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date: 8/3/2004

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.......floods in bogusdesh (do they call it bangladesh?).

bogusdesh is sinking under divine will. the man of limited comprehension cannot understand it.

the cursed land, artificially created by british imperialism in 1947 to keep bharat and myanmar apart and to facilitate koran, drugs and arms smuggling and jehadi infiltration into assam, nepal, the indian held thin longitudinal strip of territory called ?est bengal? and myanmar, now needs ? billion (bbc news) to build the infrastructure to prevent future devastating floods.

appeals are going to the whole world and un is leading in urging mankind to come to assistance of bogusdesh that has relentlessly persecuted the hindus, and save lives from disease and hunger.

there is one thing nobody, including our abdul kalam, is thinking of. what is it?

bogusdesh was successor to east pakistan in 1972 by benefactor and protector called indira gandhi who, in fact, was indira khan. she had as much conviction in her own indian brand of secularism as a bitch has in dharma. indira was a secret convert to islam upon her ?ikah?with feroze khan, the son of a sunni liquor dealer in allahabad. (ask a scholarly hindu like lm singhvi or a political giant like vp singh and laloo prashad, even a sikh ?ion?like manmohan singh, to name the parents, grandparents, first cousins and uncles and aunts of feroze, the husband of nehru? daughter!)

having liberated muslim east bengal, a huge land barrier created by the british in 1947 to cut off direct land, spiritual, trade and cultural communications between hindu bharat and buddhist myanmar, she (indira) promptly returned our sacred bharatiya territory to islam.

she said to sheikh mujiburrahman, ?o sovereign and independent, dear brother in faith. you will get a seat at the uno that remains beyond the dreams of my kerala, tamil nadu, maharashtra and bihar.

?ur secularism is only for the enslaved hindus under the foot of dynasty. we mean to clobber and bash them further, starting with the proud sikhs of east punjab.?

since our abdul kalam, too, is a muslim under an immaculate arabic name, he fully agrees with sonia gandhi (actually sonia khan, the ?randdaughter?of fascist mussolini and ideological ?aughter of italy and pope.)

bogusdesh despite its floods, starvation and misery, and curse of die-hard separatist ?slam?upon it, is the ludicrous spectacle for the world to see and behold: a drowning musalman clinging to arabic and koran instead of going under the benign label called secularism. does secularism have to imposed only on the trapped hindus and sikhs on the sub continent? (even indian muslims, who have no business to be around in bharat after partition) will fight to death before accepting our hindu rashtra, though the ?easts?enjoy the idea of seeing the hindus in pakistan and bogusdesh in the ?og collar?of sharia law.

hindus need to think of the clash of ideologies under which we have perished in north kashmir and elsewhere while degraded all over pakistan ?s per constitution?


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