Date: 9/16/2004


..................GUJERAT ELIMINATED!

"If this nonsense, that is, donkey circus, continues in Bharat under the foot of Abdul KALAM and "joota" of Sonia Khan, then what is stopping some brave Gujarati to declare, "Our State is not smaller than Portugal, Holland, or East Timur. So, if THEY can be sovereign with a seat at the United Nations, then what is stopping us from becoming stalwarts like the EAST BENGALIS and declaring UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) to escape this "consuming" quagmire?"

In fact, THIS is exactly what the treacherous CENTRE is aiming at- to break the backbone of the Hindus in one way or another, in ANY way.

There is NO other national anthem so bogus and repulsive than that chosen by BANDIT Nehru for Bharat. We sing like parrots the words "Punjab and Sindh" in it without having guts to ask, "Let us hang the bastards who surrendered Sindh to Mohammed." OR the brain to think, "Where is Sindh?" or to see this LUDICROUS "Punjab" that is MINUS Lahore in West Punjab, MINUS Ambakla in Haryana, MINUS Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and even MINUS Chandigarh, the capital. Only the damn fool PUNJABIS could accept such a settlement of their once grand PROVINCE that was the size of France. Today the Sons of Punjab are running to France to sweep the streets of Paris.

It is time to "dump" both the so-called national anthem and the mongrel tricolour that was, and is, the flag of the Congress Party with the only change that "charkha" is replaced by Ashoka Chakra. There is NOTHING Hindu about either.


.................'Punjab, Sind, -- Maratha'

Kerala textbooks erase Gujarat from national anthem

Predictably, the BJP is furious over the issue, which could snowball into another political controversy. Quick to pounce on the opportunity, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi dashed off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging him to take appropriate steps in this regard quickly.

In his letter, a copy of which also went to new Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandi, Mr Modi described Gujarat's omission from the national anthem as "extremely shocking and a serious issue".

"Last year too, the same mistake had occurred and Kerala's Education Minister had publicly assured that it would be rectified," Mr Modi said, adding "the similar blunder has been repeated this time as Gujarat's name is absent from the national anthem printed in several maths textbooks of Standard IX." Mr Modi is livid with the decision which he sees as an insult to Gujarat and its people.

The BJP has already targeted Congress-led Kerala Government and Education Minister EP Mohammed Bair. The party is even more suspicious of "foul play" as Mr Basir belongs to the Muslim League.

The glaring omission figures in Kerala Reader Mathematics for Standard IX published by Department of Education 2004, Kerala, and prepared by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). The error had first appeared last year in the English text book of Class VI. After the BJP Yuva Morcha had pointed it out to the State Government, it was told that this was a printing error and would be rectified.

BJP president M Venkaiah Naidu termed it as "shocking" and said "the Kerala Government seems to have amended the national anthem. It is atrocious, highly objectionable, anti-national and an insult to the national anthem. It is the model of textbooks that can be expected from Human Resource Minister Arjun Singh and company. "We see this to be part of a deliberate vilification of Gujarat, which pseudo-secular parties have been conducting on a sustained basis.

It has now reached to such perverse levels that they have now distorted even the national anthem. The BJP believes that such things are happening because, under the current leadership of the Congress party, a message has gone down to the entire governmental system that nothing about nationalism was sacrosanct. First, it was the Uma Bharati issue on hoisting the national flag, then the insult to Veer Savarkar and now the insult to Gujarat through deliberate distortion of the national anthem." He demanded an apology from the Kerala Government and the Congress leadership on the issue.