Date: 11/28/2004



To observe a minute of silence


Hindu Balidan Smaran Diwas (Hindu Memorial Day)


Hindu Holocaust Day

August 14th, 2004


7:00 PM Indian Time 2:30 PM GMT/UTC (other local times: see below)

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Freedom lovers around the world, and Hindus in particular, are requested to observe a minute of silence precisely at 7:00 PM Indian Standard Time on August 14th, 2004. Your minute of silence at this precise time around the world will go a long way in remembering all those who gave up their lives in the defense of Hindu civilization, including the ones that die everyday on the remote mountains and valleys of Kashmir, and plains of Bangladesh. Your minute will also remember all the victims of religion-inspired barbarism that was unleashed on unsuspecting Hindus around 712 CE, that is continuing even today. The ugly face of this barbarism can be seen in Bangladesh where scores of Hindus and Buddhists are being tormented on a daily basis. (THE TERRITORY WAS CAPTURED BY INDIAN ARMED FORCES BUT WAS SURRENDERED AGAIN TO MOHAMMED OF SAUDI ARABIA IN ORDER TO BECOME ISLAMIC REPUBLIC WITH SEDITIOUS KORAN AS ITS MISGUIDING LIGHT. THIS WAS SECOND HIGH TREASON BY NEHRU DYNASTY AFTER THE SURRENDER OF ONE THIRD OF INDIA UNCONDITIONALLY IN 1947.)

August 14th is significant, as on this day 58 years ago, a weak and timid Hindu leadership finally capitulated in front of the ideological monster. They vivisected the beloved Matrubhumi and Devabhumi of the Hindus, Bharatvarsha, believing that that would satiate the lust of the monster. Proved wrong they have been, as the same monster, demands more blood, particularly in Kashmir and Bangladesh.

Before August 14th, 1947, Hindu leaders might have lost control of the land, which they regained later, but they never accepted defeat, mentally or physically. However, 1947 proved to be an anomaly in the long freedom struggle. The only motherland of the Hindus was brutally chopped off by its own unworthy sons, and the flesh of Mother India was offered on a platter to the monster.

With a minute of silence Hindus, all over the world must also resolve to end this nightmare. Once and for all!

Minute of Silence must be observed at the following precise time:

USA (Pacific) - 6:30 A.M. USA (Central) - 8:30 A.M. USA (Eastern) - 9:30 A.M. UK - 2:30 P.M. India - 7:00 PM Suva (Fiji) - 6:00 AM (next day on Aug. 15th) Other local times : please calculate [help:]

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