Date: 11/3/2004


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Whether Manmohan Singh is a hard core congressite, Tytler/HKL Bhagat/Sajjan Kumar/Nath gang stopped people for reporting to the police on the ‘Genocide of Sikhs’, the Rang Nath Mishra Commission for National Human Rights was constituted in 1990s to address the Human Rights Violations, persecution, torturing innocent Sikh infants, children, abusing, humiliating and dehumanization of the Sikh female folks, male and elderly, and Misra Prakash (Hanera/Darkness) Sinh Badal, his clan and his entire Akali Dal-Badal Private Incorporation, including Harchand Longowal, Balwant Ramoowalia, Jaswant Bhullar, Didar Bains (Yuba City, USA), MS Sidhu, etc., played their active role in the ‘Genocide of Sikhs’ in India’s ‘undeclared’ war on the Sikh Nation, Khalistan, Punjab (under the occupation of the Indian democracy or Brahmins autocracy, since 15th August, 1947), in the name of brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, is all beside the point. The point here is can the Sikhs and other non-Hindu and non-Brahmins minorities get any justice, truth and reach to the bottom of the ‘Genocide of Sikhs’, their persecution by appointing commission after commission, like the RN Mishra Commission and now the Nanawati Commission? I would doubt it. Let us not forget that these commissions are appointed by the New Delhi administration (JL Nehru to Manmohan Singh, 1947 – to this day of writing). Let us not overlook the fact that the “Indian administration is run by rascals (The Economist, 15th July, 1995), and a bunch of murderer, criminal, corrupt, morally, mentally and ethically bankrupt politicians. So what can you, or the Sikhs and non-Hindu, non-Brahmins minorities, expect from the people whom we call India’s politicians, belonging to the Congress, Congress (Indira), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Communists (M), communists, Akalis (The Badal Private Incorporation, Ltd; and other factions), Shiv sena, etc.? The only choice and a hope of ray at the end of long dark tunnel is to ‘lobby as much as you can’ the international institutions, the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland, His Excellency Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and all administrations of the world, regardless of their political system, to “Constitute An International Commission” and investigate the ‘Genocide of Sikhs, Genocide of Muslims, Genocide of the citizens of the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Genocide of Christians, Genocide of Manipuris and other non-Hindu and non-Brahmin minorities in India, since 15th August, 1947.”

The investigation and recommendations of the International Commission on “Genocides in India” since 15th August, 1947, are the only ‘hope’ to address the matter in questions. Best wishes and warmest regards.

Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki), Ph D, FIBA, RM (CCM) Associate Professor (Retired), Medical Microbiology and Immunology Director (Former), National Centre for Mycotoic Diseases CANADA Managing Editor and Acting Editor in Chief International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435


Forwarded Message From: Sikh Khalsa Mission <sikh_khalsa_mission@yahoo.com.au> Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 23:49:41 +1100 (EST) To: sikh_khalsa_mission@yahoo.com.au Subject: Tytler needs to answer to 8-B notice issued to him by Nanavati.

Tytler/Sajjan/Bhagat/Nath have perfected the art of stopping people from entering FIR's, or they pressurise people and judges to alter justice. That is why after 20 years no one has been indicted because certain powerful individuals are involved. BJP could have helped but they have to keep quiet when Congress brings up Godhra and Babri Masjid. So they go weak on knees as well. Sikhs should have been strong. But you know the story. Dr. Manmohan Singh is a hardcore congressite who shamelessly condones Congress and blames instead RSS. So there is no use talking to Tytler. Let him talk to Nanavati only. I will not be surprised if Congress government suspends Nanavati commission just days prior to its judgement. But the question who is going to act on commissions recommendations?

Commissions or no commissions. It is very clear to all people that Congress was involved and leaders like Tytler were involved fully. Only if Dead people could talk.

The Nanavati Commission investigating the massacres has also issued a Section 8B <http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jaskaran/OI-Nanavati-2003-12-08> notice against Tytler, warning him that the Inquiry Report will “prejudicially affect” his reputation. http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jaskaran/OI-Nanavati-2003-12-08

Dr. Manmohan Singh's view about 1984. I think he has sold his conscience on this issue as well.

RSS 'hand in' 84 riots

Tribune News Service


NEW DELHI, Sept 2 — Former Union Minister and Congress candidate for the South Delhi Parliamentary seat, Dr Manmohan Singh, today gave a new twist to the 1984 riots in Delhi by stating that the police records show the alleged involvement of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) activists in the incidents.

‘84 riots: Tytler led’ mob

New Delhi, January 17 2002

The Tribune

Senior Congress leader Jagdish Tytler had led a mob that killed two Sikhs at a gurdwara in the walled city and also burnt the shrine during the 1984 riots, an eyewitness told the Justice Nanavati Commission today. Mr Surinder Singh, who was the then Head Granthi of Gurdwara Pulbangash near Azad Market, said the mob, led by Congress M.P. Jagdish Tytler, attacked the shrine a day after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

“He incited the mob to burn the gurdwara and kill Sikhs,” the witness said in an affidavit filed before the commission probing the riots that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

The mob carrying lathis, iron rods and kerosene attacked the gurdwara and set it on fire on being incited by Mr Tytler, he said.

The rioters, he said, killed Thakur Singh, a retired Delhi police Inspector who was an employee of the gurdwara management committee. The mob also burnt alive Badal Singh, a gurdwara “sewadar”, by putting a burning tyre around his neck, he added.

The witness told the commission that rioters were raising slogans like “khoon ka badla khoon se lenge,” “Sardar gaddar hain”, “Mar do jala do”. Some people in the mob were carrying Congress flags, he added.

“I was watching the entire incident helplessly from the top floor of the gurdwara. The gurdwara was set on fire but the blaze had not reached the top floor,” he said.

Mr Surinder Singh said he and his family members were rescued by some Muslim neighbours in the night. After a week, when he returned to his house, he found that his house was also looted by the mob.

Mr Tytler, he said, came back to the gurdwara on November 10 and asked him to put his signatures on “two sheets of paper which I refused to sign.” Social activist Jaya Shrivastava, who also appeared before the commission today, said on the basis of her post-riot visits to various colonies and camps in the Capital she concluded that the communal violence was “organised”.

Ms Shrivastava said: “Most colonies were attacked at about the same time, means for killing and arson were readily available, and in most cases the police played a dubious role”.

The Sikhs had removed name plates from their houses to avoid the fury of rioters, but surprisingly the mobs reached the particular houses with certainty, the witness told the panel.

In all, there seemed to be a “sickening methodology” behind the ”ntensely tragic” episode, she said. UNI


'84 riot victim accuses Jagdish Tytler of instigating violence

A victim of the anti-Sikh riots on Monday submitted before the Nanawati Commission, probing the violence after Indira Gandhi's assassination in 1984, that former Union minister Jagdish Tytler had instigated a mob in a west Delhi locality that killed his son, nephew and brother-in-law.

"Instead of saving them, Jagdish Tytler told the persons who had come along with him to Kabir Basti that 'one Sikh killed my mother (meaning Indira Gandhi) and these Sikhs are moving quietly', riot victim and an ex-armyman Dilbagh Singh said in an affidavit filed through his counsel Bajrang Singh.

"On hearing this, the persons, who had come along with Tytler (on November 1, 1984) started catching hold of Sikhs, killing and burning them, including his brother-in-law Darshan Singh, son Surinder Pal Singh and nephew Jagjit Singh," the affidavit alleged.

When Tytler visited the locality, then Assistant Commissioner of Police Bhagwan Singh Malik and Station House Officer of Subzi Mandi police station were present there along with a pose of armed personnel, it claimed.

Darshan Singh's wife, who visited Kabir Basti next day, had lodged a complaint at Subzi Mandi police station on November 2, 1984, the affidavit said

The Delhi high court, earlier this year, had dismissed a petition by Dilbagh Singh seeking registration of a separate case regarding the killing of his kin saying that there was no sufficient evidence on record.

senior advocate H S Phoolka, appearing for the Carnage Justice Committee, representing riot victims’ said the testimony of the witness against Tytler stands as the Congress leader did not prefer to cross-examine him. The Justice G. T. Nanavati Commission has issued notices to the three leaders under section 8-B of the Commission of Inquiry Act asking them to produce evidence in their defence as it felt their reputation was likely to be ‘‘prejudicially affected’’ by the inquiry report. Former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao, who was then the home minister was also issued notice as it was alleged that he delayed in calling the Army when the city was burning. Mr. Jagidsh Tytler’s name has been appearing since the very beginning in connection with Nov.’84 Carnage. His name appeared in the press first time on 6th November, 84 when he barged into the office of the Police Commission when he was holding a Press Conference and demanded release of rioters. His name figures prominently in the booklet “Who are the Guilty” brought out by PUC and PUDR. In my report which were submitted to Chief Minister, Delhi 1994 we had recommended the reopening the case against Jagdish Tytler which were closed by Police. Now Nanavati Commission has also received evidence against Sh. Jagdish Tytler and the commission issued 8-B notice to him.