Date: 8/10/2004



The INSTITUTE OF HINDU IDEOLOGY regards August 15, 1947 as the Day of history's worst ever UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, or the DEFEAT of India (Bharat).

No patriot, not even a decent Indian with the slightest commonsense, can be proud of the day that marks the DEATH or SLAUGHTER of two million Hindus and the LOSS of five provinces from the map of India OVERNIGHT.

We regard those ignorant Indians who "celebrate" the day as morons, slaves, or simply SERFS OF BANDIT NEHRU DYNASTY.

On that day an honourable nation is supposed to give a call to Reflection and Commemoration, and even RESOLVE to become a great nation in the future.

RESOLVE, too, to recover North Kashmir, KHYBER and CHITTAGONG and to raise Sri Ram Temple in AYODHYA.