy") needs a RE-LOOK with courage.

The couple of sentences above hide at least a MILLION Gursikhs, as good as anyone else on earth who are no more among us.

They were betrayed by a defective Rehat Maryada that does not contain a single skill of survival, to anticipate the next onslaught.

Those who are wiping us out in Broken Bharat (PARTITIONED India), will NOT educate us. What about our SGPC?

........................January 9, 2005.


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Sikh Rehat Maryada

Rehat Maryada is the official document of Sikh Code of Conduct and Conventions issued by Shromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee (S.G.P.C.) to produce a modern standard Rehat. The preparation this document involved the greatest Sikh scholars and theologians who worked to produce the current version. The document produced has been accepted as the official version which provides guidelines against which all Sikh individuals and communities around the world can measure themselves. The Rehat Maryada is the only version authorized by the Akal Takht, the seat of supreme temporal authority for Sikhs. ..................... ...........................................................



Is there one salient DEFICIENCY in this perfectly good Rehat Maryada because it was composed in the climate of SLAVERY under British guns and law? Was India then a slave colony when it was "conceived, written up and perfected" in its present form?

How much were the "fathers" of this document in the knowledge of great human waves of conquest, and surrenders, and movements, of history and their apparent and underlying causes?

Were they riding the horses, or at the mercy of the alien riders who swore their extermination?

Were they in control of their own territory, or camping in forests and coming out to fight from there?

Did they speak and pray in the same language as their rulers, tormentors and persecutors?

Did one of these "fathers of Sikh divine intellect" question, "What kind of Rehat Maryada brought our masters with such pomp and glory from London to Lahore?"

The document is overladen with detailed instructions on INDIVIDUAL life and level of Sikhs but what about our COLLECTIVE being? Do we have a COLLECTIVE Sikh body or Head?

What happened time and time again when the PERFECT GURSIKHS, riding the boat called PUNJAB and the ship called HINDUSTAN found the boat and the ship on fire, and had to jump overboard wearing just the shorts?

One such SINKING of Sikh Ship happened in 1947. All the conformity with each and every provison, clause and article of this Rehat Maryada had been meticulously adhered to. But one ought to have seen the STAMPEDE in great panic and fright from all over West Punjab towards Amritsar and Ferozepur. How is it that THAT account has perished from our memory cells, but THIS rehat maryada still exists?

At that time (1947), and later in June 1984, one POORAN Gursikh, seeing the plight of Panth and the burnt out shell of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the two flags DOWN in dust, remarked,

"Individually we are GRAND SARDARS, but collectively, an ASS."

This is the bitter TRUTH. So I would now wish to address the Panth and those who framed, and ENFORCE, the Rehat Maryada, to asnwser,

When will all of us, following this Rehat Maryada, take the capital of our State from UNION Territory to LAHORE?

At times of crisis a community or a nation has to UNITE. There has to be something that makes it WANT TO GO BACK to the homes and territory that an enemy snatches from them without fair cause or reason.

The worst example is that of the HINDUS. Look, how quickly they forgot Partition and call it Independence. Look, whom they have now asked, to lead and run the country called Bharatvarsha? Look who have they given the post of Supreme Commander to defend their territory, temples and daughters, including our Panth with its Rehat Maryada.

Now who will undertake a revision or CLEAN UP of our deep frozen mindset, a product of this Rehat Maryada, that doesn't have the word "ENEMY" in it, but says, "NONE is your enemy. Sleep soundly!"? Quite a fictitious document, or Code of Conduct, then. Isn't it?

8 January, 2005


.......................LAW OF IDEOLOGY

If a community goes through repeated massacres and attacks, then it has the world’s most useless rotten and third rate “leadership” who cannot read their enemies’ minds nor foresee their next move.

Politics is a merciless game of chess. It entails subjugation, demoralisation, decimation, conversion, exploitaton, deception and elimination of all the clueless “nishkam sewak” serfs and servants on earth who think they have no enemy.

Our fate in LAHORE in 1947 and Sri Amritsar in 1984 points a long accusing finger at the rotten third class Sikh LEADERS who rightly deserve the same fate that Aurangzeb wrongly inflicted on the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Corollary: Today's Punjab is ONE FIFTH of the one on 7th January, 1947, and its capital has shifted from LAHORE to UNION Territory.

......................7 January 2005.