Date: 10/15/2004



Dear and respected Mananiya Shri Ashok Singhalji,

I have received the kind invitation and programme of SGS Session at Chandigarh on 20-21 Nov 2004. As I have already submitted, I cannot go out of Pune and attend the Meeting of this type. From the Programme, I see a galaxy of great names, who will participate in this eventful Meeting; I shall miss the same. However, I am enclosing a few of my reflections, which you may like to consider circulating among the participants at Chandigarh:

1. At one stage, we Hindus became sick of wars; we took to widespread “Renunciation” and “Ahimsa”. When Gautam Buddha’s son Rahul, at the age of 7-8 years, was given the robes of a sanyasi and sanyas became our ideal of “Mokhsha” and “Universal Love”, we entered into something like an era of old-age fatigue, weakness and readiness for departure from the Earth. The best young persons amongst various sections of the Hindu community followed the Path of pre-mature Sanyas; the vitality of Hindu race diminished suddenly; we became over-Satwik, we lost our political independence, and opened the doors of our country and homes for invasion, lost our gallant women-folk who were taken away to die or to produce children for barbarious ideologies of the invaders. The helpless Hindu virgins cursed our men-folk and our community, and gave birth to children who were to fight and possibly destroy our Hindu men-folk and Hindu community.

2. The invaders and their off-shoots born from our helpless Hindu women forced into Islam broke our bones and part of our spine too. We begged for mercy, in the name of Universal Love and Ahimsa. We tried to appease the aggressors with our gift of “Universal Love and Non-Violence”. We accepted Partition of the country and also simultaneously ensured that the seekers of Partition got a firm footing inside Partitioned Hindustan also. We abandoned the very name “Hindustan” which used to be printed in our school atlases earlier. Persons of anti-Hindu ideology became supreme rulers of the so-called Independent India. “Secularism” became a colourful and handsome cover for mean-ness, personal greed, cowardice and even crime. The clever Christian Missionaries who had used their heads, had studied our scriptures in Sanskrit, had compiled huge volumes of English-Sanskrit Dictionary in November 1851 and Sanskrit-English Dictionary in 1899, making it explicitly clear in the Pref aces/Introductions of those voluminous Dictionaries that the purpose of that enormous intellectual effort was to convert Hindus to Christianity and make them faithful supporters of the British Rule. I have copies of those voluminous Dictionaries with very clear statement of their above- mentioned objectives. I wish that we Hindus make comparable intellectual effort to hit at our enemies, using enormous material against them which is available in English, with some material being available with me, and the rest being easily available to our Hindu friends outside India.

3. The intelligent British Rulers brought non-violent Hindu leaders from South Africa to India via circuitous route South Africa-London-Bombay, assuring our Hindu non-violent leadership at political level, of all help to supplant other Hindu leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Veer Savarkar, Swami Shraddhananda, Lala Lajpat Rai, Subash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and the like, to treat the latter as sinners and criminals. The intelligent British Rulers also helped to make supreme, the appreciators and adorers of white-skinned women of highly placed Rulers in India; these adorers of white skin women also handed over the control of Defence Forces of our Independent Partitioned India to our erstwhile British Rulers, who ensured messing up of our internal and border security of the Partitioned so-called Independent India. The rest of us Hindus generally remained like dumb-driven cattle.

History should not be forgotten that Sindh was the last Province of Hindustan to be conquered by the Britishers in 1843, under Army General Napier, replacing tyrannical Muslim rule in Sindh, at the invitation of tyrannized Sindhi Hindus after the invitation of Hindu business leader Seth Naoomal . When our non-violent and all-loving Hindu Political leadership encouraged and supported the ghastly Mopla massacre of Hindu men and molestation of Hindu women under Khilafat Movement of 1921-22, and even invited the Muslim Ruler of Afghanistan to invade India and drive out the Britishers around this time, the Britishers realized that the Hindus were fools, idiots. Then the Britishers started working against and dividing Hindus in India in right earnest. They also encouraged the Muslims to ask for Partition of India

4. Under Universal Adult Franchise, after 1947, for which Indian society was really not ready, our leaders created further division of Partitioned society, giving separate status to the so-called religious and caste minorities as oppressed classes antagonistic to “oppressor” Hindus; Hindus were regarded to be vulgar and foolish in their ideology and were practicing detestable idol-worship, and were fit to be removed from the surface of the Earth, in the name of social justice, and rationalism.

5. Rana Pratap Singh, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh became barbarious villains in this non-violent scenario. Any one talking of them became legally barred from conducting voting campaign even. Mohammed Ali Jinnah became a hero, Afzal Khan a religious leader, Aurangzeb and Shah Jahan, the Robber of Tejo-Mahal of Agra, became the ideals of Architecture; the Hindu Agents of our hard-core enemies became our political leading lights.

6. Where have we reached? Hindus outside India are able to shine out under very difficult circumstances, but inside India, under caste and other reservations, our young Hindu talent finds it better to seek an opportunity outside India to get some scope for manifestation of their talent. The Constitution and political set-up inside India are hostile to growth of Hindu talent inside India, being very favourable for growth of die-hard Terrorism in Madrasas; our Hindu political leaders feel no shame in supporting the Mullahs and Maulvis, while ignoring the existence of Kashmiri Pandits or helpless Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Our Hindu politicians rob the Hindu Temples and feed the Jihadi Madrasas with that money. We have reached a miserable psychological state. People of Hindu community are crying, lamenting, looking for help. But Hindu politician-cum-criminal nexus has become too strong, too haughty, too headless to hear the cries of Hindus. By and large, Hindu religious Teachers have also lost their right track and they ask Hindus to seek Peace, not outside ourselves but inside ourselves, in the depths of our hearts, to shut the eyes tightly and even plug the ears when Hindu virgins and married Hindu women-folk are being raped and cry for help. We are searching INNER SHANTI and Moksha so that we are not born again on this Earth, which we condemn as full of sorrow and misery. SHAME on this Shanti and SHAME on this Moksha. We have abandoned the Teachings of Veda and Geeta and fallen into a state of miserableness, in the name of “Spirituality”, a fake spirituality, a cover for cowardice, mean-ness, escapism, and in the name of “Secularism”, the cover for political fraud.

7. Having been brought up in the atmosphere of Guru Granth Sahib and Sikhism in Sindh, I was surprised to hear in India that Sikhs claim not to be Hindus! After mental struggle, I procured a copy of Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s “Dasham Granth”. What a surprise! Guru Gobind Singh was a staunch Hindu, follower of the Vedas. Seeing the murder of his father, his sons, and his companions, he retired to silent study for a few months, perhaps for a year. He realized that the general resentment, suffering and passive resistance of his predecessors had to be supported by the worship of the sacred Sword, worship of Chandi, Kali, Durga, Bhavani, Bhagwanti. He quotes Markandeya Purana widely in his “Dasham Granth” and relates the stories of war between Devi Mata (Shakti) on one side and Demons on the other side. The lion of Durga Mata tore apart the flesh of the demons, Kali Mata drank their blood and ate their flesh while Durga Mata went on slaughtering the heads of the demons on the battle field, with her sword; reminding us of the scene depicted in chapter 11 of Geeta. Guru Gobind Singh inspiringly relates the stories of 24 Avatars including stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. He explains the power of yagnas and recitation of Vedic Mantras.

Now the session of SGS is to take place at Chandi-garh. I guess, open to correction, that the name Chandi-garh is in the honour of Goddess Chandi whom Sri Guru Govind Singh invokes every now and then in his “Dasham Granth”. He worships the sword of Chandi, Durga, Kali, Bhavani. On that basis, he started the Khalsa Movement.

Today is the starting day of Nav Ratra, the worship of Mother Goddess in various forms. Will the SGS Meeting at Chandigarh refresh the memory of Goddess Chandi?

I read the Rig Veda Samhita which has been abandoned by Hindu religious sadhus who have taken straight to Upanishads and who teach us: “ We all are one and the same, with whom are we going to fight? Fighting with our own kith and kin?” I find Arjuna’s Dilema in this situation. But Krishna had no difficulty in being frank before Arjuna. “You are speaking like a Pandit but behaving like an un-Arya? If you talk of immortal Atma, tell me “Who kills whom? Atma is in destructible, then what sense and logic is there in talking of killing?”

8. Life is a battle-field. Either fight and win the victory and glory on this Earth or die away in distress and disgrace. Don’t talk this pseudo-philosophy.

Finally, for a Hindu, there is the sum and substance in the last sloka of Geeta: Combination of Yogeshwara Sri Krishna and Dhanushdhari Arjuna brings, Victory, Glory, Prosperity, abundance of everything required for correct and happy life, and finally capability to take correct decisions of polity, Neeti.

Through these studies and through touching the feet of some real Sadhus, I can see perfect harmony in the teachings of Veda, Geeta, and the conduct of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Sri Shivaji, Sri Guru Gobind Singh and the like. I have come to have reservations about the wisdom of Hindu politicians as a class, individuals apart.

With love and pranams,

Yours in the service of Sanatana Hindu Dharma,

G. C. Asnani