Date: 5/27/2004


After the Khalsa Army suffered defeat at the hands of the British the Sikh Raj was restored, but with a British REGENT appointed to Khalsa Durbar in Lahore.

The job of the Regent was to make sure that the Sikhs did not rally for sovereignty or propagated their religion outside Punjab, did not oppose the construction of new churches and the import of hundreds of missionaries from Britain, and did not conclude an alliance with the Rajputs and the Marathas with a view to ending the "dog's" status quo.

The Sikhs soon found the interference of the Regent who was trying to discourage the Sikhs and the Hindus while encouraging and empowering the Christians and the Muslims, highly objectionable.

There were protests against the Regent that became louder and louder.

Finally the Sikh Durbar (counterpart of the demolished Hindu Lok Sabha in New Delhi today) could bear the foreign "finger" no more. Many asked, "Why don't WE have a Regent in London?", and declared WAR. That is known as the SECOND Sikh War.

Now let us turn to Hindustan. After the DEFEAT of BJP (rather readily conceded defeat without suspecting any foul play with the electronic data input that was easy to tamper with) Sonia whispered into the ears of Manmohan Singh, the SIKh who had to swallow the pill (spit) of DEGRADATION. It was his own BHARAT, now being given to him by an ITALIAN "White Elephant".

She whispered, "Thou, Manmohan Singh, shalt rule this vast land of one billion human dwarfs, our territories and estates, in MY name.

And I shall stay put here and assert myself in the name of my POPE."


Many of us now consider Sonia as the REGENT of Italy. Her job is the same as that of the British Regent in Lahore: To keep an eye for any fundamentalist Hindu who may dare to point to a fundamentalist Mohammedan in Dhaka or Lahore.

The future: As in the case of Lahore, so will there be murmuring, grumbling and revolt in Delhi.

The natives will some day realise that it is THEM and US and "us" are being exploited, plundered, degraded, converted, and BASHED.

Then like the Second Sikh War in 1849, there will be the SECOND War of Independence in Delhi. Otherwise that FIRST WAR OF INDEPENDENCE of 1857, will go down in history as "MUTINY", despite tall claims to the contrary.

In that SECOND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE, every FOREIGNER will be "put to sword". However Sonia's head will not be their prize or trophy.

Sonia will get pre warning of the advancing native warriors from all sides, and manage to take off in a helicopter like the fleeing Americans from Saigon 25 years ago.