Date: 11/30/2004


This morning the world, used to seeing the Hindus betrayed in Kashmir, the Sikhs betrayed in West Punjab, and the Buddhists betrayed in Chittagong, came to know of the following:

"Jammu Mukti Morcha" (an organisation under grand title but as INEFFECTIVE as the "Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh") is demanding separation of the Jammu region from Kashmir, and making Ladakh also a separate province.


COMMENT BY NRI FORUM - EUROPE (that has nothing to do with the NRI "sarkari" outfits blessed by ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN in BROKEN BHARAT):

Dear Peoples of the World, and in particular the "mutilated" HINDU NATION,

FOR THE FIRST TIME in history, the Hindus have DEMANDED something, even though they will get a "slap in the face" FOR THE CHEEK TO ASK.

Until now it is only the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIANS in Hindustan who have DEMANDED and got away with it each and every time.

In the case of EAST Bengal, they demanded it TWICE and got it TWICE, once in 1947 and again in 1972.

Please watch years and decades go by without any decision on this "HINDU" demand.

With regard to the SIKHS, they were supposed to demand Khalistan while the establishment of PAKISTAN was being considered. Today they do not even have the nerve to demand the shifting of capital from Union Territory to Patiala.

They do not wish to get another slap (like the terrible one in 1947 and the other one in 1984)

"Jammu Mukti Morcha" is NOWHERE near the same thing as the "MUKTI BEHINI" of East Pakistan in 1971 who got back the territory conquered by the Indian Armed Forces acting as Indira Khanum's mercenaries then. If their role has become any nobler, then we are not informed. We shall see it when they advance an inch in North Kashmir to liberate" Ladakh from the government (clutches) of Mufti MOHAMMED Sayeed, or stand up in AYODHYA to offer safety of life and limb to the "Karsewaks" on their peaceful march to the sacred city in order to erect the DEMOLISHED Temple of Sri Ram there.