Date: 9/4/2004



.........Letter to British Broadcasting Corporation, London.

....................Programme: "Talking Point"

Dear BBC,

I listened to your PHONE IN programme (“TALKING POINT”) today, Saturday, 4 September 2004, instead of the usual Sunday afternoon. You deserve congratulations for this INITIATIVE of responding to the need of the hour.

The bestial KILLING of 325 innocent children, women and men at a primary school in Beslan, Ossieta, in southern Russia, just shows what a RAVENOUS APPETITE for HUMAN FLESH the cruel ALLAH of the Mohammedans has.

“Oh my God,” I sighed, cold shiver of fright running down my chilled spine. I whispered to myself. “The Wrath of Allah has struck again.” There is no insurance against it. There is no guarantee of your own safety. A cold inner voice says, “Eventually it will get YOU.”

This voice will be silenced for good only after Koran, the source of deadly inspiration and motivation, is BANNED by UNO and anyone possessing a copy is dealt with severely as one would, if one brandished a copy of “MEIN KAMPF” in public. One needs to cut off the head of the OCTOPUS, not some tentacles.

Each time some innocent soul falls prey to the Wrath of Allah, be it in New York, Srinagar or Ossieta, it shrinks my gentle HINDU soul a bit, like a soft ball under your foot. I am brought up, conditioned, or brainwashed, to shun violence, and FEAR those who are violent. in return for a hundred Hindus killed anywhere, we will not go out to kill even one Muslim. Our account in West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir (two million Hindus killed) is deep in red.

When I was a child, we lived peacefully in West Punjab and were looking forward to our Independence from the British. Then, as suddenly as this “ball of fire” struck America on Sep 11, and now Russia on Sep 1, it struck us mercilessly.

All of a sudden we found ourselves as “HOSTAGES” when certain neighbours, who had lived peacefully among us, laid siege to our ancient and secular nation, and threatened to wipe us out if the Muslims in Western and Eastern India were not given freedom from India and Secularism. They issued the ultimatum: “Accept Partition, or DIE,” to their fellow citizens, their own compatriots.

Unlike America and Russia, both strong and sovereign countries, ours was still a British colony with the Viceroy ruling us in the name of the King. We had NO say yet, in our own affairs or destiny. Our national interest was determined by our foreign rulers. In their eyes, it was to BREAK UP INDIA into fragments.

As soon as our India CAPITUALTED, our leaders had to surrender ONE THIRD of our sacred territory unconditionally, and in great panic and fear, to the indigenous Muslims.

As a “Thank you,” they promptly slaughtered two million non Muslims in order to FEED “mountains” of human carcases to their Allah.

But Allah still remained hungry and they slaughtered many thousands in Kashmir. Allah still needs more HUMAN FLESH to feed on. And the slaughter of mankind by his followers is carrying on relentlessly across the globe.

Please spare a thought for the countless grieving widows and weeping orphans this Allah, the Slave of Mohammed, has produced on earth without investing a dime on this lucrative “slaughter” industry. The RATIO of ‘profit to investment’ in Allah’s factory is both phenomenal and astronomical.

Now this “Allah, the Terrible,” striking death and terror, is coming round to our own peaceful world in Europe and America, and will get to us eventually. Therefore, let us take it seriously.

The massacre in the small idyllic town of Beslan in Southern Russia, reminds many Hindu elders from West Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and EAST Bengal, still alive, of their own childhood.

Until the inauspicious start of the year 1947 there was peace all over. The British ruled us.

Then the sudden ONSLAUGHT by Islam during which countless humans were slaughtered, creating countless young widows and orphans. It blighted the lives of millions. Seeing murders, mayhem, bloodshed and dead bodies everywhere, we cursed the founder of Islam. We cursed the writer of Koran, and we openly cursed our BAD LUCK in having Muslims among us.

Luckily some non Muslims could safely escape to India but countless more got slaughtered. They are not around to tell their horrific tales of the affront and provocation called “Pakistan”.

We can now reflect on the Islam in Pakistan, that is even “Up her Constitution”.

Has it brought prosperity to the people there? Has it given them democracy? Has it created jobs? Has it even given them peace?

The wretched rebellious Pakistanis now live and die in a decomposing feudal society, driven by rabid fanatic Mullahs and governed by brutal Military.

Millions of them have escaped both KORAN and ISLAM to live in the liberal West. They will rather DIE than return home to enjoy the fruits of life under Koran.

Their only glory is to have created the TALIBAN next door, who invited AL QAIDA from Arabia, who in turn destroyed the peace in distant America.

Their other achievement is to spread the lethal Islamic Cancer in Kashmir, and to give the slogan, “Khalistan because there is PAKISTAN,” to the insecure Sikhs who faced extermination in Lahore when crippled and bleeding Hindusthan (India) "fell".

Our surviving secular world is under attack, and has to “feel” the pain in our own BODY and SOUL. It is no good talking of Islam as being a peaceful religion. That would be treason and treachery to our own future, to our own coming generations.

The problem of ISLAM is not just in Kashmir, Palestine, Russia, Southern Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan and Western China. It is GLOBAL.

The free, secular and democratic world has to appoint President George W. Bush as our Supreme Commander (our Abdul Kalam is NO good whatsoever. He is, in fact, a liability. Our Manmohan Singh is a puppet) in order to bravely confront the enemy, just as our secular and democratic world did 60 years ago to declare WAR on Hitler and Mussolini.

Small, secular and partitioned countries are like the “pigeons” in front of the fat cat called ISLAM that can bite both America and Russia without fear.