Date: 1/4/2005


What is history?

The United States did not let 9/11 attack slip rapidly into "history". But what about the MILLION TIMES DEADLIER attack on India on 8/15?

The whole HINDU nation is muddled and confused. Subjugation, taming, brainwashing and conditioning by anti Hindu Congress "bandits, thugs, bullies and rascals" is very strong, indeed. Their "dog collar" is firmly stuck to our necks.

The question is extremely relevant to us since our country was smashed in 1947 to take out PAKISTAN, leaving a most disgusting, DISFIGURED, map outline that has no parallel on earth. Our leaders immediately called this historic defeat “history”.

So, let us usk,

"When will the most deadly ATTACK OF PARTITION be relegated to history like the invasion of Sindh by Arabs in 712 AD, the unconditional surrender of Delhi to Turks in 1192 AD, or the total destruction of our Grand Temple in Ayodhya in 1526 AD? "

The brave SIKHS have still not relegated Operation Blue Star 20 years ago, to "history", and are willing to wait till they get their hands on DIRTY DYNASTY. They do not expect the HINDUS to be in company who called Partiiton "history" after 20 days.

Nor is the Koran, that asks the Muslims to wipe out, convert or chase out the Infidels from their areas, "history" for the enemy yet.

When Mohammed and Koran become "history" all the Hindus will return to Srinagar to live happily there and East Bengal will embrace West Bengal.

For an individual, something that happened DURING his life time cannot be called “history”. There are many Indians born a second BEFORE midnight of 14/15 August 1947. If we allow at least a hundred years for them to live, then PARTITION will be history from the year 2047 AD onwards. Still a few years to go!

Second criterion is the nature of CRIME. When Afghan and Iranian marauders and invaders used to take back all the gold and silver they could load on their mules and carts including young shackled women and chained men, to work as concubines and slaves, there was NO retaliation from our side.

Hindu elders, FEARING further slaughters, used to say to the hotheads, “Forget it. It is history.”

However it was certainly NOT history for the small infants who were left behind when their young mothers were dragged away to be auctions in the bazars of Kabul, Kandahar and GHAZNI.

Thirdly, let us look at just one abducted Hindu woman, carried off to HINDUKUSH, crying and wailing, CONVERTED to a crude religion of barbarians and forced to pray in Arabic, under threat of starvation and beheading. When does her abduction become “history” for her grieving parents back in Rajasthan, Gujerat or Punjab?

Lastly, we have crimes with effects that last from a few days to a few years. But there is a crime that has PERMANENT impact on the victim, such as the disfigurement of a country, loss of its territory.

Partition put the seal of crime on the map of India. Pakistan is that permanent SEAL of High Treason that cannot be put on hold like the case against notorious BOFORS CHOR.

CONCLUSION: If Pakistan is eternal then so is the crime of Indian Muslims and so long as we see Pakistan on any map, we will wish to give a SLAP to the nearest MUSALMAN, beiman, opportunist haiwan, who got away with his bounty leaving the Hindu nation in paralysis and confusion, embroiled in great debate and discussion as to when Partition became "history".

So, the question for all the Hindu BARRISTERS is, “When did PARTITION become "History"?" All these third rate barristers in Broken Bharat (Partitioned India) must reply. We insist.

"When did it cease to be current affair and by what yardstick or criterion?”

One cannot fool an educated people. One cannot crush Truth. One cannot submit to bully for ever. One cannot live in terror of KILLERS till eternity. The NATIVE cannot remain a dwarf considering the FOREIGNER a stalwart.

If the invasion of Cyprus is not history for the Greek, then capture of our five provinces and North Kashmir, too, can NEVER become history. We are not ALL the "haraami aulaad" of Bandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to go along with his unilateral UNCONDITIONAL surrender of vast TERRIROTY where our Vedas were composed, Gurus were born, temples and gurdwaras were built and people lived happily for centuries.

We have to re-negotiate PARTITION with the INDIAN Mohammedans from Khyber to Chittagong, or throw the treacherous lot OUT of the Middle Fragment called Bharat that is threatened with similar fate.

FACT: Partitioned India's map outline was carved by savage Sword of Islam. It is ugly, "waah-hayaat" & "buck-waas" like the KORAN, provocative and indecent towards women, separatist to the core, and very crude. It is an unacceptable disfigurement of the NATURAL map outline, carved by the seas and the mountains, that existed before.

JANUARY 4, 2005.....000000000