Date: 8/15/2004



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CHENNAI, AUG. 14. Southern States account for a large number of Veda Patasalas. But those who run the traditional schools say that their voice is not heard at the Centre.



What you state, has been OBVIOUS for decades. Pandit Nehru got his PERSONAL freedom from the British but he received indoctrination on Statecraft from Marshal Stalin of Soviet Union.

What he learnt in Moscow, he put in practice in Delhi.

1. Don't trust your subjects. They will rock the boat of your Dynasty.

2. Keep a close eye on those who can be seen as HINDU, especially the Sikhs who swear by their religion and turbans, and the Tamils with their deep roots in Sanskrit culture.

We saw this when he appointed NON HINDU governors like PC ALEXANDER, to "keep an eye" on the Tamils. The way his daughter kept an eye on the Sikhs is clear to all.

Nehru readily agreed to MOHAMMED'S FLAG over Lahore and Nankana Sahib. If the dull and duffer Sikh LEADERS cannot get it even today, it is not anybody's fault.

We saw the Dynasty send troops to Sri Lanka to KILL the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN. No other country on earth will do that. India, or Bharat as we foolishly believe, was supposed to protect and defend the Tamils across the world, not only in Sri Lanka.

Today Sonia KHAN is adamant to keep the whole of Bharat under her foot to facilitate DEMORALISATION of Hindu nation and its ultimate CONVERSION to Christianity.

Every action by Centre points to their lethal designs for anyone who is determined to remain HINDU and who aspires to slight freedoms. East Bengal, being MUSLIM, was let off twice (1947 and 1972) and North Kashmir, being MUSLIM, will never be brought back to our own bogus and DECEPTIVE secular fold.

Nehru Dynasty is nothing but ITALY AND ISLAM and their grip on the Hindus is perfect with a Muslim in control of nuclear weapons and an Italian die-hard CATHOLIC manipulating the simple Sikh Prime Minister.

The new surge FORWARD in Hindustan will come from the South that has not been battered and bashed by EUROPE AND ISLAM to the extend that North has been. The sight of temples across South India is a PAIN in the ar** of both KALAM and KHAN AT TOP.

It is time to KNOW what is on the mind of the ENEMY and INFORM the people. They have to face the bullets when they stir.