Date: 9/11/2004




President (some President, as compared to our trailing "baboon"!) George W. Bush declared; "TIME HAS PASSED BUT MEMORIES DO NOT FADE." He won the ADMIRATION of one billion Hindus on earth.

What a President! What a glorious MAN! What an inspring LEADER! His powerful worldwide home grown MEDIA broadcast these words to five continents of earth.

The United States did not lose a single square inch of TERRITORY while we lost FIVE PROVINCES on one day. If they cannot forget their 3,000 then why on earth should WE Indians forget out TWO MILLION? Why?

American does not fear criticism or alienation from any MOHAMMEDAN man or mouse on earth. She ordered fingerprinting of every Arab and Muslim including the KHANS from Bharat. Imran Khan, the great Pakistani cricketer was kept waiting for THREE HOURS at an American airport and our own George Fernandes who looked suspicious, or an "agent", was kept waiting for TWO hours at the airport to tell tham that it is NOT the "Sultanate" of some BOFORS CHOR or the "kingdom" of an Italian empress. When will our Bharat catch up?

What are OUR leaders AFRAID OF? We do NOT expect any tribute to our DEAD from SONIA Khan and Abdul Kalam. But what are our HINDU leaders terrified of?

If they are terrified today, they will be DEAD tomorrow. They are NOT real leaders but camp followers. Their own LEADERS, in turn, are Sonia and Kalam who have DEMORALISED the Hindus.

Our so called leaders are praying day and night. "O God, let all the Hindus with long memories DIE so that none mentions the words HOLOCAUST and PARTITION."

To these "rats and mice," WE ARE TROUBLE MAKERS, we are embarrassing them by reminding the nation of the Temple in Ayodhya, of recovery of North Kashmir, or, of marching into EAST Bengal to smash BOGUSdesh from where the betrayed Hindus are again fleeing in all directions for safety.

We, the NRI's, will abuse such COWARDLY leaders of ours profusely, since the whole nation at home is under their suffocating foot, inhaling the anaesthesia of slavery and submission day and night.

The Hindu AT HOME is a cripple. We, who are lucky to be abroad, ought to take up the cudgel against these LALOOS, MULAYAMS and VP SINGHS, and the rest of the rotten lot.

Today honourable America READ OUT the names of each and every victim of ISLAMIC barbarity on Sep 11, 2001.

An India, honourable enough, will gather ALL the names of victims of Partition, and put them on a Roll of Honour. These can be INSCRIBED on a rock face in the Himalayas or on a SPECIALLY constructed WALL along the highway into Delhi from the West, or even at WAGAH to tell the nation the PRICE WE ALL PAID to snatch our independence from the British, and then getting mauled, mutilated and murdered, before reaching the final goal.

The way LORD LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN WAS BLOWN UP and the way JINNAH died of cancer, and Bandit NEHRU died of that unmentionable disease, is a reminder of the Higher Justice that God, inflicted on these CRIMINALS who sat down together at one table to break up India.

Where is THAT table? It could go into the proposed HOLOCAUST Museum that will be built only after the extermination of CONGRESS (Italy & Islam).

The question arises, "Why haven't we thought of honouring these HINDU martyrs who paid the ultimate price for our freedom? Were they humans or vermin? Were they Indian or foreigners? Were they our own kith and kin, or ALIENS?"

It is for the so-called LEADERS of Hindus to RISE. At present they are counted among the WORST on earth, among the WORST in the whole human history.

With NO brains or sense to look into PARTITION, they call the damn thing "independence" to fool us all.

NO, we REFUSE to be fooled any more.

You Hindu leaders, "Stand up on August 15 next year and repeat, yes, repeat, the words that George W. Bush spoke today, "Time has passed but the memories do not fade."

Let us not spare our leaders. Let us not let them GET AWAY, RUN AWAY, VANISH. They have done so for FIVE DECADES.

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- A moving Tribute to the victims of 9/11.

As we remember 9/11, let us also pledge never to forget the Hindus who have died at the hands of Muslim butchers in the last thousand years and those that continue to die in Kashmir today.

Would it be possible to make similar tributes to observe Kargil day or Hindu Holocaust day?