Date: 10/23/2004



1. Definition of BOGUSdesh whom Partitioned India’s ABDUL KALAM calls “Bangladesh” without batting an eye.

“High Treason of Indira Khanum.” She could have said to Shaikh Mujiburrahman, “Our SECULAR boys liberated your land from the killers and rapists of ISLAMIC Pakistan. How about accepting Secularism and joining West Bengal?”

That Indira Khanum did NOT commend her Secularism shows her own conviction in the ideology. It was meant for West Bengal but NOT for East Bengal. That led to the Sikh disquiet in East Punjab who then cried, “Khalistan because there is Pakistan.” Since it was too much for the clueless and subservient HINDU leaders at the time, they gave open and tacit support to Indira Khan to invade East Punjab, put the state under curfew and attack Golden Temple.

Instead of being shot dead for her High Treason, Indira was hailed as the “Saviour of Hindus”. Everyone forgot the earlier MASSACRES of Hindus in Pakistan. It shows how the Indians regard themselves ugly crows (guilty and criminals) while considering the MUSLIM white swans. The residual terror of Islam after centuries of Hindu persecution is still in evidence in Hindu psyche.

No one spared a thought for the manner of her father “saving” Lahore and West Punjab from the DEVILS. Clearly the nation put Dynasty above Hindustan. With a MUSLIM in the chair of Supreme Commander, the position has not changed yet.

The Hindu remains dependent on a Catholic (Sonia from Italy) and a Mohammedan (Abdul Kalam, a PAKISTANI by definition) for our ultimate defence. The quality of that “defence” is seen in South Kashmir, North Kashmir, Ayodhya and East Bengal.

2. Turbans in French schools. All was well with France till the mischievous Muslims decided to “TEST THE FRENCH WATERS”. Earlier they had tested the “Indian waters” in our “Akhand Bharat” in 1947, inflicting a crushing defeat on the “majority” community there and walking off with one third of India. They thought equally poorly of France, the size of our Gujerat.

Muslim FEMALES suddenly became flag bearers of Mohammed on behalf of Al Qaida, and Taliban, and went to schools in Paris, wearing head covers.

Since their move was post 9/11, political and mischievous, the French authorities took note. The Sikh lads, wearing turbans, suddenly came in the spotlight with an ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN to look up to back home for support of their cause. They have worn turbans for centuries. They had done so for decades in France without any French citizen taking note.

As per news today (October 21, 2004), three Sikh boys are absent from their school while the Muslim girls were present. HOW?

They used surprise and DECEPTION and took off their head dresses during lessons but wore them promptly as soon as they stepped out of schools. The Sikh boys could not use such a deceptive, despicable, Islamic hat trick.

Moral of the story, If you do what the rascals do, you will suffer like them, too.

3. “Why do you put spotlight on Burmese democracy while ignoring Islamic “constitutional hell” next door in Bogusdesh?” I asked a BBC reporter.

He replied, “We do so under pressure from Italy on behalf of Sonia Gandhi and furthermore, Bangladesh being Islamic, can get away with murders and massacres but the Burmese are Buddhists.”

Moral of the story: If you accept an Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan on top, you make yourselves expendable if not ridiculous in the eyes of the whole world, not only Pakistanis who wouldn’t have a Hindu in such high positions.”

4. TODAY ISRAEL, PARTITIONED INDIA TOMORROW. The twain will not meet to confront the COMMON enemy TOGETHER. That is the bad luck of Secular Shore, eroding before Islamic waves.

5. “BURNING” NEPAL: President of India, Abdul Kalam, will not look that way. It is not Bangladesh or Northern Sri Lanka where India felt fully justified to INTERVENE.

The difference is, THERE it was an opportunity for ANTI HINDU action, Here, it would be in support of the Hindu Kingdom. That is also why North Kashmir will never be liberated. Hindu India must only lose territory, NOT gain an inch. That is official in New Delhi.

6. MARGARET HASSAN, working for CARE charity in IRAQ, busy renovating hospitals, restoring water system and helping the needy. She was an unarmed civilian of Irish and IRAQI citizenship. But ISLAM struck her “as per Geneva Convention” written down in the Koran.

Aid charity Care International made a televised plea to the kidnappers of Iraq director Margaret Hassan after a new videotape showed her tearfully begging Tony Blair not to send troops to Baghdad.

Mrs Hassan, director of Care International in Iraq, sobbed (October 22, 2004) as she said she did not want to die like beheaded engineer Ken Bigley and urged the Government not to move Black Watch soldiers to the country's capital.

7. “Mr. Abdul Kalam, when do YOU think the Hindu refugees will be able to return to Srinagar without some manly action on the part of India’s Supreme Commander?

"YOU are the Supreme Commander and all eyes are on YOU.

“Why in your view did Indira Gandhi not commend Secularism to East Bengal in 1972?

“Do you think two guys, GANDHI and NEHRU had the right on behalf of the whole nation to unconditionally surrender ONE THIRD OF INDIA to your fellow Muslims in 1947?”

8. More TERRITORY for the Palestinians. The Muslim factor is now threatening the displacement of hundreds of Jews settled down in Gaza, Israel.

Unlike the INDIANS (Hindus and Sikhs) who fled West Punjab and East Bengal within days of illegitimate and despicable birth of Pakistan, the ARABS stuck to their TERRITORY and kept on hammering and pounding Israel, exploding bombs and killing the innocent till prime minister Ariel Sharon gave in and agreed to vacate the area. The Jews, too, unlike the Hindus wish to stay put and that brings the two communities into direct clash. Some fear that a right wing Jew could even kill the prime minister.

India’s “Bapu” Gandhi, too, lost his life simply due to his Islamic appeasement. Factor “Islam” means only trouble to the cursed land where the Muslims form a sizeable minority. When they are in majority, it is “good bye” to the dignity of all the non Muslims. They will be lucky to survive. How many Hindus can one count in Lahore today. At one time the city was 75% non Muslim.

It is amazing, if not incomprehensible, as to why Israel has not insisted on all the Palestinian refugees to be moved to PAKISTAN from where MILLIONS of Hindu families were ejected in 1947. There is room for THREE TIMES the number of all the Palestinians who, being MUSLIM, will FOR EVER remain refugees and go on killing the people of Israel, ultimately getting a nuclear bomb from an ISLAMIC republic and do what they did in New York on September 11, 2001.

............(CURRENT AFFAIRS ON OCTOBER 22, 2004.)