Date: 8/12/2004


Real celebration was for whole Islamic world, not just other side of new born Islamic Pakistan (place of holy people).

Could anybody enlighten, how was the reaction and celebration in West Asian and other Islamic countries during that fateful day of Bharat. Please be objective!

For Bharat, what was left to celebrate. That was more of a forced smile and forced celebration to show the world we achieved independence. It was celebration for Nehru to realise his dream to be the ruler. Hindus-sikhs-buddhists can't celebrate on bloodbath of their millions of fellow sisters and brothers. What is more disgraceful to our fellow Bharatiya even today, they try to hide the real facts and wish to show the hollow part.

They created new brand of manufactured history to please barbaric muslims. In schools, during flag hoisting on 15 August, teachers will offer as usual sermon British ruled us and our freddom fighters achieved independence after long struggle. Never ever they will tell the childrens the holocaust on HIndus and Bharat. Why?

Why they need to hide? Whats wrong to learn the true history? Why our leaders, educators cheat us at childhood days? Are not Jews teaching their persecution? Does Jews created hatred towards other communities by teaching ture history? No.

Why our educators, leaders don't want to provide TRUTH? Openly teaching truth will strengthen integrity of nation, among all sections of society. By not providing truth, they created hate against leaders and educators. Thanks to all hindus for persistent work to expose the dirt and bring out the truth and thanks to communication and internet technology which offered fasted medium to learn about our nation and its glorious past.