Date: 8/10/2004


..................Muslims Say “We Are Pure”

Muslim people say, "We are pure, and we don't like to live with Infidels and Kafirs." Muslim people are very brotherly and loving people. I have Muslim friends and they are without any doubt friendly. I had Muslim friends in college and we were very close. But, I think when Muslim people get into a crowd, sometimes a mob mentality develops.

When India gained Independence from Great Britain in 1947, the Muslim people in India voted to have a separate Islamic nation and Britain divided India. Then Pakistan came into existence and subsequently it was again divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1947, Pakistan had a 20% Hindu population. After cleansing the population by getting rid of the Hindus, they now have only a 1% Hindu population. Bangladesh had a 40% Hindu population, now they only have an 11% Hindu population. Currently Bangladesh is in the process of removing the Hindus remaining and becoming a pure Muslim nation. In Kashmir there was only a 5% Hindu population, and they are being kicked out of Kashmir. Most of the people in Pakistan are Sunni Muslims. Now the Sunnis want to get rid of the Shi’ites and the Christians. Many Muslims of Bangladesh have turned against the Ahmadiya Muslims.

From 1987 to 1991, I used to go to India and Pakistan for my employer’s business. At that time I would go see my customers and I would like to share a conversations I had with one of them. He told me that at that time, the Pakistani government did not allow Indian movies, however, people could still get them on the black market. He said his children enjoyed watching them but that he did not approve of that. I asked him why, and he replied, "Because Islam does not approve of women singing, dancing and displaying open freedom. We like to keep Pakistan pure."

In Iran, the Muslim population is Shi’ites, they had a small, rich Baha'i population and the Iranian government destroyed all their temples and threw out the Baha'i people. Now they have been driven into India and America.

Look at Iraq. The Shi’ites live in one area, the Sunni Muslims live in another area, and the Kurds live in another part of Iraq. Sadam Hussain was a Sunni Muslim, and all the atrocities he committed were against the Kurd and Shi’ite Muslims. Each group thinks that they are the "actual pure" ones.

In India we have 130 million Muslims, they all live separate from the Hindus. One time in my hometown, by mistake I went into the Muslim area and a couple of guys gave me a look like "What are you Hindu guys doing in the Muslim area!" So I quickly left that area.

Right now quiet a few Americans are living and earning wages in Saudi Arabia. The radical Muslims don't like these Infidels living in their pure country.

Professor Samuel Huntington writes in his book, "Clash of Civilizations," "In the mid 1990s roughly half the ethnic conflicts in the world involved Muslims fighting each other or non-Muslims. The great tragedy in which what is purported to be for the benefit of Muslims turns out to be something in which Muslims are the worst victims, is seen in the large number of attacks by one sect of Islamic extremists on other Muslims whom they accuse of being apostates, in Pakistan of which the recent attacks on Shi’ites praying in Karachi is just one aspect. Tribal, religious, ethnic and cultural divisions within the Muslim world stimulate violence between Muslims."

Trying to be “pure,” may be causing Muslims to have conflicts with non-Muslims, i.e. infidels and kafirs, as well as conflicts with other Muslims, i.e. Sunnis, Shi’ites, Kurds, and Ahmadiyas. I hope that peace and happiness are experienced throughout the world. The world is becoming like a small village, we cannot afford to not respect each other, we have to learn to live peacefully and lovingly together.

By Pro. Bharat J. Gajjar