Date: 8/17/2004



I happened to watch the programme in ZeeTV of the discussions about the suffering of freedom fighters in which participants included a former Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

It was informed that sevral hundred of genuine freedom fighters- (all of them should be 80+ now) were not getting he benefits and many of them bedridden not getting even medical attention.

Here, the State Govt.-s have been given the discretion to identify and include the freedom fighters. And do you know who are all getting benefits now, esp. in Kerala State wher Muslim League has been an active part in both front Govt-s since decades?

You would have heard of Moplah Rebellion in 1920-s when Muslims killed thousands of Hindu-s in Malabar region, the Nampoothiri-s and Nairs deprived of their lands and houses and taking refuge in Travancore State!! The Muslims are still in occupation of the temples and religious houses of Nampoothiris, the Mana-s and the British led Police had to be brutal to stop the Mopla Muslims in further depradations.

Kerala Govt. has identified these killers of Hindu-s, the Moplah-s of 1920-s, and thousands of them are getting the Freedom Fighter pension now and genuine Hindu freedom fighters are deprived off for want of patronage from Politicians.

Are we living in a secular democracy?