Date: 5/21/2004


>Under Sonia, all India Congress Committee general secretary is Oscar Fernandes. Under A P J Kalam, the president of India has S M Khan, Press Secretary to the President.


That EXPLAINS why every letter by a patriot on any subject is thrown into the bin. The private and personal secretaries of these top NON-Hindu posts are ALSO NON Hindu.

We asked for an ambassador to Lithuania where both TURKEY and JAPAN have their embassies. People there long for this more than those of hostile (communist) Beularus where the Indian embassy is located to look after the affairs of Lithuania. But NO luck.

We pleaded for dual nationality. NO LUCK. We asked for "permission" to build Sri Ram Temple. NO luck.

We asked for soothing inspiring divine "Gurbani kirtan" direct from Golden Temple. NO LUCK. People of Bharat can listen to KORAN AND BIBLE from east and west, north and south.

We asked for issuing weapons to the Hindus of South Kashmir for their self defence. NO LUCK, as if they were meant to perish by Sarkari design.

We asked for Vatican like status for Amritsar and AYODHYA.

But NO luck. We wrote for shifting of President's Bhawan to Srinagar to reassure the Hindus there. NO LUCK.

We have asked for retaliation to put an end to Muslim incursions to kill the Hindus of Jammu. But to NO effect.

We asked for abolition of that relic of SLAVERY, Article 370 of Constitution, but NO result.

We asked for abolishing Hajj subsidy to Muslims. But NO luck.

The top in India has made sure that the country goes on STAGNATING AND DECOMPOSING AND DISINTEGRATING. Will things look better now? Let us see.

Manmohan Singh has to be guarded day and night, too, since there is RAHUL "Gandhi" waiting for the THRONE that nearly went for a song to his mother and the POPE.

We have known that such pleas and prayers do not get to the addressees but to their servants, and sidekicks, who throw them promptly into bin.