Date: 10/30/2004


Two vigils are being held in the UK to commemorate the dead of 1984.

.............Candle Light Remembrance Vigils

3pm to 7 pm - 3 November 2004 - Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK

1pm to 6 pm - 11 November 2004 - Downing Street, London, UK


A knowledgeable Sikh scholar said,

"The 20th anniversary of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 is approaching.

The highest riot death toll since Partition, not a single conviction, 1984 remains India’s forgotten genocide."



1984: the highest toll since 1947 (PARTITION).

Forgotten genocide? Why is it FORGOTTEN genocide? Who has forgotten it and why?

........COMMENT (COURTESY, Institute of Sikh Ideology)

The tragedy of 1984 is "peanuts" compared to the calamity of 1947 when half a million Sikhs and four times that number of non Sikhs were simply wiped out within weeks in scenes of utmost barbarity and savagery, and major cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Sialkot and Gujranwala were on fire, people on the run unable to save their lives and property and the dignity of their daughters from the barbarians, and when even Sri Nankana Sahib was LOST for ever. Did those who signed India's worst ever unconditional surrender in 1947 not know that the city is as holy to the Sikhs as Mecca to the Muslims and Vatican to the Catholics? Then how could they push the city under the WRONG flag?

Did they (all barristers at law from London) also not know that conceding Pakistan will set KASHMIR ABLAZE, and give rise to demand for Khalistan?

Why was there NO compensation at that time? For the same reason there will be NO compensation this time and also there will be NO compensation the next time for the people who REFUSE to live beyond "day to day", and from one tragedy to the other.

If we cannot have a debate over 1947 and put the demand for Khalistan "IN VIEW OF PAKISTAN," then what we are commemorating, is futile.

No one on earth will understand the motivation and "raison d etre" behind Khalistan. The same despicable government of bandits and rascals in New Delhi is portraying the Sikhs as separatists, as terrorists and as dangerous.

They are playing on our blunder of forgeting that PARTITION and wish to project the demand for Khalistan as a call by some fools who are out of time and out og tune with modern times.

Since the "Hindus" are ELIMINATED from the higher politics of BROKEN BHARAT (Sonia Gandhi's HINDU "goats" cannot rebuild their grand temple in Ayodhya, nor return to their homes in Srinagar) it is the invisible but crippling NON HINDU grip holding decomposing Hindustan in its firm grip that we need to take note of seriously,

Leaders who UNDERSTAND the mind and IDEOLOGY of their rulers, safeguard the life, dignity and honour of their followers. The others are put on the run by their own governments.

Once Marshal Stalin and Adolf Hitler, too, were the "governments" of their people just like BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru and his arrogant autocratic daughter Indira, the political Witch of PARTITIONED Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.)

When will the Sikh stalwarts, scholars and leaders COMPREHEND that the so-called Government of India is no government at all. It is a bunch of riff raff, loafers, thieves and despicable selfish cowards whose forefathers surrendered one third of India, the BEST OF INDIA, to the indigenous enemy on one day without referendum, challenge, condition or fight.

Is our glorious PANTH now crying before the same gang of "baboons and jokers," called government of India, while trying to draw the attention of the world to our pathetic plight?

Most other governments may be equally unscrupulous, but there is one difference. Their leaders and rulers stand under the GALLOWS OF LAW. The Indian "bandits" like Laloo Prashad and Jagdish Tytler, are under blue sky.

These pseudo-secular "bastards" are in fact LAW TO THEMSELVES, and they care two hoots for the UNO and the world opinion or the SIKH TEARS.

Through unity we can be a great nation and it all depends on our LEADERS to see through the politics, history and geo-politics of the sub continent

Towards that goal we need all, Khalsa, Sikh, Sehjdhari and MONA alike.

Till now we have put our eyes and minds on WRONG issues and we see the result, the two gigantic calamities within four decades.

By crying, protesting and wailing we are giving joy and pleasure to our enemies whose names today are ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN. Yesterday they were JAWAHARLAL NEHRU and MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH living in one united India out of which Pakistan, but NOT Khalistan, were born.

It is time to put our issues and calamites in PERSPECTIVE and then set about removing the fundamental causes. If we do not eliminate the mosquito infested ponds, people will keep catching malaria and dying.

Since we are a tiny minority on homeground, our statesmanship lies in getting the HINDUS go for the throats of their pseudo-secular Congress rulers and hang them all from the nearest trees in the manner of Mussolini in Italy. Are we UP TO THAT CHALLENGE?