Date: 8/12/2004



(Useless and timid Sikh leaders never told their ignorant following the truth about 1947. The “Panth” was, therefore, ASKING for the massacre and destruction during Operation “Blue Star” in 1984.)


The little child from another world*** saw the sub continent ablaze with fireworks, hilarious with parties, wild singing and dancing, families & friends eating "laddoo, julaibi & burfi" and congratulating one another.

“Mum what are they celebrating?”

“Son, you look down there. There is a line between Lahore and Amritsar that is the ideological divide between fire and water, between Islam and Secularism.

"When you were just three weeks old, I wanted to cross it, clutching you close to my bosom.

“On one side they are celebrating the birth of Pakistan and on the other side they are celebrating their own defeat and surrender.

“Mum, don’t they, I mean the Hindus and Sikhs, have brains?”

“No son, BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru, their autocratic imperialist ruler, who was to found his own ruling, fooling and plundering (Hindu bashing and Sikh killing) Dynasty, collected all their brains and put them in a freezer (deep freeze).

"After more than HALF A CENTURY a slight thaw is beginning. Someone has asked his fellow Indian, “Why don’t’ we recall the vast territory SURRENDERED and the two million KILLED and the thousands of our daughters and sisters ABDUCTED?”

"Son, that is the sign of thaw.”


*** the little child was, in fact, a tiny baby then, who was in its mother’s arms. She was walking with the survivors of her Hindu family from Lyallpur to Ferozepur in the now ENEMY territory of West Punjab in a 10-kilometer long foot convoy.

Along the way he witnessed the old and the sick, including several pregnant females dying of fatigue, exhaustion, starvation and terror due to frequent attacks by Muslim gangsters and girl snatchers who yelled “Allah hu Akbar” for each grab and kill they scored.

The Hindu/Sikh refugees could snatch only a few hours’ sleep at night, lying on rough earth while keeping an eye on the boxes and bundles that were all their worldly possessions. One could hear the cries of the ill and the thirsty, the groans of those with bleeding feet covered in blisters, and the wailing of widows and orphans.

To our leaders and rulers, tens of millions of these wretched Hindus and Sikhs, fleeing their hearths & homes, meant nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The little infant and its mother never made it. On hearing wild cries of “Kill the Kafirs!” the family ran out for safety. They joined the others and had to wade a river to get to safety on the other side.

The mother clutching the infant tightly in her arms, slipped, and the fast current carried both of them downstream. They were never seen again. Now their abode is up in heaven.

Crossing the agonising pain of death, they saw the radiant glow of heaven.



(India was divided between the Muslims and the Hindus, SACRIFICING THE SIKHS.)

COMMENT by a patriot: I think the truth of partition on 14.8.1947 and what followed is not very well known to people of India and it is a huge task but the loot, plunder, rape, gang rapes of women and girls of minority communities must be told and retold in all the languages of India so that it reaches the common man.

According to a B.B.C. documentary shown in 1984 over two million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were killed during partition of India and many millions were made homeless refugees and lost their belongings but “bastard” Nehru, the “Mahatma”, their All-India Congress Party and the All-India Muslim League with their Maulana Abul Kalam AZAD, Hassain Shahid Suhrawardi and Liaqat Ali Khan, etc., were all engaged in scheming to destroy the Unity of Nation.

Hussain Shahid Suhrawardi, then C.M. of West Bengal, incited bloody riots in NOAKHALI District of Bengal in August 1946.

Hindu and Sikh girls and women were paraded naked in several towns and cities of Pakistan and many were molested and raped in the open while Gandhi and Nehru were chanting the slogan of “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!” They had no shame.

On independence day when refugees were streaming into Delhi, Bandit Nehru was kissing the foot of Lady Edwina Mountbatten and her daughter at Red Fort, Delhi, at midnight on August 14/15,1947.

India was independent on 15.8.1947 but he made Lord Mountbatten the first Governor General of free India so that he could continue his romance with Lady Mountbatten, a disgrace to his Congress Party and the nation. The time is fast approaching when Nehru’s oil painting in India’s Parliament in New Delhi will be destroyed and the event celebrated across the nation.

On the first day of independence India's Head was Lord Mountbatten that was a bad start for India. The nation will one day uproot the “Samadhi” of coward Gandhi at Raj Ghat and throw the contents of Nehru’s residence at Trimurti Bhawan, New Delhi, in the gutter of history.


What’s wrong if Nathuram Godes killed MK Gandhi (30 Jan, 1948)?

Nathuram Godse and Nana Apte were among the GREATEST patriots that India has ever produced. But in a land where TREASON is accepted with the ease of breathing things are upside down. PARTITION is called INDEPENDENCE. To the subjugated human sub specie of brainwashed Hindus and Sikh morons, DEFEAT & SURRENDER are VICTORY.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was born in India to which he swore utmost loyalty like Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi. But while one attacked his own land of birth, the other two did nothing to stop him.

Nehru and Gandhi, both BARRISTERS at Law from London, could not put forth even ONE argument in favour of Unity of Land, or SECULARISM.

Even an IMBECILE at those negotiations would have confronted JINNAH with some questions like “What ought PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) to do to the MUSLIMS who will stay back after the creation of Pakistan?”

“How is it that you lived peacefully under the British but cannot tolerate to live with the non Muslim majority in United India?

What about the Sikhs who are crying, ”KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN.”?

What about Srinagar if you surrender Lahore on that criterion?

“If you expect the Hindu minority to feel safe in ISLAMIC Pakistan, why can the Muslim minority not feel safe amidst Hindu majority?” etc. The Sikh voice was either TOO FEEBLE or not heard at all. Baldev Singh, the Sikh “leader” at the time said to Bandit Nehru, “Sir, I am your poodle. You are my master. I will accept what you say and do on behalf of the Sikhs.”

When Mr. Jinnah THREATENED civil war, our two barristers (Nehru and Gandhi) could not muster guts to utter the words in the ears of Marathas, Rajputs, Gurkhas, Jats and Sikhs, "RISE, AND GO FOR THEM! OUR LAND AND WAY OF LIFE ARE UNDER ATTACK."

They accepted the BREAK UP (FRAGMENTATION) of India without argument, challenge or FIGHT.

They also had the means and MEDIA to SUPPRESS, and brainwash, the nation at once to beat the drums of "independence" in our ears while our own revered “nishkam sewak” SGPC started beating the drums of “Rehat Maryada”, a bit too late and a bit out of tune, I should think.

The new (INFERIOR native) rulers of India declared within weeks, "There are NO refugees in India," though at that time refugee camps were full of grieving widows and crying orphans from West Punjab. Please note that for these official “swine” in charge of Hindustan, including Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan, there are still NO refugees from SOUTH Kashmir.

Nehru chose the soil of EAST Punjab to hang Patriot Nathuram Godse, not his own State of Maharashtra. It was total disrespect to him. Then he suppressed Godse's statement that he made before the judge. The nation never got to know it. Nehru refused to consider LIFE IMPRISONMENT but insisted on hanging to death.

MK (“Mouse”) Gandhi, the apostle of non violence, was a MASS MURDERER, too. How?

Till the last moment before the day of Partition, Hindu and Sikh leaders in the threatened areas across Western India had been sending fervent appeals and requests to him, "Gandhiji, will you accept Partition?" They wanted to pack up and leave SINDH, W. PUNJAB, BALUCHISTAN, NWFP AND EAST BENGAL in case Partition suddenly STRUCK the land like LIGHTENING and DEATH.

But lo and behold! The “Bapu” kept on saying, "Stay where you are. India will be cut upon my dead body."


TENS OF MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs trusted him because they regarded him a holy man, or “mahatma”, at par with Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, and then, putting faith in him, fell in the DEATH TRAP of Pakistan that did not have any love lost for Secularism and the non Muslim.

Then the BUTCHERY, abduction, loot, arson and rape started in full earnest. Nehru did not let the full story come out, nor issue any WARNING to his friend JINNAH to stop the carnage or else face consequences. (Let us cast our cowardly eyes at IRAQ right now, to see how the USA are following up on their warning to Saddam Hussein!)

At that moment, and one must VISUALISE the misery of the bereaved, those who had lost their parents, sisters and every possession, wanted to GO FOR THE BAPU’S THROAT who just went silent when the borders broke and BLOOD FLOWED IN RIVERS.

Out of those MILLIONS who wanted to get their hands on the necks of Nehru and Gandhi, ONLY TWO brave sons of India rose, to strike on OUR BEHALF, on behalf of United India, on behalf of Secularism, on behalf of our abducted, abused and degraded females, on behalf of our Lahore, Gujranwala and Sri Nankana Sahib, and on behalf of our DEAD.

To top it all, Gandhi insisted on transferring CRORES of rupees to Pakistan on the day when INVADERS from her soil were rapidly advancing in Kashmir, killing, raping and plundering. Now in North Kashmir not one Hindu or Sikh can be found living alive.

Nehru did not tell the nation the full story of his own HIGH TREASON.

An honourable nation must wait for the day when all the statues of Gandhi are smashed and replaced by those of NATHU RAM GODSE and NANA APTE, as well as of those brave Sikhs who despatched the Evil Witch of Hindustan on October 31, 1984 (Halloween).

The enslaved nation must wait for the day when all the INSTITUTES AND INSTITUTIONS in the names of one Gandhi or another, are closed down or renamed as GURU GOBIND SINGH INSTITUTE, BANDA SINGH BAHADUR INSTITUTE, MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH INSTITUTE, MATA BHAGO INSTITUTE, BIBI SUNDRI INSTITUTE, SHIVAJI INSTITUTE, and so on.

Nathu Ram and Nana Apte, and those who assassinated the next TWO Gandhis (Indira and Rajiv), are the shining stars in the galaxy of Indian martyrs. Let there be NO doubt about it. Our source of knowledge cannot be the treacherous Congress Party of India who call ONE FRAGMENT (out of three) “INDIA” and that bogus bloody Partition “Independence”.

All-India Congress Party had to be outlawed in 1947 for FAILING totally in its task. What did the honourable Germans do to their beloved NAZI Party after their defeat and division in 1945?

For their collapse over that bogus PARTITION and bringing death, misery and suffering to the millions, and division to the country, Congress Party and Germany's NAZI Party are one and the same thing.