Date: 6/24/2004


Received from an anguished Sikh in decomposing BROKEN BHARAT by e-mail.



Twenty million Gursikhs are spread across the globe like the tentacles of a giant octopus whose head is crushed or drugged. Actually one would like to ask, "Where is it?"

Where on earth is the CENTRAL body, or CORPORATE HEAD of the glorious Sikh Panth that was in a position to receive input from the Sikhs living in seven continents and then assess and evaluate the same and work out plans, strategies and agenda of taking care of SIKHI in all those remote parts of the world.

The result of present state of disunity and disarray is being mistaken for TALIBAN in the USA, fighting battles for turban for scooter riders in the United Kingdom, defending kirpan with the air lines in Broken Bharat, and the head dress in schools in France.

With NONE of these issues is ABDUL KALAM, the President of India, or SONIA GANDHI, the invisible force and power behind the prime minister, concerned in the least.

There are CENTRAL and COLLECTIVE issues that impact on our dignity and survival but there is NO suitable, even unsuitable, COLLECTIVE HEAD that could ecome the addressee.

We believe everyone is smart enough to think of such issues that remain in doldrums, neglected, forgotten or "dumped".

If any Gursikh were to say, "I have NO idea, Tell us," then here it is, We have some long forgotten poisonous trees that will only grow and grow till another Operation Blue Star appears out of the blue and hits us all hard like the (FORESEEABLE) one of June 1984.

1. FACT: Partition of India in 1947 was bogus if the Sikhs were nearly EXTERMINATED In Islamic Pakistan but the Muslims were let off all over in Bharat.

ACTION: To pass a Resolution at the highest level that Pakistan is UNACCEPTABLE to the Sikhs unless KHALISTAN is concede too, and KASHMIR goes to Pakistan on the same criterion. Wars over KASHMIR in the past and those in the FUTURE will cost countless Sikh lives. That is the way of all wars brought about by imbecile rulers and autocratic state systems and dictators.

We have NO true democracy in India if each and every citizen is not well informed on the immorality and incapability of Indian leaders, among those today we find despicable names like Laloo Prashad and Jagdish Tytler and the widow of BOFORS CHOR.

2. FACT: Nearly one million Sikhs lost their lives, hundreds of thousands of females of our honourable community were abducted, raped and forcibly married in 1947.

ACTION: Demand from Government of India a commission to prepare a list of all those who were killed or thus degraded or forcibly evicted from their homes. If the tiny community of Jews can compile such a register, surely Government of India can do it, too.

3. FACT: What India got in August 1947 was mutilation and fragmentation and surrender of vast territories in the East and the West.

Thus, history's WORST EVER DEFEAT and UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER cannot be called Independence to fool one billion citizens of India. It was PARTITION.

ACTION: The Sikh community is expected to show wisdom and guts, even patriotism, to wear BLACK ribbons on August 15 every year, calling it the Day of SHAME, or the Day of REMEMBRANCE. It can only be the people at the level of animals, thoroughly corrupted or brainwashed morons, if they "CELEBRATE" that day of mourning, calling it "independence." Only the Sikhs can put an end to this "monkey circus" in India. The Hindus are all lost to their own mothers if they chose an ill qualified FOREIGN "predator" for the post of prime minister.

NB: Countlesss other issues, some local, others national and yet others international, remain unattended to, untackled and ignored. They will ALL be returning with a vengeance. The mini holocaust of 1984 and the major holocaust of 1947 were both due to such criminal negligence by the Sikh leadership.

For such ideas to be TAKEN UP, broadcast from public platforms, we need a COLLECTIVE HEAD, not the so-called Panth that is reduced to a taxi driver here, a shopkeeper there, a teacher here, a Granthi there, a tailor here and a clerk there, a doctor here and a banker or brigadier there. Individually something, but collectively NOTHING.

This INPUT is commended for wide discussion so that we could create, or agree upon, the creation of a central head brought about by democracy but followed with utmost loyalty.

This INPUT is submitted before the Panth with great respect to those who inherit the brave traditions of valour in battle and generosity and universal love in peace.


This input by a Sikh, for the Sikhs, is not likely to reach even 20 Sikhs in the next five years, given the extremely LOW computer literacy in EAST Punjab as per "Will of Gandhis."