Date: 9/1/2004



When Mahatma Gandhi faced the BULLIES, he just collapsed. Not only Lahore, he gave Karachi and Dhaka, too, to the INDIAN Muslims. They were a NATION WITHIN A NATION. But the rest of Hindusthan, all the HINDUS, remained ignorant till Gandhiji went silent.

But before the gravity of situation could be grasped by the nation, Bandit Nehru had climbed the ramparts of Red Fort to congratulate the nation on INDEPENDENCE through all his loudspeakers of deafening decibles.

The Hindus were so overwhelmed by his rhetoric that none dared "spoil the fun." They, too sang and danced like their delighted MUSLIM compatriots. Now we know BETTER.

When Pandit Nehru faced the INVADERS across the border between newly created Pakistan and Kashmir, he got into big panic only after our own troops started punishing the invaders by inflicting heavy losses on them, AND ADVANCING.

Since his heart, like those of Laloo Prashad and VP Singh, was with his Muslim "vote bank", he rushed to Security Council.

The result was that the cease fire line, that was meant to be temporary, became permanent frontier between India and Pakistan. Bleeding (massacres) of innocent Hindus and security forces has never stopped since. Quite a GAIN to the enemy by foolishness of our own Pandit.

Now President Putin of RUSSIA has copied Pandit Nehru to the letter.

He has rushed to Security Council with his wail and cry. What will be the outcome?

If Russia is a friend of India ("Hindu Roosi Bhai Bhai") then he ought to have known about the fate of Kashmir AFTER it was entrusted to UNO.

But let us ask ourselves, "What will Russia gain?"

World SYMPATHY? Already there is plenty after the residential block in Moscow was blown up, after the theatre siege ended in countless dead, after the crash of not one, but TWO, planes ON ONE DAY only last week. The cup of SYMPATHY for Russia is full.

So what does Russia hope to gain? Will Irish Fusiliers, Welsh Guards or the American troops be despatched to the scene in Ossetia in Southern Russia to take on the terrorists?

No, nothing of the sort. In my view, the brave do not need SYMPATHY. They RETALIATE, HIT HARD AND TEACH THE TERRORISTS A LESSON THEY WILL NEVER FORGET. The brave need applause for victory, for going into battle, and winning it.

................What could Russia have done?

ONE THING. Before responding to attack or provocation, one weighs up the adversary in each case.

If one is going to get a "bloody nose", then one better keep quiet. But if not, then here is the solution since we KNOW the enemy who is expert in assassinations and can even shoot dead small children and infants taken hostage by him, not only the 12 innocent Nepalese labourers.

This new enemy of civilisation does not believe in Geneva Convention, or in Secularism.

They do not understand the language of barristers. Our two barristers FAILED to convince Mohammed Ali Jinnah of the dangers inherent in breaking up India into three segments. Arguing with them was NO USE.

There is only ONE country on earth that UNDERSTANDS her enemies well. And that is ISRAEL. Yesterday there was an explosion on a bus at Beer Sheva and today the house of the terrorist has been BLOWN UP.

Israel RETALIATES. But there is another kind of retaliation and I hope President Putin will go for it.

They should INTERN all the relatives of the terrorists, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and wives and husbands.

For each child, parent or teacher killed by hostage takers, ONE OF THEIR RELATIVES must be KILLED and video photo put on TELEVISION for all to see. A copy should be sent to AL JAZEERA, too.

Any better idea? Please do post it on this List. Perhaps President Putin will get to see it. Be quick since MINUTES COUNT. The lives of little ones are really in danger and at this time they are extremely TERRIFIED as if locked in a cage with a pack of sleeping LIONS.

..............................Sep 1, 2004.

GERMANY INVADED POLAND ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1939. It was a BLACK day in history.