Date: 7/31/2004


The pictures are grainy, the voices sometimes unclear. But when Kim Sun-il shrieks "Don't kill me" over and over again, his fear is palpable.

As the heads of Iraq's kidnap victims are sawn off, Koranic recitations--usually by a well-known Saudi imam--are played on the soundtrack.

At the beheading of an American, the murderer ritually wipes his bloody knife twice on the shirt of his victim, just as Saudi officials clean their blades after public executions in the kingdom.

Terror by video is now a well-established part of the Iraq war.


EXCELLENT WRITE UP. We need to keep OUR OWN martyrs before our eyes all the time, and BROADCAST to the world the stories of savage murders by those made mad by teachings of KORAN.

Just take three LITTLE souls, boy Hakikat Rai and the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, barely 7 and 9.