Date: 9/6/2004


A tragedy of immense gravity has occurred in Russia where MUSLIM terrorists seized a school in a small Christian country, OSSIETA, and took the small children with their parents, hostage on September 1, 2004.

Reports say up to 600 (SIX HUNDRED) innocent children, parents and teachers may have been slaughtered or killed.

Such massacres and atrocities are not unknown to the Hindus. We have known the brutal savages, truly animals in human form, first hand, for more than a thousand years. At present one third of our Hindustan, including North Kashmir, is still occupied as the result of the brutal and savage sectarian Islamic aggression in 1947. The one billion strong Hindu nation is waiting for a real hero once again, to push her frontier back to KHYBER and recover EAST Bengal. But with one devious Mohammedan “mole” in the chair of President, and one worthless Italian female openly manipulating the prime minister as a puppet, that auspicious day still seems far off.

RIGHT NOW we, the Hindus under siege, have the challenge and the opportunity of showing our concern in some bold and VISIBLE way if we wish to be counted on the international scene.

Our impressive sounding organisations like RSS, VHP, SHIV SENA and SHIROMANI AKALI DAL, could even nominate someone to go out there to buy that school in Beslan, Russia (cheap by western standards), and set up a "mandir" (Temple-cum-Gurdwara) or a memorial shrine, in sympathy with the young children killed by the “animals”.

Many Hindus, pure at heart, including the NRI's will donate generously if an appeal was made in the name of these innocent victims of the ISLAMIC ‘Scourge of Mankind’, known as “Wrath of Allah”. The Muslims seem to have the big ADVANTAGE to strike first, taking the victims unawares. But when the victims muster wits and guts to RETALIATE all “hell” is let loose and they are called “dangerous” Hindus. Imagine the MAGNITUDE, SEVERITY, FEROCIOUSNESS and EXTENT of retaliation that PARTITIONED India needs to launch now, to repulse the unprovoked, sudden and bloody MOHAMMEDAN aggression of 1947.

None else on earth knows the ‘propensity and potential for evil’ of these savages more than we HINDUS. So it is time for our people and our organisations across the world, to express SOLIDARITY with the innocent victims of BESLAN. We should do so SOONER rather than later.

Isn't there something familiar here with regard to our own wretched fate for centuries on our own territory, on our HINDU territory? What gives the uncouth primitive “Jaahil” ARAB to deny entry into Mecca to a Hindu, yet come down marching into OUR land and start building mosques and madrassas, including the provocative ones in Mathura, Varanasi, Somnath and AYODHYA?

By showing solidarity with the OTHERS, we get, and ensure, their friendship. Russia has been our staunch ally for decades. Without her consistent support at the United Nations and Security Council, South Kashmir would long have vanished from our maps like North Kashmir, Sindh and Sylhet.

Today (September 6, 2004) a Pakistani delegate in New Delhi is negotiating the fate of Kashmir. It should have been an INDIAN delegation in Islamabad, negotiating the terms of undoing that bogus, immoral and unethical Partition, i.e., WIPING OUT poisonous Pakistan itself from the maps of the world. With even North Kashmir in their FIRM grip, the talks seem to be between the tigers and the goats.

We cannot expect Sonia Khan ("Mother" of our Hindustan) or Abdul Kalam ("Father" of our Bharatvarsha), who are now ruling their suppressed HINDU nation with the mandate to “divide and bash”, to reach out to the grieving Russians today. Ideologically, they are in tune with the murderers there. Ideologically they are the enemies of the ignorant NATIVES (Hindus) who are kissing their feet.

Our Bharat ought to have flown flags at half mast after the news of this immense tragedy, recalling those full-throated loud slogans of the recent past, "Hindi- Roosi Bhai Bhai!".

If we have a COLLECTIVE head, then it ought to be wise. The genuine and true Head of Hindu Rashtra would have sent a letter of condolence to President Vladimir PUTIN of Russia two days ago.

Russian children are just like the Hindu children. Children are the SAME all over the world. Only extreme EVIL can kill children in this manner. Only pathologically deranged and sick humans can kill small innocent babies and their mothers in this manner for the sake of any (any) cause they cherish.

Thus any cause the "good" Muslims cherish is always a separatist, destructive, dangerous, filthy and obscene cause. Please look around to spot a good cause espoused by the Muslims anywhere in the world. Their Rasool Allah’s (Mohammed’s) first "good" cause was to slaughter the men of Mecca and then march on to Medina to kill more men there, and soon thereafter to carry the sword, fire and Koran further afield, into Iraq and Palestine. He did not rest with his "good" causes till he DIED in Jerusalem.

We do wish to hear of a couple of Hindu PRIESTS, employed by some temple, eg., SWAMY NARAYAN, BIRLA MANDIR or HARE KRISHNA, and of some Sikh “granthis & raagis” (priests) flying off immediately to the town of BESLAN in Southern Russia in order to do either "puja & Havan", even "AKHAND PATH" of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and offer PRAYERS in the gym of the same school.

Did we not see OUR OWN schools, full of children, raided and ruined in Noakhali, Lahore, Gujranwala, Khanewal, Multan, Rawalpindi, Lyallpur, Sargodha and North Kashmir at Partition?

Did we not witness our ownchildren killed in their thousands along with their young parents in that Holocaust of 1947?

Dishonourable nations and communities have NO memory, and NO friends.

.....................September 6, 2004.