Date: 8/11/2004


The little child from another world*** saw the sub continent ablaze with fireworks, hilarious with parties, wild singing and dancing, families & friends eating "laddoo, julaibi & burfi" and congratulating one another.

“Mum what are they celebrating?”

“Son, you look down there. There is a line between Lahore and Amritsar that is the ideological divide between fire and ice. Clutching you close to my bosom I wanted to cross it.

“On one side they are celebrating the birth of Pakistan and on the other side they are celebrating their own defeat and surrender.

“Mum, don’t the Hindus have brains?”

“No son, BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru, their autocratic imperialist ruler, who was to found his own ruling, fooling and plundering Dynasty, collected all their brains and put them in a freezer (deep freeze). After more than HALF A CENTURY thaw is beginning. Someone has asked a fellow Hindu, “Why don’t’ we recall the vast territory SURRENDERED and the two million KILLED and the thousands of our daughters and sisters ABDUCTED?” Son, that is the sign of thaw.”


12 August 2004.

*** the little child was, in fact, a tiny infant, who was in its mother’s arms. She was walking with the survivors of her Hindu family from Lyallpur to Ferozepur in the now ENEMY territory of West Punjab in a 10-kilometer long foot convoy. Along the way he witnessed the old and the sick, including several pregnant females dying of fatigue, exhaustion, starvation and terror due to frequent attacks by Muslim gangsters and girl snatchers who yelled “Allah hu Akbar” for each grab and kill they scored. The Hindu refugees could snatch only a few hours’ sleep at night, lying on rough or smooth earth while keeping an eye on the boxes and bundles that were all their worldly possessions. To our leaders and new rulers, tens of millions of these wretched Hindus fleeing their hearths & homes meant nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The little child and its mother never made it. On hearing wild cries of “Kill the Kafirs!” the family ran out for safety. They joined the others and had to wade a river to get to safety on the other side. The mother clutching the infant tightly in her arms, slipped, and the fast current carried both of them downstream. They were never seen again. Now their abode is up in heaven.